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I’ve added a chat box to the side bar. I’m hoping this will give people who want to a place to chat/frazzle/rejoice during matches. This is the free version of the chat. I don’t see any reason to pay for one until I know if you guys like it and want to use it. Since it’s free, you’ll see adverts just above the box where you put your name in. Also, there’s no integration with the site membership here, which is kind of a bummer. One of the benefits of this chat box is that the code and traffic are not on my server, so it won’t overload things. :) The free version doesn’t auto-refresh when there’s a new chat post. To refresh the chat and not impact the server, click the little “refresh” link that shows in the box just above where you put in your email/url. I’m not sure how useful it will be as a chat box without the auto-refresh feature, but we’ll see.

Update: Screw it. It was just $6 for a 3 month trial. I upgraded to paid.

Want your avatar to show up? Just paste the url to your avatar image into the “email/url” box – use the base avatar url, not the one with any size variables in it. It should look something like this: “” if you are using Gravatar. If you registered here and upload an image for your avatar, just right click on your image and copy the image url (delete the http:// part, though). I’m trying to see if I can integrate it with your login to this site so that the avatar is automatic, but that might take a bit. Thanks for your patience.

Does the sound on post annoy you? Click on the sound icon below the input box to turn the volume down. Click again to mute it. Forget that. The sounds were way too annoying – especially if you were just browsing and didn’t give a flip about the chat. I’ve disabled that feature.

Useful? Silly? Fun? Why bother? Let me know.

16 Responses

  1. Maria says:

    I think it’s very usefull, esp. during games because on twitter we all get lost in the traffic, but here we can all find one another and chat only amongst ourselves (NNers, I mean). Also, you can use it for off-topic stuff, when there’s nowhere else to post on.

    Yay for muting the sound. It’s on other live streaming sites and it drives you crazy, esp. if it’s a tennis ball sound.

    I don’t seem to be getting any ads in mine, so there you go!!

    Thumbs up, Miri!

  2. annelie says:

    Hi Miri,

    Could you please please please put the chat at a less prominent place or at least below the Recent Post. This is so annoying and I like your site so much. Thanks,

    • miri says:

      I can. The recent posts are available just above and right next to the chat as well.

      What do people think? Should it move down?

      • sia says:

        Nice addition miri!
        Once one gets used to it being there, I think it would be nice to have the Chat up high when the matches are in progress. ( But it probably doesn’t really matter … I’m sure we can find it when we want to :) ).

      • JC says:

        Not much of a chatter myself, but nice feature for those who are.
        Would really prefer though, if you moved it below the “recent posts” box, since that’s an important site navigation tool :-)

  3. Ch F says:

    I’m loving this! Thanks miri.

  4. Els says:

    Very nice, especially during matches it will be good to have a chat to prevent biting ones nails. ;-)

  5. Dianne says:

    Thanks miri! This is great. :)

  6. An says:

    I always liked chatting during the matches… But stopped doing so cause it distracted me to much from the actual tennis going on but that was when i had to watch tennis on the computer. Now that we have a subscrition to a tennis channel and i can watch all the tennis on the tv i can try if it works out to chat whit you guys at the same time…

  7. mayayae says:

    miri, i probably won’t post in the chats (have to watch livestreams) but will enjoy reading the conversations afterwards. what i really want to say is that i admire the way you keep improving this website

  8. faeaki says:

    Nice touch Miri, shan’t chat probably but its not a definate no.. loveing this new addition though, should be fun to read them!

  9. Jan P says:

    Nice feature! Not that I’ll use it but possibly if I ever go to a tourney or want to ask some questions for timely responses.
    Thanks for all you do!