RafaLint: September 7th

Well, today wasn’t a fun day of watching tennis on TV. But I’m sure it really wasn’t fun for the players, fans on the site or the people working at the tournament. After a short bit of slipping and sliding, play was stopped and never got started again – despite many efforts. When they stopped, Rafa was down 0-3 to Muller.

But first, some fun on an otherwise dreary day:




Book reviews/promos:

Best tweet of the day:
The award goes to…Serena:

Preach @RafaelNadal preach! My Fellow Booty Brother!!! #gobigbutts lol

And, finally, a few photos from today:

Photos by TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images, Chris Trotman/Getty Images, Jared Wickerham/Getty Images for USTA, and REUTERS/Kena Betancur

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  1. Talking about debacles! Something’s got to change for sure. Two days in a row and no foreseeable change in the whether until Friday to say the least. Most dissapointing.

    Thank God for twitter and Miri’s tweets to bring us up to speed.

    I just can’t figure out how they’re going to finish this tournament on time, esp. since Davis Cup starts on the 16th.

    I can’t even think of going through another day like the past two have been, as a spectator (which is the last person to be upset), but I probably will as I really love tennis anyhow.

  2. Nana says:

    What a day with only 15 mins of tennis! Where do I start? That stare in the ref office video is worth a million words! And I’m so conflicted. I love Rafa’s grumpy face but I don’t want see him pissed off all the time ;P

    Love the golf video. Rafa’s such a good small talker. (“Nice shot Chris, good for the opponent”). It’s also a case in point for #Gobigbutts (A big round of applause to Serena I must add).

    I <3 Rafa ever more after this. This is the grownup and serious side of him that we don't see often off court. He was gonna talk to the TD anyway, but I'm glad Muzz and ARod joined him or the talk of Rafa the whiner would be endless (I'm sure it still goes on, but at least the argument is much weaker)

    This mess is getting way out of hand. I don't know how it's going to be sorted in the short or long terms. But it's good to see the players united and making a stand. This should count as another slam If Rafa managed to make some change out of this!

    Also this delay is surely going to spill over to DC next week!! Gah!

    • Emma says:

      what stare (at the ref’s office) are you guys referring to? i watched the video a few times and i still didn’t catch that ‘ stare ‘? maybe too subtle a stare for me.
      but love the part about MAndy chomping on food – he’s starting to grow on me, adorable!

      • Nana says:

        At around 0:06 when he came out of the office and just stared into camera and shook his head ;P

        • Emma says:

          ok thanks Nana – i see what you are referring to but i thought that was just him staring into the camera and going in his head ” are you filming me are you filming me?” not sure what kind of emotion he had from that expression…

  3. Eliana says:

    I loved that Rafa, RAndy and MAndy went and voiced their opinions. But what about the other players? I was asking myself the same question that Brad Gilbert asked. Where were Daveeed, Young, Muller? They where in the same matches, and seem they went “silent into the night”. It was their safety too, but maybe thought those other guys have more pull? I don’t know anymore.

    But it was great to see all the support the guys received from past and present players, obviously being Serena the “awesomest” one :)

    The US Open for Rafa seems to be even more uphill from now on, but I just want him to be happy with his performance, and no injuries, PLEASE!

    Oh, and I love MAndy a little bit more now, after seeing him chumping some free food at the meeting, when everybody was so serious. Made me LOL

  4. L says:

    Is anyone else as worried about Muller as I am? Rafa gets so stressed out by these big servers and it affects his whole game. I Just hope he stays with colm.

  5. Donatella says:

    First of all thanks to Miri for all the twitter updates (faster than Us Open’s ones!) and for all the daily wonderful job here at Nadalnews. Grazie, Miri!
    Rafa was very brave to go to vent his frustration to the organizers yesterday, and thanks God Murray and Roddick went with him. I agree with Eliana when she was asking where the other players were while those three big men were expressing everybody’s thoughts about the danger of going out to play on such wet courts. Kudos to Serena Williams for the nice twitter!!! She should also let the tournament organizers hear her voice by going to talk to them in person.
    At this point I hope for the rain to shower on NY for the next two days. I am curious about the solution the organizers are gonna find to this mess. Consider that the Davis Cup matches are scheduled for next week. We cannot think of 4 matches (3 sets out of 5) in 4 days… it would be even more dangerous for player’s health than playing on wet courts. It’s been raining for the last three years’ tournaments, so it’s not so much unexpected… thinking of a roof on the two main courts doesn’t mean that the roof will grow naturally over there… If I held a ticket for the Flushing Meadows court stands I would be upset, of course, but I would be also more concerned about the health of the players.. which probably means that I am a fan :P
    Let’s hope for Rafa and the other players to stay safe…

  6. rafafan says:

