RafaLint: December 19th



Rafa does social media:

I finally have my photos from Day One of the Davis Cup finals up! Here’s a few to tease you. Far too many can be found on flickr.

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  1. An says:

    Aaaaw, is’nt Rafa the most gorgeuos elf ever??? :D

  2. Ramara says:

    Love, love, love your DC photo set, miri! Great work, thanks so much!!

  3. aRafaelite says:

    Rafa is also No. 1 on second serve points won on grass (59% tied with Roger and Isner) AND hard courts (58%) and No. 3 on second serve return points won (and No. 1 on clay). He’s 2nd (33% to Coria’s 35%) on return games won on all surfaces and 1st on clay (43%, Coria 2nd with 40%). He’s also No. 4 on service games won on clay (and No. 15 for all service games, which is much higher than I would have expected)… okay, I’ll stop now (addictive isn’t it?)… my point is that’s some solid and impressive stats for Rafa, no?! :-)

  4. An says:

    Miri. Just took the time to look at the pics.
    You are a pro! Loved them all.

    • CC says:

      Yes, loved them all too. Especially the ones of Feli looking amused as Rafa is clearly touched by David’s win. Looks like there was a bit of teasing going on. Rafa’s such a softie. :)
      And why on earth would Rafa drink diet coke? So bad for you…

  5. Rafa4ever says:

    Miri, great photos. And many thanks for all the updates too.

    ‘Rockin’ around the ATP’ is so cute and Rafa is too adorable for words. Daveeed is sweet, Roger looks so goofy and Andy (with that face) is absolutely hilarious.

    Btw, after several attempts on Ace Rafa, I finally hit 4 aces and beat Rafa. ;) Hopefully, they’ll add my country to the competition too.