The friend of all

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Thanks to Inés, we have a translation of Rafa’s words about Moya:

Now that Carlos has said goodbye to tennis, I feel emotion and sadness. I value him as a tennis player. He has been one of the greatest we’ve had, someone who brought something different: a boom of tennis in Spain since he reached the Australian Open final. Then, as a person, to me it is a sad day because having a friend nearby in tournaments and in the very long and tough swings, it helps tremendously. With Carlos I’ve always had an excellent relationship. All the moments we spent together are unforgettable. I’m grateful to him for everything he has done for me since I started the circuit at 15 or 16 years old, when I was a little one. I was a bit shy and he made me feel as one more. He helped me a lot in everything. Having a friend in moments of nervousness, complicated, to talk to someone with more experience than me, helped me a lot.

So it all started. I met Carlos when I was 12 years old, in Stuttgart. I was nervous, as it’s normal, because he was someone I admired, who I always saw on TV. The first contact with him I found it strange, complicated, as is normal for a children, for the young. Fortunately, Carlos is a very easy person, open, who makes you feel comfortable right away. The next day, though he had lost, he gave me the opportunity to train with him for an hour. With 12 years old! What an opportunity! It was really impressive to me.

What he has taught me? Talking, nothing. With his attitude, many things. I can talk about his attitude toward me, which is a good example. Having someone of Mallorca that is going up, that put himself at par of you, as it happened to him with me, to many people it would not be easy to accept. It would be normal for him to want to distance himself a bit. It happened just the opposite. He always supported me and stood by me in many difficult moments. His behaviour in tennis is not available to everyone. He shows it in all the friends he leaves in this sport. He will be remembered as one of the best persons in the circuit. He is a friend of all, on and off courts, he has had an excellent behaviour. I am lucky. For me, a partner is gone, but I keep the friend.

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18 Responses

  1. Rafangel says:

    Bless both of them – what wonderful words, and what a good man Carlos has been to Rafa. Thanks so much for translating this, Ines – I’m so glad to have read it.

  2. slanda augustin says:

    Thank you to Ines and Miri for allowing us to grasp the closeness and the bond between these two.Through the letter,you can feel Rafa’s admiration,gratitude and love toward Moya;you can also feel his sadness about Moya leaving tennis,it’s like having your best friend leaving your school or your neighborhood.

  3. Atch2 says:

    Thanks Inés. They had a special bond indeed. I luv how Rafa values all the bonds around him.

  4. natch says:

    Awwwwwww. Raflos.
    Thanks so much for that translation, Ines. I hope you don’t have carpal tunnel syndrome now! ;)

  5. sia says:

    Ahh, Inés you are so kind. Gracias.
    Lovely tribute by Rafa and quite intimate … I understand why he wanted to deliver it in Spanish.

  6. Lou Lou says:

    Thank you so much for the translation, Inés. I’ll miss Moya.
    Aaah and Rafa, this boy… I love his gigantic heart.

  7. An says:

    Muchas gracias Inés!
    Good to read his warm words for his friend Moya….

  8. Annie says:

    Ines, thank you so much for this translation. lovely words from rafa to his good friend Moya. very touching.

  9. Liz says:

    Ines, muchas gracias para traducirlo. Google mangling is so frustrating, so it’s a wonderful gift to get Rafa’s message with it’s true meaning.

  10. kyukee says:

    for a moment there i felt dizzy reading this but great job, appreciate it. the important thing is we understood it overall.

    moya will be missed, i just wished i got to see more of him and rafa together on tours.

  11. Atch2 says:

    Inés and Miri, is this the speech that Rafa gave at the ATP presentation? or is this something else that he wrote as a personal tribute?

    • Inés says:

      Nope, this is slightly different, some words were said in the tribute speech, but I think this was wrote specially as a tribute for the newspapers

      Btw, sorry if my translation is not so accurate as I would wish, some expressions of Rafa were not easy to translate properly and above all, I’m not a translator per se, I just have knowledges of English, thanks

      • Nana says:

        Oh no Inés, without you we would have to reply on Googling Mangling. Imagine the misery ;p

        I really like the part where he described how he met Carlos for the first time as a 12 year old. And the emotion and sadness of having to say goodbye are very genuine.

      • faeaki says:

        You do a wonder ful job Ines and are a credit to this site, I am sure Miri is very grateful! whats more on the translation thing, I am a linguist and I find it is always tougher to translate your own mother tongue to a foreign language, the other way round is alot easier, English -Spanish because you can write it or should I say express it in your own language alot better…
        Thank you for taking the time to do this its wonderful to hear it like he said it, one of the commentators was trying to interpret some but not very well.. so thanks again!!!

  12. nori says:

    Thank you so much for taking your time for us, Inés!

    Miri, thanks to the introduction of this wonderful article!

    Touch the feeling of Rafa, I’m so full of tears…..

  13. sharon says:

    Thanks Ines. So lovely to read how much Rafa cares for Carlos. One of the great things about their relationship is that he set such a good example for Rafa and you can see Rafa now doing the same thing for younger tennis players and he often practices with juniors.

    I’m almost surprised Rafa didn’t mention their epic playstation battles, another tradition that we see carrying on with Pico and MAndy. I remember in one of Rafa’s diaries in the Times he was so gleeful and positively chortling about Moya having to do pushups in the middle of a busy restaurant in their hotel after having lost. They had so much fun and I think it helped make all the Armada as close as they are. :)

  14. Isabelle says:

    Thank you, this is very precious.