RafaLint: September 3

Photo by REUTERS/Mike Segar

Some lint before I power down this creaky old computer and attempt to hook up my new one. Cross your fingers that I can get all my software installed. It looks like I might have problems getting Eudora working under Windows 7. My life might not be worth living without it. (Stop laughing; I love it and have email archives going back to the 1990s.)

Book reviews/promos:

Today’s recommended read:

Match articles:
There were a lot of these out there, but most were pretty short…much like the match. So, here’s a few.




Rafa does social media:

  • Rafa posted a photo of himself and Toni having a chat during a practice session.

Random stuff:

10 Responses

  1. Annie says:

    I always love the haircut he gets in New York. Hope it brings him luck. I was in the nosebleeds at the Mahut match. Couldn’t even find his team with my binos…so his Dad walking by the media center but didn’t see his gf.

    It’s almost torture to go to a rafa match and be so far away that he looks like a little ant on the court. Won’t do that again.

  2. Ramara says:

    OK, you guys, I don’t usually have much use for fantasy matches between players from different eras, but the NY Times’ Point/Counterpoint “tournament” is kind of fun to try to picture. So please run over there and vote Rafa vs Jimmy Connors! Rafa is currently leading but not by a lot.

  3. All the articles, photos, vids, tweets are amazing. Thanks, Miri.

    I’m a little bit worried that a lot of people seem to focus on the Rafa-Toni relationship too much lately. Although it’s nothing new for us fans, it made major headlines mostly because of the book and it surprised many people (this kind of bahaviour by Toni). Rafa chose to make it the top story, so to speak, in his book and I think, whether it’s a coming of age thing or a career turning point, there’s a changing of the guards feeling to most of the interviews and articles I’ve read. I’m not saying it’a good thing or a bad thing, but there’s so much talk lately, it sometimes becomes too much.

    It’s nice to see that most top tennis journalists identify Rafa as having the heart and the most determination to win out of all tennis players. That he does.

    On a personal note, I was sad to hear the news about Venus, mostly because I know what she has to go through to fight this and amazed at how much she has accomplished even despite having it. Then came Joel Drucker’s article about his late wife and that also hit close to home for me. I also was diagnosed with lupus when I was 23 and although some days are better than others, I have the will to fight and try to have a normal life going and that is what tennis and Rafa and you guys have taught me.

  4. Nic says:

    I have to say that picture of Rafa hitting balls to the crowd is just gorgeous.

  5. faeaki says:

    Lovely Rafa lint, I wish I could understand the Uncle T interview! sighs at not being able to speak or understand Spanish/catalan!