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  1. Allyn Sims says:

    He is so composed. And he’s started to talk, with confidence, about beating Djokovic as an attainable goal. He may have said that in the past, but it also seemed like he spoke more about waiting for Djokovic’s level to drop. His attitude seems good, and that’s half the battle.

  2. Emma says:

    someone’s looking very good with a black polo T. love him to bits!

    • Maria says:

      Yes, looking handsome in his polo shirt. Rafa always has humor in his press conferences even when’s not trying…LOL. I’m glad that he’s not waiting for Novak’s level to drop anymore, but planning to make changes/improvements. The serve has to come back for sure. I still say that talking to a sports pscyhologist once or twice wouldn’t hurt. Because after reading his book, I don’t feel Toni is the appropriate voice to have in your head when facing Novak. That “he’s better than you approach” works with Fed because is like the older guy Rafa always had to beat growing up. But Novak being the younger guy is a different ball of wax.

  3. Leslie says:

    How great to see this very calm but determined Rafa. I love the part where he is talking about having to accept the challenge (at 4:09) then pauses and says simple, with eyebrow raised, “and work”. He looks like he knows what he has to do and is absolutely confident he can and will do it.
    Can’t wait for that “bloodless warrior” to come out and take his court back! I just know he can do it too – no one is equal to Rafa when he is playing his lights out breathtaking tennis! Never ever going to give up on Rafa because he has all the will and talent to reach ever new heights. Wonderful moments ahead! Vamos!

  4. rafafan1 says:

    Good luck to rafa, sport psychologist maybe a good idea. He can beat Nole just needs to believe in himself.

  5. Emmanuelle says:

    When I see Rafa loses a match I’m always very sad like everybody here but I know that when I will see his post-match presser I will feel much better and this one is not an exception. I don’t have word to say that but he is amazing. The way he reacts after a loss always stuns me. I would like to have the power to help him feels better as he helps me feels so much better.

    This match was tough to watch but not as tough as the Wimbledon’s final for me. In wimbledon he seems to be resigned, to be completely lost. In the US Open final I see a warrior, he fought for every point as he said. I’m so proud of him. After Wimbledon I really thought that the problem was in his head. Now I don’t really think the same, I think that it’s quite all about tennis. I think that if he changes little things in his game he would be able to beat Nole again. But it’s really difficult to change your game when you have a very characteristic game like Rafa. But well I don’t really think the problem is in his head anymore. At the contrary it gives him a new challenge and he likes challenges.

    This match was amazing, I saw 2 gladiators in an arena. It’s like Nole forces Rafa to become even stronger, to become an amazing player. If it wasn’t Nole against Rafa but another player, he would have suffer a lot…

    I don’t know if he is going to play the Davis Cup. Maybe it will be better not to because he is so tired. At the same time I don’t want Spain to lose. Well, I’m French and I want Spain to win, I hope it doesn’t make me a bad girl… ¡ Vamos !

    • Denizen says:

      I read a Spanish article today where his physio (Maymo isn’t there, so it’s the team physio) says, as best as I can tell, that they’re pumping Rafa with sleeping pills to “solve the jet lag issue” (tm Rafa), hydrating him, and using some electrode-based gizmo to try to stimulate muscle recovery.

      Clearly the resources of the Spanish Federation could be beneficial at my office, where we just have coffee.

  6. sia says:

    “you feel?” … his response (near the end) … was so poignant and the look on his face after that moment …
    Love you Rafa …

  7. Kris K says:

    It’s mind-blowing how together he is, especially at 25! I can’t believe how he can handle his emotions so well. I loved the part when asked if he got hope from Nole being hurt, and he said “I only get hope from myself, not my opponents.”

  8. June says:

    Yes, I believe a sports psychologist is the way to go. Give me a ring Rafa and I’ll try to help you!

  9. Isabelle says:

    He looks ever so tired.
    He stays so centered and responsible in these pressers pushing the journalists to a higher level than they start out by not engaging in negative talk or blame. And he must be so fucking tired of being asked about ND’s level of play, I know I am!
    I also love Rafa in black with his beautiful skin and eyes, what a gorgeous hunk of man combined with passion and heart, whew.

  10. faeaki says:

    Gorgeous Rafa in his black polo, those arms *swwoons*.. love his response in this pressure, “we started the press conference, I feel, in the wrong way” love how he refuses to get involved in any media conspiracy.

  11. Rafraf says:

    I can’t help but laugh at this presser. He started with a sleek hair and ended up with a messed up one. haha.

    I disagree with some who says a sports psychologist is needed. I think he’s actually on the right track, as he said so himself. In this match, he really brought the warrior in him. It was a much much better battle than Wimbledon. In the Wimbledon finals, you can see his lack of confidence. But I don’t think it is the case in this US Open finals, at least not in the same level. Well, I hope I’m right. Looking forward to 2012. I know he’ll bounce back. =)

    • Emma says:

      oh definitely – his state of mind at us open finals was definitely way better than at wimbledon and he’s definitely on the right track. with or without a sports pyschologist I believe rafa will have it figured out eventually and this is just a phase.

  12. Ramara says:

    How good was this presser? Good enough to rate an editorial in the NY Times today citing Rafa for his graciousness. Sorry, I don’t have the link – been struggling with my connection for days now.

  13. sunset says:

    The presser is soothing. Rafa is a very wise, mature and compelling young man.