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  • Rafa posted a photo of a pre-practice footie-tennis match against Toni.


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  1. L says:

    That really is a beautiful quote but the the first part(“Sometimes this is a battle I wish I didn’t have to fight again”) made me feel a twinge of sadness. I can’t imagine the emotional toll it takes to go through all the highs and lows not only throughout the year but year after year especially when you consider how long Rafa’s been doing this and from such a young age. I thinks it’s important to remember this when we question why he doesn’t show the same intensity or fire during his matches that we’ve come to expect from him.

  2. L says:

    Love Rafa’s hair at the start of the Technogym Ad:)

  3. the other Maria says:

    A pleasure listening to you on the radio, Rafa. Such a natural chatter. I enjoyed every single minute of the 50. Well, maybe not the minute in which you answered “yes” to that question about swapping places with that famous football player for a month. But the rest. Loved it.
    Very nice programme, with the flashback interviews within the interview and John Carlin also saying a couple of words. You could’ve let him answer the question by himself, though, Rafa. I think he would’ve managed :). “Caras de tontos,” you say? Haha. So right. The menacing warrior look of the players in the promotional WTF materials is ridiculous. So. Keep rebelling, my dear, keep rebelling. All the support to you. As usual ;). Radio interviews are your best, I’ll never get tired of saying this.

  4. shazzad says:

    Except, surely the downside is you don’t get to see him?

    Love the quote at the end, just printed it off inlarge font and put around my office. Our guy is truly an inspiration

  5. rafafan says:

    Love the Rafa Technogym vid and the smiles. Not liking the hair gel though at all in the gallery pics noooooooo – doesn’t give Rafa’s hair any character! However compensated by gigly Rafa – looks like he has had a swig of the champagne early at the Gala evening!

    Had a study of that serve video. Doesn’t look like he was going out full throttle. I compared his serve to that Oscar vid Miri posted sometime ago (the guy that is meant to be suing Rafa) and noticed the same action with the bent arm, so it looks like he has kept the same technique. Hope he hasn’t had to adjust the pace because of the shoulder. If I remember with the “new” serve at USO 2010 didn’t he have shoulder problems after this for a couple of months?

    Miri found this in the Independent News today which I found interesting and wanted to share, Fed talking about Rafa.

    ‘ Does Federer fear for the future of Nadal, who plays a more defensive and much more physical game? “I was thinking this way three years ago, when I felt like every match he played was a massive grind, standing way back in the court,” Federer said.

    “He was playing way more passively. Today he is playing much more offensive, up on the baseline. It seems like he does take advantage of the better draw today. He still spends a lot of time on court, but that’s more to do with playing slowly, taking his time. Today I have less of a worry for some reason. Even though he has accumulated a lot of matches and his body obviously feels that – we all feel that eventually – I’m not so pessimistic about his chances of playing longer.” ‘

    I Hope Rafa plays the WTF with much more offensive up the baseline!
    Vamos xxxx

  6. Bebe says:

    Aw, Fed’s quote made me positively sniffle. Just when I write the guy off as a backhanded twerp (he just said something rude about Andy’s recent success), he says something like this!

  7. Inés says:

    By the way, the anecdote about Indian wells that Neil Harman.told in his article it wasn’t last year, it was in 2007, Alex Corretja was working as commentator in TVE during IW, and in one of the matches of Rafa he told this anecdote