RafaLint: June 26th

Photo by GLYN KIRK/ AFP/ Getty Images

XL Semanal:
Inés sends in a link to this lengthy article on Rafa (mangle). From the mangle, it seems to indicate it’s a new interview, and yet I feel like I’ve heard all the quotes before. The article’s sidebar includes links to an interview with Benito (mangle) and a short blurb about Rafa’s family (mangle).



Rafa on Facebook:
First, he posted a photo of his sunshine filled practice with Feli. Then a photo of him talking to the Spanish press.

7 Responses

  1. Nana says:

    Rafa looks very relaxed and was therefore slouching in the FB pix ;P

  2. Leslie says:

    Last week I read a few articles quoting John McEnroe bemoaning the lack of animosity in today’s tennis rivalry. John even complained that current rivalry is ‘just so professional’ and therefore less interesting for tennis.
    Love Rafa’s response (see Nadal boasts of Frienship with Federer) about keeping in perspective that tennis is a game, that competitiveness stays on the court, and preferable to have good relatioship off the court. My favourite part is when he says this is the way to set a good example for the ‘kids’ and then,
    “The other way is not a good way for the world to work.”
    Hurray for Rafa for always confirming his exceptional character and making me just in awe- on and off the court!

  3. old sharon says:

    That interview with Benito, while short, was very interesting. He said that Djokovic was a lot more work to represent to the press – that Rafa was easy to work with. Doesn’t surprise me.

    He also said that it’s time for Rafa to go on one of the American talk shows. Yay!!!! Sounds like we’re going to get a Leno or Letterman appearance this summer!

  4. LizzieBee says:

    Hi Mire, re the Davis Cup withdrawal piece, I take it this doesn’t affect his Olympic chances at all? I don’t know where I read this but a while back I saw that the reason Roger F and Andy M have shown renewed interest in Davis Cup participation this year is because there is some sort of rule regarding the Olympics, that you need to have played for your country in the year before or something? I’m not sure of the timespan involved. Anyway, I’m sure Team Nadal are fully aware of all this so I’m not panicking, but just wondered if you knew the way it works. Plus he’s played so much for Spain, his commitment to his country can’t be in any doubt. And that’s in no way a pointed remark about ‘anyone else’! ;-)

  5. LizzieBee says:

    Miri! Sorry! Silly predictive text!

  6. Ramara says:

    Interesting quote from Rafa’s mother. Sounds like Rafa turned pro and tried to continue going to school, then started to win “too much”. Must have made for some interesting phone conversations: “Sorry, mom, I can’t go to school tomorrow. I won today so I have to stay here and play again.”

    “Let me talk to your uncle, young man!”

    “Toni, he’s winning too much. Do something!”

    “Ana Maria, he’s very stubborn and he’s really good at tennis. I’ll make sure he does his homework and eats properly so don’t worry.”

  7. Fifi says:

    Great rafalint miri. thanks as always. Love the fact that rafa (and federer)don’t buy into the ‘hate’ rivalary and hope the present top 4 never start that type of relationship. Wonderful that rafa says it’s a much better role model for the kids! :)