RafaLint: July 4th

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  1. nolanola says:

    The WSJ gave a well deserved nod to Rafa’s dignity and character. He has a pure and courageous spirit, and I am honored to support him.

    • Myra Mooney says:

      I’m so happy to hear that Rafa is not injured. Hope he has a well earned rest. See you on court soon again Rafa.
      Vamos! Rafa & uncle Tony

  2. Nana says:

    I like the BBC podcast. The hosts are such Rafa fanboys. They really admire Rafa as a person. Did one of them really go golfing with Rafa and Rafa went into the bush to find a stray golf ball? I missed the beginning part of the convo ;)

  3. Makeda says:

    Love the WSJ article too.Really defines Rafa,really defines what i was thinking as i watched the trophy ceremony.Somehow soothes my mind after the defeat.

  4. faeaki says:

    I agree, Rafa was pure class’ in defeat, and wasn’t he SO handsome standing next to Nole,

  5. aRafaelite says:

    Something tells me she got her knickers in a twist over Rafa’s knickers ;-) Bet she kept them ;-)

  6. Rafangel says:

    OMG Rafa’s pants *swoons* What a fantastic thing to find – clearly she kept them, and I don’t believe she has emerged from her room since then, she’s just employed a doppelganger to live her life. I’ve often wondered what it’d be like to let your house to the players, but never in my wildest dreams did I think pants *pants* OK, shut up Rafangel.

    Loved the WSJ article.

    I wonder, if I sold my soul would I get enough to buy a house in Wimbledon?

    • CC says:

      Were they clean or dirty, I wonder…?

      I feel rather embarrassed to admit that I’d quite happily spend a day in bed with Rafa’s knick-knocks. Or do I feel embarrassed? Nope. Not in the slightest. ;)

  7. Wooffie says:

    Beautiful writing in the WSJ article. I so admire everything about that man … total class.

  8. JK says:

    How do we know those are Rafa’s knickers and not Uncle Toni’s???

  9. Fifi says:

    Rafa is gracious whether he wins or loses. He’s such a lovely handsome champion!

  10. CC says:

    Rafa’s autobiography is called “My story”? Like…everyone else’s fucking autobiography? Hmph. I find it amazingly hard to deal with the fact that someone so special does what everyone else does. :( Still, I’ll probably buy it and lick every page of it, like the Rafaslut I am. *tuts at self*

    • Ash86 says:

      I hate the name too! You have to give it to Agassi – Open was a good title for an autobiography – tied in with tennis but didn’t seem forced & he obviously was very frank & open!

      Not sure what Rafa could have called his – something tying into his clay court roots perhaps… I’d prefer ‘An Autobiography’ to ‘My Story’

      • CC says:

        I would have prefered Rafa not to have agreed to the book at all, becuase I don’t think he needs to do it, especially not mid-careera. Woould love to know the reasoning behind that decision.

        • Ash86 says:

          That’s true too – seems like it’s half a story at this stage! As for why I’m pretty sure it’s a case of striking when the iron’s hot & Rafa has the biggest public profile to make money. I don’t blame the Nadal camp for maximising his earnings since tennis players have a short career window compared to say golfers (which is why you’ve had Armani, Bacardi etc. added to the roster of endorsements) – but in this case given what a megastar Rafa is I’m sure an autobiography a few years after he retired would sell just as well & might allow for a more candid insight into the tour. For now he’d have to be guarded about opinions as he’s still playing…

          I also don’t know when Rafa would have time to do this! Of course it’s ghost written but it’s still precious time he could be spending relaxing for a change. All that said, I’m intrigued as to what’s new that might emerge from it – especially after what Weirthem wrote.

  11. marcela says:

    Thanks Miri, loved the WSJ article. Especially this:

    Perhaps he would helicopter to a mountaintop idyll in Switzerland, where Federer would be waiting with a cognac and a DVD of the 2008 Wimbledon final.

    My Story is the English translated title. Maybe in Spanish or Mallorqui it sounds better?

  12. muribwanji says:

    Still having interrupted sleeps about Rafa’s loss, though feeling better to see that many tennis writers seem to choose to emphasize that Rafa has much to celebrate:

    Rafael Nadal’s Place on All Time List – Total Weeks Ranked Number One (Crunch Sports)

    Despite Djokovic’s Wimbledon Win, Nadal Is Still King of Tennis (David Lariviere on Forbes):