Nadal Tennis School inauguration

Photo by Beth Wilson

Rafa and his mom officially inaugurated the tennis school Rafa’s foundation has been working on in conjunction the Fundacion Vincente Ferrer. The school is in Anantapur.

Nadal inaugurates his tennis school in Andhra Pradesh (includes a short video)

As of now the academy has three international class clay courts and Nadal inaugurated the central court, a police officer told PTI over phone from Anantapur, adding Nadal also interacted and played tennis with budding players.

The sports facility is likely to be further expanded besides efforts were on to bring in star hockey players from Australia and Spain, who are to visit the RDT stadium to offer training and for interaction.

Nadal also visited some nearby villages where the NGO runs centres for the visually-challenged and hearing-impaired and children with other disabilities, the official said. coverage of the inauguration. (Thanks Inés and mary)

Nadal came, saw and disappeared

After the inauguration, Nadal was driven to the Bathalapalli project, 30 km from Anantapur, according to Eeli Francis Xavier, sports director of the Rural Development Trust.

Three of the Trusts intellectually challenged track and field athletes aspiring to take part in the world games are training at Bathalapalli and Nadal insisted on meeting the athletes.

Rafa Nadal inaugura una escuela en la India (Google mangling)

And a kind of creepy, stalkery video.

Lastly, another video from Inés:

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  1. Jinx says:

    hmmm…he don´t look happy …… :-/

  2. Vamsi says:

    Thanks Miri for posting these. Yayy I am excited to see Rafa in my own state.
    To be honest the people in here does not know much about Tennis.Tennis is not that popular in this part of the world. People are more interesed on Cricket here. Though our state has produced a tennis star like Sania Mirza she failed to live up to the expectations. Hope Rafa’s foundation grooms the young and enormous talent in India and help India produce some of the best tennis stars in the world.

    • Lou Lou says:

      I agree, Vamsi that Cricket does come first for most people in India but I think Tennis is on the rise. Paes and Bhupati have contributed a lot and helped raise the popularity of the game. So has Sania Mirza. Then, there’s Somdev Devvarman who just won Gold for Men Singles at Common Wealth Games.

      Nadal is beloved in India. I’m so proud and grateful for all he does all over the world and for all the years he came to play at Chennai Open.

  3. Vamsi says:

    Can someone please post Rafa’s schedule in India?

  4. Susanna728 says:

    Has Rafa ever explained why he chose India in particular to establish a sports center? Just curious.

    • Inés says:

      Because Vicente Ferrer and all the work that he made from about 40 years in this part of India. The “Fundacion Vicente Ferrer” is well know in Spain and very respected . Vicente Ferrer was awarded too with the Principe de Asturias award, and his Fundación was nominated again this year for The Nobel Prize

      • Atch2 says:

        There is also a Spanish children’s book writer (sorry I can’t remember his name) who comes over to Thailand often over many years and kindly donates his time and money to charities in Thailand.

  5. faeaki says:

    I don’t think he looks unhappy, tired prehaps! thats why he is so lovely, to devote his time to others when clearly he needs nothing more than to chill out wiht his family and friends in Mallorca. He really needs to switch off for a while to refresh his mind. I too am interested to why he chose India? as I have always seen this as a nation that is obsessed with Cricket or prehaps Rafa is trying to spread the tennis love where its lacking most.

    • Ana F says:

      Inés explains it perfectly why Rafa’s foundation chose India and to work with Vicente Ferrer’s Foundation. Ferrer is/was, I say was because he passed away last year, but important people never really die, not someone as special as him, very important in Spain, and he dedicated his life to help the poor in India. Now his wife Anne and their son Moncho continue his wonderful task. I hope one day their foundation receive the Nobel Prize of Peace because they really deserve it.

      I don’t think he looked unhappy either, he left Shanghai tired and this only shows once again what a perfect soul he is, instead of going directly home to rest he spends his free time helping others, that makes me more proud of being his fan, as Miri says, he is traveling now to India and maybe he has already arrived here in Spain so I hope he enjoys a very much deserved rest.

      I am happ

  6. Vamsi says:

    My intention is not to boast but India is a power house of everything, the entire world is looking at India.

    At the same time there are a lot of people who are below the poverty line. People have a lot of potential but there is no proper infrastructure and facilities to bring the talent out and no wonder why Rafa chose India as his destinaion.

  7. Nilesh says:

    I made…it Guys..

    I was there at Nadal Tennis School, Anantapur, And was able to see Rafa… more on photos and post coming soon.

    I am feeling so happy…

  8. Atch2 says:

    It’s great to see Rafa with his Mama, embracing another culture (with another flower garland) and giving to those less fortunate. His Mama is so adorably loving in the last video greeting the little girl.

    • Atch2 says:

      Neil Harman said Rafa left Shanghai on Friday and he landed in India late Saturday. I wonder where he was for over a day. Surely there can’t be a lack of flights from China to India even if he missed a flight.

  9. chelez says:

    Anybody know if he went to the expo?

  10. Dianne says:

    I just read an article that said his sister was also with his mom on this trip to India but I haven’t read that or seen photos of her anywhere. Has anyone else heard that? Just me being curious.

  11. miri says:

    Another article about the opening of the school.

    And some slightly different footage.

  12. jodiecate says:

    What a lovely thing to be able to do!
    He looked like he was having an absolute ball, teaching the kiddies.
    Would kind of make up for losing in the quaters if instead you got to visit something amazing your foundation was doing.
    Congratulations Rafa, that’s an impressive achievement!!