RafaLint: August 30th

Mainly catching up on stuff I owe you guys from yesterday, but I was dealing with a dying computer. I’ll post match coverage/articles in tomorrow’s lint.

Beyond adorable interview with Rafa on CNN this morning:

If the above is region-blocked, you can also see this on YouTube.

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15 Responses

  1. brs says:

    awww Rafa is so cute in the video :D I love this boy, he always puts a smile on my face.
    But I wonder how he can wake up fully rested when he sleeps with the lights on :) Because I never do …
    I’m glad the relationship with Toni is good and liked how he sees Rafa :) Probably Rafa spends more time with him than his father and I’m sure he puts his uncle in between an uncle and father too.

  2. paige says:

    Rafa looks fantastic in those khakis. He’s looking extra lean these days, I’ve noticed. Has he lost weight?

    • RAFAFAN says:

      Sooooooo comfortable modeling nowadays :) Absolutely beautiful pics. He’s looking extra lean indeed.

  3. Leslie says:

    Miri – you are right on in describing Rafa as “Beyond Adorable” in that video.
    Thanks for all the great stuff !

  4. old sharon says:

    Too bad they didn’t include the news desk footage after the video ran. Carol Costello was positively gushing about Rafa and going on about what a charmer he is. Both Christine Roman and Ali Velshi said nice things about him and the interview too and seemed quite taken with him but it was Carol who was smitten, not surprisingly since she was the one lucky enough to meet and talk to him.

  5. I loved the illustrated fists of the various players. That is one talented guy!!

    Also, Rafa got a lot of grief about that not being able to sleep in the dark thing and quite rightly so. I still can’t believe it, seeing as most of the time he sleeps at hotels and how can you get scared among all those people?

    • Maria says:

      I sleep with the TV on because I don’t like complete silence when I’m trying to fall asleep. I do this in hotels and at home. So I kinda get it. I imagine Rafa sleeps with a dim light or tv. But my question is how does Maria deal with(she’s in NY again this year)….LOL

    • Ramara says:

      Rafa has said before that darkness bothers him less in hotels than when he’s home alone. I expect he uses tv/movies as a way of calming down (he’s pretty hyper) and falling asleep. I nap in front of the tv myself, and always read in bed for a bit before sleeping at night and I am anything but hyper. It’s just a way of switching off. Like counting sheep.

  6. alibobbles says:

    He is so sweet and so gorgeous in the video. Love it.

  7. atennisfan says:

    How could people have the silly notion, that Rafa has an easy draw? I see a minefield, when I look at his quarter: Müller, Gulbis (who won a hardcourt event recently against Fish!), Ljubi, Melzer, Nalbandian, Ferrer… all great on hardcourt! Ranking isn’t everything. And why has Petit Nick Mahut the missfortune to be in Rafa’s way so early? Ever since the marathon he has a soft spot in my heart. I like him much more than Isner. Nick, enjoy the center court but don’t overdo it against Rafa, ok? It makes no sense to kill both of you.

    • brs says:

      Rafa’s draw isn’t easy. At least first round opponents are difficult than Nole’s and Roger’s. But QF is fine.

    • atennisfan says:

      At least I will enjoy the second round ( yesterday was highly entertaining but stressful, though somehow I knew all along that Rafa would make it). If the unlikely should happen, and Mahut takes Rafa out, I could live with it. I’d just say, get well, Rafa, odd years become even eventually!

  8. Atch2 says:

    I remember Rafa wearing the Nike black jacket with the panels. I think Titin has one too.

    Could they not have done the hems for his pants or are they intentional. I always find Rafa modelling quite enjoyable.

  9. Maria says:

    Hoping those Pj shorts aren’t going to show us at new Nike short sometime next year. Those check shorts from Spring 2010 were terrible.