    Hi L Yes I am soooooooo worried about the match. Rafa certainly did look stressed out, angry, upset and ill prepaed before his match. I don’t think I have ever visibly seen him so angry like this. So obviously when he said he was distracted and his serve went peculiar… well we know why with the lateness onto the court, being apologetic, not wanting to play and slide in the rain. Just hope he gets out of this hole and remains calm and focus otherwise he will be a gonna

  7. JoElli says:

    Handbags really were out at USO! Great to see our boy speaking out and the others supporting him! TV and sponsorship are top dogs in the USA and it must be a nightmare keeping them happy, the players happy, the fans happy in such awful conditions. However, this is nothing new! Get a roof!!! Maybe 2!! There is no tennis in the USA without television rights and sponsors and there is no tennis full stop without players! If I was Muller, I’d be worried. I think Rafa, in this mood, is going to blow him off court (if they ever get back on!)

  8. Patricia says:

    Really disappointed that the rain has affected the US open, but then we in England are used to that with Wimbledon and consequently we now have a roof over centre court. I am not sure if this is a viable project for Flushing Meadows as it is so large (thinking caps on chaps). Good on the boys for sticking together. Chin up Rafa and come back fighting – Vamos.

    • Karen says:

      I was just reading yesterday that the foundations of Arthur Ashe Stadium were built on a former ash dump which is unable to take any more weight so adding a roof has been ruled out of their current renovation plans. The USTA is going to continue researching a roof over Ashe over the next 10 years. At the moment it is technologically & financially challenging! I bet it is.
      Rafa wasn’t ready mentally to play yesterday, thinking too much about the crap conditions. I have a feeling that when he resumes his match he’s gonna be on fire!!
      Glad that Arod & Muzza got involved too with the discussion. Who calls those 2 MAandy & RAndy anyway? That’s a new one on me.

  9. Natasa says:

    I am not worried at all. The reason for Rafa being stressed is the that he did not want to go out to start the match as it was very dangerous to play on wet and slippery court. And what will happen if the injury happens? The organizers will continue to make shows while players will suffer the injury and lose lots of time and rankings.

    Totally supporting Rafa on this! Glad Murray and Rodick supported him and were angry at the organizers for making such stupid decision to start the matches even though they knew the rain will come within few minutes again. It“s all about the money, it is a showbusiness and not a sport anymore. Stupid US Open not protecting the players, they are not our clowns, they are amazing talented people who deserve respect !

    Muller is a good player but Rafa is a Champion, that makes big difference. Vamos!

    • aRafaelite says:

      Totally agree about Rafa holding back because of the court conditions. It was obvious he was unwilling to risk injuries by chasing balls down after that first game. That service game was a disaster but watching it I was just wondering, as I imagine he was, why are they playing?!

      I think this issue has brought a lot of simmering issues about player welfare to the forefront. Players concerns always seem to come after the TV networks and tournaments officials, etc. despite the fact that none of the hoopla that surrounds professional tennis, would exist were it not for the players. They’re dealing with the same issues players were dealing with 30-40 years ago, and very little progress seems to have been made. The pressures on players today are even greater than ever.

      I hope something good comes of all this, it’s about time, and good on Rafa and the Andys for standings up for themselves and others. Feli had it right last year: #usshitopen – I’m done with it. Frankly all I care about at this stage is that nobody else injures themselves.

      • Natasa says:

        well said! l am very angry at the Organizers aswell as at the Tennis Association for making players their “clowns” and thinking of money,money,money only! well,the whole world lost itself and is going to the wrong direction, so is tennis world. it is TIME to think of more humane way ! players must be protected and comfortable on court. audience and fans can wait as much as needed, we want our stars to enjoy the match,enjoy the tournament, we don’t want them to slave !!!

      • Nana says:

        Who knew Feli was so prescient??

  10. By the way, Miri, you are quite the buzz this morning. All I keep hearing is RAndy and MAndy!! Nice going!

  11. killian says:

    LOVED the interview with Pam Shriver; thought she did a great job, and Rafa was very candid. I am amazed at how much he can say in a foreign language– can’t imagine being able to sputter anything but all those 3rd grade “bad word” we learned in Spanish. Good on ya, Rafa!!!

  12. brs says:

    hi Rafans.I’ve found this on a forum.

    Jim Curley, the Open’s tournament director, said that officials intended to finish the tournament on time. If the men’s fourth-round matches finish Thursday, he said, such a time frame remains realistic.

    “It’s fair for all the players,” he said. “They’re all in the same situation. I don’t think it’s a safety issue. I think it’s a fitness issue.”

    Are they crazy ????? Players are human beings not robots !

    • Natasa says:

      horrible! suddenly money is the issue to have a roof. how come money is never issue when USA spends money on weapons and bombs throwing around world?!? so sick of this stupid show business in tennis
      or any sport!

