Paris Nike store appearance

From the Champs Elysees Paris Facebook page

Per this entry on Facebook, Rafa will be signing autographs at the Paris Champs-Elysées Nike Store on Thursday, May 19 at 6pm. Looks like they’ve got the store all decked out for him.

Nadal sur les Champs Elysees Paris
Avant Roland-Garros, Rafael Nadal viendra à la rencontre de ses fans sur les Champs-Elysées Paris, le jeudi 19 mai (à 18 heures) avec séance de dédicaces chez Nike Champs Elysees Paris.

17 Responses

  1. Atch2 says:

    Even though I know Rafa will be mobbed, squashed, screamed at & he will have zero personal, it would still be a reminder that he has many fans that support him in Paris.

    • CC says:

      Unless…nobody turns up. (What are the odds of that happening?!) ;)

      I can feel a trip to Niketown in London coming on. If nothing else but to ogle the Rafaposters.

      • faeaki says:

        Oh I would just love that, the Oxford St store would be awsome but prehaps a bit hectic! for Rafa.. *SIGHS*

  2. Ch F says:

    I’ve walked past this store in Paris many times…Now Rafa will be there! Wish I could be there too, although I suppose it will be hard to even get close to him unless you camp out the night before.

  3. Maria says:

    I’m sorry, Miri, but I think Rafa will be there on Thursday (jeudi), so not too many days of rest for our champ, I guess.

    • miri says:

      I’m not sure which they have wrong – the day or the date. I think he’s supposed to be at the Armani store on Thursday.

      • Maria says:

        Armani store tomorrow (the 18th) at 8 p.m.

        • miri says:

          Oh, duh! That’s Wednesday. I’m sorry, I got totally confused. Updated the post – thanks!

          • Karen says:

            Unless I’m ‘ lost in translation’ the above facebook entry says Thursday 19th May at 6 pm. Doesn’t it??

            • miri says:

              Yep, it does. I’d just originally had the English summary wrong and wrote Friday – that’s what Maria was pointing out to me (and it took me a while to realize that because, well, sometimes I’m slow).

  4. patzin says:

    Sounds exciting – the chance to meet.

  5. Kim_Rafa says:

    hope he comes to NikeTown London then!

  6. faeaki says:

    oH i AM jealous! Love Paris and love Rafa!

  7. JK says:

    Maybe I am being very harsh – but when is Rafa finding time to get some good rest and also work on some tweaks to counter Djokovic?

    • Karen says:

      I expect by now he’s done his signing autographs at Nike Store and is having a relaxing meal with his Team to discuss tactics. We all know RG is huge for him & I’m in no doubt he has everything in hand.

    • L says:

      In a perfect world Rafa wouldn’t have to do any appearances ever but It’s all part of the job. At least he’s had a few days off back home and he’s already had a practice session early today. As long as he’s not doing any exhos;)