USO: Presser drama

Not satisfied with the drama generated on court today, Rafa’s body decided to rebel and cause drama in the presser. What first looked to be scary, turned out to be cramps. He ended the presser laughing (but standing).

More videos of pretty much the same bits: here and here. Plus a report from the AP and from

Maymo? Get to work! And Rafa? MORE FLUIDS!

Rafa was just interviewed on CBS. He said he is fine. He was feeling the cramps in the front and the back and couldn’t move his leg. He said this has happened plenty of times before, but not in a press conference. He’s fine and just needs to drink a lot of water. He mainly just looked embarrassed to be interviewed about the whole thing.

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  1. Ginny says:

    He was just on CBS telling MJ Fernandez that he is fine. Just a little embarassed probably. Phew!!

  2. patzin says:

    Looked a bit scary to me. He did run alot in the match and read it is really humid in NY. Glad he is ok. When he said initially sorry it happened in public, made it clear this however was not that unusual event.

  3. Marisa says:

    Still scared the bejesus out of me

  4. Emilie says:

    That was super scary to follow this, as it happened, only via Twitter (00). What is kinda strange to me while I’m watching this is that I got the feeling no one in the room especially reacted to him passing out. He answered a question, then started moaning, eyes closed, said “señores…” (that’s what I heard) but why ain’t no one asking him if he’s ok ? !!!

  5. paige says:

    That was a bit disturbing to watch. What a dramatic press conference! It was extremely humid here today in New York, especially in the morning. Drink lots and lots of Gatorade, Rafa and rest up!

  6. Isabelle says:

    How unpleasant to see him suffer even when you know it is not serious. He definitely looked embarassed about the whole thing, poor guy.

  7. Jane says:

    “I got the feeling no one in the room especially reacted to him passing out” yeah I mean we weren’t in the room but ever since reading Toni’s statement about how ATP don’t really give a damn about the players health and now seeing this I feel quite annoyed to say the least. I’m sure there were people around asking if he was okay but I can’t here much in the background and some photographers seem to think that it is a great moment to take a photo of him in pain which isn’t nice.

    • miri says:

      It isn’t nice, but it is their job.

      • Karen says:

        Poor Rafa. I’m sure if this had happened while he’d been around fans there would’ve been plenty of people helping him & asking if he needed anything. Hopefully tomorrow he’ll look at this and have a good laugh about it. Once I knew he was fine & that it happens alot many naughty thoughts went through my head as he slid down the chair!! It could only happen to him.

        • Maya says:

          Me too! I’m a horrible person. I was thinking “Omg, he’s gorgeous”, and then “he’s hurt”, “but omg, he’s so gorgeous”, “but he’s really hurting”, “Oh, his hand, I love his hands”, “he’s sliding to the floor in pain”, “Come back Rafa, I want to ogle you”. Pathetic I know.

      • Emilie says:

        I read on Twitter (I unfortunately can’t remember my source) that Rafa’s PR (assuming Benito ?) was also taking pictures while it was happening. If it is true, that is really extra weird and inappropriate, and I absolutely don’t see the point. And don’t tell me it’s his job too and that it could document Rafa’s next lifestory book ;-)

  8. Emma R says:

    I thought it was horrible that he was obviously stricken with pain and was sliding down him chair – which could have indicated he was going unconscious – yet not one person ran over to see what it was – the cameras just kept on rolling.

    If I saw a stranger going down the street who got overcome like that I would go over and see what was up…never mind someone who was known to the whole room of people. Yeah it turned out to be a cramp, but those initial symptoms could have been anything, and far more serious.

    Absolutely disgusted.

    • Emma R says:

      Oh I see, he asked for the trainer when he first started going funny, who presumably joined him on the floor. I still think it’s odd that people would just sit there and watch someone slide out of sight.

      • paige says:

        And continue to take pictures of him when he’s clearly in distress. I know it’s the press’s job but at least one of them could have halted the proceedings and asked if he was okay. Isn’t that common human decency?

  9. June says:

    Those darn cramps are very painful, I know myself & my son, almost Rafa’s age used to get them playing soccer. I heard Rafa on Dave Letterman’s show saying that he never got cramps when Dave asked him. Poor guy – I hope he heals well & doesn’t get any more this tournament:) Vamos Rafa!~

  10. Silhouette says:

    That was very difficult to watch. The expression on his face stressed me out. I can’t imagine no one rushed up to him!! I’m glad it turned out to be nothing more serious.

  11. June says:

    I think the tournament director better get some bananas out there for those athletes, both male & female as I read Flavia Pennetta also experienced something similar. Seems like too many injuries are occurring this year for some reason.

  12. skassi says:

    Been there, tough to watch him go through that. Disappointed in the media for taking pictures and doing little but willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. What are they going to do?

    It was fairly obvious he was cramping, they could have helped him to the floor perhaps but it’s also tough to pick up what he was saying throughout. Thought I heard him say he was feeling them (cramps) and to wait so I figure what he was saying was keeping the situation fairly calm.

    CBS was way over the top with the drama though, come on!

  13. Maria says:

    So sad to watch a room full of reporters just sit and watch in complete silence. Thank goodness it wasn’t anything too serious. Rafa looked adorable on the Tennis Channel interview with Jason.

