RafaLint: June 22nd

Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

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Rafa on Facebook:
First, he let us know he had his rackets ready and had a warm-up hit with Yen-Hsun Lu. Then he recorded and posted some “good night” videos: Spanish and English. Look at him, picking a dramatic setting, hiring a camera operator, dealing with the windy, blowing kisses to the fans and smiling, smiling, smiling.

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  1. orangetwits says:

    The English video on FB just cracked me up. He’s so happy!!! I imagined the kisses blown in my direction. *cough cough* My day is made!

  2. Silhouette says:

    Love his FaceBook videos!! Finally he’s found someone to take videos for him! He’s getting quite good at all this posting, taking things up a notch slowly, but surely. I love the blowing kisses part; anyone feeling flirty? Most of all, I love all the smiling…Rafa’s smiles really make me smile :))))

  3. Silhouette says:

    Just thinking out loud about Rafa’s pic being used for the cover page for the Wimbledon book of photos – the photographer said something about slow shutter speed. The photo suggests to me a great deal about how still Rafa’s head (and maybe the shoulders too) was when he’s trying to return that ball ? I am amazed by that photo!

  4. Nana says:

    That must be the dorkiest kiss-blowing of all time ;) BTW, I heard a male voice yelling out Rafa before he blew the kiss in that direction. Hope it wasn’t the person he was directing at ;P

  5. Nana says:

    I subscribed to the Times this month & saw this Ben Smith article about about how Hawkeye has shown that the closed roof slows the ball down. Here’s a snippet of it:

    “Francesca Schiavone, the French Open runner-up, played the first two sets of her victory over Jelena Dokic on Monday in the open air. The final set was played under the roof and the difference in ball speed was significant.
    At impact, her fastest first serve was unchanged at 102mph (164km/h), whether the roof was open or closed. But Hawk-Eye shows that by the time the serve had reached her opponent it had lost as much as 5mph when the roof was shut.
    It was the same story for Rafael Nadal. Hawk-Eye shows that a 122mph serve was reaching Ryan Sweeting, his opponent under the roof yesterday, 4mph slower than it had against Michael Russell outdoors on Monday.
    “Due to the increase in humidity when the roof is closed, balls are heavier and travel slightly slower through the air,” Pete Irwin, one of Hawk-Eye’s experts at Wimbledon this week, said.”

  6. Maria says:

    The article by Gordon Macrae about the 5 best Wimbledon matches also includes a very basic mistake. The 1st match it lists: Federer-Nadal, where Nadal won his very 1st Wimbledon title is listed to have happened in 2001!!!!!

    Even toddlers know Rafa won the Championships in 2008!

  7. Patricia says:

    I can’t believe how “Smiley” Rafa is at Wimbledon, its lovely, he seems so “colm”.

  8. aRafaelite says:

    I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see all those smiles and see his joy (on and off the court) again. I am, after months of anxiety finally completely with colm again. Vamos!

  9. RAFAFAN says:

    Rafa had the same ‘body language’ at US OPEN last year — so calm and smiley and happy! He even smiling during matches, which in the past was seldom seen. So happy he’s happy!

  10. midsun says:

    Beautiful happy boy!

    Wonder who the journo was who asked that ridiculous question? Loved Rafa’s answer.

  11. robert says:

    The translation of the friendly banter & barbing between the two old dawgs, Tio Toni and that venerable Italian tennis journo, Ubaldo Scanagatta (last link of the Assorted vids).

    BTW, Toni manages his Italian (and his German, and his French) rather well, I might add.

    Ubaldo: How is your little nephew feeling?
    Toni: He’s feeling great. He won today.
    U: And perhaps he’s feeling great because he had some luck. Raonic withdrew, he’s one of those guys who can serve very well.
    T: Yes, indeed.
    U: Muller played Rafa in 2005. What happened?
    T: What happened was that he was better than we were.
    U: Then you? Both of you? Always together…
    T: Yes, always together, my nephew and me.
    U: But when he loses, it’s his fault.
    T: No, no. When he loses it’s my fault, when he wins it’s because he’s good. At the moment, he’s playing fairly good. Nothing extraordinary.
    U: I think this grass suits Rafa. It’s pretty slow.
    T: I don’t know. I cannot remember the “old days’ grass”… I was lying on the beach in Mallorca during those days, I was not at Wimbledon.
    U: Who is the most dangerous player for Rafa at Wimbledon?
    T: Muller.
    U: No, this is the reply Rafa would have given. Don’t reply in a diplomatic way, please.
    T: How many possibilities do we have to meet Federer or Djokovic? If we meet one of these two it would happen in the final, so… But it’s certain we’re going to meet Muller. Muller is the problem now. But if you are asking me which players are the best players, and this is different, I answer that these are Federer, Djokovic…
    U: Come on, Tio Toni, we all know these are among the best players. What are you saying?
    T: Yes, Federer, Djokovic, Murray and… Fognini.
    U: Get out of here, get out of here…