    • Eliana says:

      I don’t know if Jim Curley EVER played any kind of competitive tennis. What he said is very ignorant. How is it fair for Rafa, Muller, Murray, Roddick, Young, Daveed, Isner, or Simon, to play 4 best-of-5 matches in 4 days, were the other guys can have a free day? Every commie yesterday said it was unfair advantage, you know, commies who were professional players?

      Everybody’s fitness is crappy at this point of the season, so it IS a safety issue when you have your players in not top form(not even Nole) playing in misty conditions.

    • faeaki says:

      How is it fair?? fitness issue!!!*shakes fist* what an ass!! how is it either of the above when the top half are getting double the rest compaered to the bottom haof of the mens draw!! what an idiot!

  13. the other Maria says:

    Lol, Rafa leading a revolt was pretty much unthinkable to me five years ago. But, yeah, if need be. I’m pretty sure he had all the reasons to be frustrated and refuse to come out to play. And to stand up for his safety. But he needs to calm down and get his act together. Mueller came out on court, apparently not giving a damn about the conditions and the elements, and did his thing. Rafa was obviously angry, unsettled and seemed to be taking in all the tension that was there. He’s had a pretty eventful North-American swing already, with the finger burns & the cramps & the endless explanations over the state of his relationship with his coach,and it would be a shame if he would let the bad weather & the consequent chaotic schedule become the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  14. dan says:

    Djoko spoke out too. Where is Federer, the president of the player’s council? trying to ignore the whole situation? he should also make a statement and be behind the players…

  15. Ramara says:

    Oh my. Love the golfing video! Rafa looks gorgeous! Sad about all the rain.

    Got a laugh out of the pre-match commentators (Chris Evert, Mary Jo and the blonde girl) getting so upset with Rafa when he was very late coming out to the court really complaining about him always being late, then he comes out, smiles and apologizes to everyone in sight, blames the USO for giving him insufficient warning, and they’re all….”awwwww, he’s such a gentleman, what a great sport…” The famous Nadal charm struck again!

  16. Atch2 says:

    I admire Rafa, Muzz and ARod for taking a stand and telling the USO off for not considering the safety of the players first. It’s a big issue and they are fighting for all tennis players, so I hope more players speak out.

    Also Rafa must have been really really pissed off walking out of that office because unlike Muzz, he didn’t think about snacking. Luving the fierce face and expressive hands when talking to Muzz along the corridor.

    I thought Rafa, Muzz, ARod and Novak’s interviews were articulate and hopefully the big people of tennis will listen. Get a damn roof USO, and health and safety first!

    Rafa and golf. Adorbz, especially his shorts and dimpled smiles. Surprised Rafa let Benito drive the golf buggy.

    Never seen Rafa so pissed off before a match. “I am not happy”. Rafa is usually late, but even for him this was usually late and I think within reason. Given that they past they past the scheduled time, they still need to give players prior notice before going on court.

    Luv pissed off Rafa. He looks so determined and passionate.

    #VamosSerena Hope Rafa saw her tweet
    #VamosPam too. I think she did a great job with the interviews.

  17. Shamababes says:

    I love a pissed off Rafa!! 7-6; 5-0 so far…This reminds me of 2010 Wimbledon vs Soderling. Hmmmmmm….. I hope he doesnt let up and stay longer on the court than he needs to.

  18. June says:

    The players should go on strike/boycott the US open if the tournament directors don’t meet them halfway re: their demands/issues which are certainly legitimate and should be considered IMO. Vamos Rafa, way to speak your mind and such good English, I think everyone could understand what you said. A+

  19. Rose says:

    Loved Rafa as a leader. He does need to put on a bit more diplomatic face though. Glad ESPN gave a lot of coverage as well so USTA can’t just try and ignore this once the tournament ends. SUprised at no comments from Fed though. May be he was not around?

  20. Maria says:

    Yeah, Rafa leading the charge was awesome. That golf video was nice, especially the shots of his stroke. Serena’s tweet was great.

  21. faeaki says:

    Rafa coming out of the ref meeting, gorgeous as well as he hand gestures to Murray, his hottest when his angry, so sexy!!!

    Serenas tweet is great and the video with the golfing is awsome too, lovin todays rafalint!

  22. nolanola says:

    I just saw the golf video. Could Rafa be any cuter?? The shorts, the legs, the hair, the cute remarks?? I love Rafa.

  23. ds says:

    The promo video before match so cute! Wish it was longer! I wish Rafa smiled more. He is cute with the intense, and with the grumpy, but he is best when he is smiling big!

    Serena and Roddick are two that I always disliked but I think I am changing my mind. Booty brother, thats hilarious!