RafaLint: August 28th

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  • iB3 report
  • Rafa talks to the tve via phone. Inés sends us this transcription of his words:

    Bueno, es que nos habían dicho que no saliéramos del hotel, con lo cual me he quedado todo el día en el hotel, tanto la tarde de ayer como de momento el medio día que llevamos aquí y… he entrenado todos los días bien aquí, llevo una semana aquí entrenando prácticamente todo los días, he entrenado bastante bien, me siento bastante contento con la preparación y ahora, sólo falta competir

    Which Google mangles to:

    Well, we had been told not to get out of the hotel, which I have stayed all day in the hotel, both yesterday afternoon as noon time we’ve been here and … I trained every day right here, I’ve been here a week almost every day training, I trained pretty well, I’m pretty happy with the preparation and now just need to compete

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9 Responses

  1. Maria says:

    I’m surprised that the “Anatomy of a shirt change” hasn’t received tons of comments, yet (I’m talking to you, CC).

    Priceless!!! 14 steps to a shirt-change?

    Oh, and this tennis stats thing is beginning to look like college math!!

  2. Isabelle says:

    Laughed at and enjoyed the “slobbering fans” and shirt change photos. It reminded me of a post Miri put together a year or two ago about the steps involved in a proper Vamos.
    I am looking forward to tennis, enough of pundit predictions and underware talk, I want Rafa on the court and in action!

  3. nekoneko says:

    Hi Miri and all,

    I was not sure where I posted this question.. but, has this article been posted somewhere here?

    Nadal’s New Challenges: ‘I’m Not a Kid Anymore’ in WSJ


    I don’t know how other people may find, but I actually enjoyed reading this article. Not much new stuff, but I like the tone of the article – it talks a great deal about a strong, and somehow strange, bond between Rafa and Toni, but not in a sensational way, as I saw in many other publications. The article shows how mature and observant Rafa is in the way of dealing with Toni’s coaching stype and the rivalry with Nole. Above all, it clearly stresses how much other tennis greats adore Rafa. He is a very special boy, for sure.

    • miri says:

      Yes, it has.

      Everyone, please remember there’s a search box up on the nav bar. In this case, if you’d searched on online.wsj or Perrotta, this would be your first search result.


  4. faeaki says:

    Loved the Shirt change article, awsome! Didn’t get the spanish (ggogle mangle) at all.. Great rafa lint as always..

  5. paige says:

    The Anatomy of a Shirt Change piece was hilarious. Hilarious and so true. The boy is such a tantalizing tease. Oh, to be present at a Rafa shirt change…

  6. Jean says:

    Really enjoyed the shirt change article. Funny article and great Rafa muscle shots!

    • Karen says:

      It’s only taken Rafa about 5 years to realise we love his shirt changes as much as his tennis, so he obviously feels he needs to make up for lost time. What a performer he is! Thanks so much for this great find, it made my day yesterday.

  7. Serin says:

    Thanks Miri for the interesting articles and The Anatomy of a Shirt Change which I am saving.. It is really hilarious.. Rafa has always been a great tease, imo..

    I watched an interview with Rafa on CNN Sports yesterday — Rafa answered a question about his fans with his usual “I am shy” smile , the interviewing lady said “I dont think you are shy.” I laughed so much. Because that’s what I have been thinking all along !