    Rafa has some big beautiful hands.

  14. Atch2 says:

    I would have been stunned into silence too because Rafa was quite calm and silent too. I’m sure people were concerned and someone did ask if he needed help and he said no and to get his physio. Amazes me how he remained calm and in control even in extreme pain. I guess he’s had a lot of experience. Hope he recovers quickly.

    The heat and humid conditions seemed inhumane to play in. I remember Rafa drinking a lot during the match and my Dad even commented that he was drinking a lot more than usual, but obviously it was still not enough. Flavia playing her match at the same time was suffering and looked sickly and almost puking in her match too and I think she got a time warning for it.

    Maymo I hope you were jotting down the number of bottles of water Rafa was drinking.

    • Nana says:

      I’ve read that staying hydrated is tricky an that you have to start way before the match. I wonder if having an early match as well as the weather conditions had anything to do with him not being properly prepared for it?

  15. Renee says:

    I’m just glad it’s not worse other than cramps..after reading and blogging about Venus Sjogren’s syndrome and Robin Soderling’s illness it was kinda scary to see him just suddenly passing out. I guess it has been happening to him because it seems like he knew what was happening and that is why he was really calm about it.

  16. snowyc says:

    Very uncomfortable to watch… but Roddick said it best in his pressie — it’s a regular thing for them & just unfortunate it happened during a press conference with live recording. Always so eloquent in front of reporters, Andy R., and supportive of Rafa. VAMOS.

  17. nolanola says:

    Rafa said on Letterman that he was lucky because he did not get cramps. I guess he did not want to talk about it — it’s a dumb thing to ask about anyway but typical of Dave.

    I’m sorry that everyone had to see that; it feels way more intrusive than pap pictures of him on a beach in Ibiza. Hugs to Rafa.

    • miri says:

      Warning, I’m probably about to sound preachy.

      To me, while I wish they’d had the sense to turn the cameras off earlier, this is in NO WAY as intrusive as the paparazzi pictures. This is still related to his job – a job he performs in public. From his interviews after the fact, cramps happen often and he deals with them all the time. The embarrassing thing is that this time they happened in public when he was performing an aspect of his job. If they had happened on court during a match, would filming them be a question?

      The beach photos intrude on his private life. I find that to be far, far more offensive.

  18. Kim_Rafa says:

    must have been quite embarassing for Rafa, maybe thats whay he hid under the table….he was still polite in his moment of distress though, saying ‘señores’, just shows Rafa’s class! really hope he is ok, wish this had not happened on a public stage….perhaps Rafa’s muscles are feeling everything a bit more as he had that cold/throat problem a few weeks ago?
    when the BBC said ‘Nadal collapses’ I thought they meant he had proper passed out! im relieved that it wasnt anything worse, nothing medical, just muscular, hope Rafa will recover!!

    • miri says:

      Yeah, the word “collapse” is ticking me off too. To me, collapse sounds like he passed out. I understand that’s what it looked like at first, but by the time those reports were written, it was clear it was just a cramping issue.

  19. You can imagine all the fuss at Youtube right now, where Rafa is currently trending, plus all the hate comments. Unbelievable. Thank God for the likes of Roddick and Murray to stick up for our boy.

  20. CC says:

    Poor little sausage.

    He seems to manage the pain well, though. Excellent deep breating, Rafa.

  21. Annie says:

    Miri, totally agree with your defense of the how the press handled this unusual presser. He never passed out, knew what was happening to him and asked for his trainer. After he slid onto the floor, the press were asked to leave and he was worked on by medical staff.

    I’ve had severe muscle cramping and it’s excruciating. Remember last year when Caroline Wozniacki was cramping out on the court and she was screaming in agony?

    Man I hope Rafa got an IV or two. He was probably really dehydrated. Anyway, leave to Rafa to never be boring!

    Oh, I was in Manhattan yesterday walking up Park Avenue and saw Nalby strolling along. And then passed Maymo later on 59th st. I think he’d been out for a run.

  22. Annie says:

    People are ‘hating’ on Rafa for having a cramp? Unbelievable.

    Although I was laughing at some funny tweets yesterday like “Now Rafa’s calling MTO’s in pressers!”

    • miri says:

      I admit to laughing my ass off at someone’s tweet about it looking like Rafa’s getting the best blow job in history. ;)

      I’m 12.

      • CC says:

        That’s just…wrong.


        • Emma R says:

          Having had a day to get used to it being “just cramp”, I have to admit that is hilarious.

          If I get cramp the only thing that I can do is get up and walk madly about until it eases – like something off Monty Python’s Ministry of Funny Walks.

          Oh the indignity. Poor darling Rafa.

      • Emilie says:

        I missed this one tweet, but I’m laughing now (that we know it was no big deal after all).

        • miri says:

          Exactly – it wouldn’t have been funny right after, but hours after, when I’d seen Rafa up, smiling, embarrassed but totally fine, I LOLed.

  23. Annie says:

    Oh I missed that one!! Honestly, to me he didn’t look like he was “enjoying” what was happening to him at all. But I get the idea :)))

  24. Annie says:

    Let me amend my last comment. Just watched the longer video on the USTA site and well, okay, I get it. :PPP It’s hard to watch, though. You can tell he was in agony.