RafaLint: June 9th

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Truncated lint because I got started so late and am dead tired. Speaking of starting late, Rafa’s on the OOP for 1 singles match, the continuation of his 2nd round doubles match and, if he and Marc! stage a comeback and win, a second doubles match…and he doesn’t start until the 3rd match on center court. Wonder what the weather forecast is like…

Some Rafa practice videos can be found here.

Rafael Nadal: The Best Ever? – by Nick Bollettieri

We are 7 millions!

Rafa and his PlayStation skills (or lack thereof) are mentioned in this interview with Andy Murray.

Can you take out frustrations on the court by beating someone such as Rafa Nadal on the PS3?

Yeah, I’m definitely better than Rafa Nadal at Pro Evo [laughs]. The thing is we play two-against-two in teams. He plays with his tennis partner, a guy called Juan Monaco, and I play with Dani, my coach. It can be close.

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6 Responses

  1. Eliana says:

    LOL poor Pico! He’s just a guy called Juan Monaco who plays PS3 with Rafa, I think someone’s jealous!

    • Nana says:

      Yes I found that odd too, especially since Muzz also seems to be buds with Pico. Hope it was just lost in the paraphrasing or he assumed the writer didn’t know much about tennis.

    • Allyn Sims says:

      I doubt Murray meant to denigrate Monaco. I think he was just expressing the fact that either the interviewer or the audience for the article may not know who Pico is. Because of their friendship, Monaco is familiar to Nadal fans, but he’s not exactly a household name. In 2009, he was having an excellent clay court season, so I picked him in a poll as a longshot to get to the quarters of RG. More than one person said “Who?” and these were people who watch a lot of tennis.

    • onkits says:

      I was confused with Muzz calling Pico just another guy too..Murray is usually very respectful and I think there’s something wrong in the translation too.

  2. Maria says:

    LOL reading another article right under the one linked by Miri on the Andy Murray interview. It is called the 10 most pointless rules in sport and look out for rule #3. Here it is:

  3. Isabelle says:

    I liked Nick B’s article.