RC: Rafole photos and some vids

Just a few, but here they are:

Photos by REUTERS/ Mike Cassese, AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Frank Gunn and Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

And never tell a Rafole fan they can’t watch or share. They will try anything to share the giddiness that is Rafole…even recording off the TV with an iPhone:
One, Two, and Three

Photos posted to Facebook:
One and Two

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  1. An says:

    Uh Rafa…. Isn’t this short a little big?;)

    • CC says:

      Just my thought! I was hoping for Speedos. Apart from that, I really like him in all white.

      • Atch2 says:

        I think Rafa’s shorts look biger than normal because Nole’s are tighter.
        And speedos CC, no thanks. Might as well be bottomless.

        Can’t believe there aren’t more great pics of Rafole. If only you were there miri.

      • An says:

        Speedos to play tennis in….. Hmmmm intresting! At least as long as its Rafa;) I could lend him my ball clip for the spare ball :D

        I totally don’t mind seeing him in all white too, but the Wimbly shorts just fitted better, No?;)

        • natch says:

          No. No speedos. I like Atch’s idea of going commando better.

          But…if you want to put on your dominatrix gear and use that ball clip…get Miri to photograph it, won’t you? ;)

          • An says:

            :O I hate to dissapoint you, but…. Sorry, it’s not that kind off an exciting attribute Natch!

            Its just ment to hold the 2nd tennisballs we girls can’t stuff anywhere else when wearing out petite tennis-skirts:)

              • natch says:

                Sweet, sweet An! :) I know what a ball clip is, but thank you for providing the information anyway.

                I DO like the idea of your “wearing out” your petite tennis skirt with Rafa, though! You SURE you don’t want to put on your dominatrix uni? ;)

                • an says:

                  Oops.. Well off course you do.. Did’nt realy doubt that.. And something tells me the tennisskirt would be more Rafa’s taste then the other uni…..

  2. Atch2 says:

    You know when the North American hardcourt season is underway when ‘Rafael’ is mispronounced and emphasized on the ‘E’ too much.

    Yeah, those 2 Canadian kids look so young and much taller than our Rafole. It’s great that they won but a shame because I really wanted to Rafole play together. It’s only in doubles that Rafa now and then drops his game face and smiles, and he can feel like a team and have someone to celebrate the great points with.

    Our boys are rusty and lack team co-ordination practice, and you know these kids will get killed by doubles specialists like Nestor/Zimonij or Bryan Bros.

  3. Susanna728 says:

    Here’s what Fed said in his pre-tournament interview about playing doubles with Rafa. I didn’t know Rafa had actually asked him before. (Fed does tend to blather on, doesn’t he?)

    Q. Do you feel you’d ever play with Nadal if he asked you to play doubles together…or do you view that as a conflict of interest?

    ROGER FEDERER: Well, Rafa asked me a few years ago to play doubles in I think it was Madrid indoors or so, but then I think our rivalry was so intense, I just felt like it was the wrong thing to do. Like you say, could be like a conflict and not something we should be doing. It would have been great for the game, but I think it would have been a bit of a curveball for everybody. It was fierce rivals, now all a sudden they’re being friendly. I don’t think the press would have enjoyed that so much. They want to put us against each other, not with each other. But today I think we’re much more laid back, me especially, too….No, I would see myself playing with Rafa. It’s just, if I do play, I want to play with my friends from Switzerland, help those guys out, and I don’t know, play with other top guys. I could imagine myself doing that.

  4. Rafangel says:

    ROFL at caption for no.3, miri :D

    Speedos, commando, loincloth…all good. Someone should contact Nike.

    Gutted they’re out, I really hoped to catch some of that tennis. And I like the way Fed is being super-cool now – I hope he’s not just putting it on and will actually do it one day.

  5. Fay says:

    I can understand what Roger means by helping other guys out from his country after all that is what Rafa has done like with little Marc.
    I would expect them to play together prehaps in the seniors? they have been so good for the game and people would flock to see them even if it wAS the senior tour.
    Its great to see these two (Rafole ) together but sometimes when you play with someone who is also so so driven like Nole ie no. 2 in the world wouldn’t be otherwise, it can be tricky to work through each ones egos and work as a team? just a thought…

  6. Rafangel says:

    Tignor, as usual, is awesome on this: Later, too much later, we finally had a chance to see the No. 1 and 2 players, Nadal and Novak Djokovic, line up on the same side of the court for the first time since Ashe and Connors did it in 1976. While Rafa and Nole weren’t as odd a couple as those two must have been, they didn’t exactly gel as a team, losing to two gawky young unknowns in a super-tiebreaker. With the no-ad scoring and the promise of fireworks afterword, there was an exhibition-like feel to the evening. I didn’t see the whole thing, but from what I did see, Nadal looked energized while Djokovic looked flat. He missed returns and didn’t close at the net (a classic singles player mistake). Their opponents were tall and rangy and knew their doubles. They beat Nadal and Djokovic a number of times by simply going up the middle on them.

    On the one hand, I’m surprised they lost, because Nadal had single-handedly won the doubles event at Indian Wells this spring, and the format gives him a chance to show a more aggressive and creative side to his game that he subdues for practical reasons in singles—he really can hit a stab volley lob winner. But I’m not really all that surprised. They would have had to play again this afternoon, and their partnership had already caused the tournament headaches. Before the event, officials had tried to sell tickets by announcing that Djokovic would play Tuesday night. That didn’t work with his doubles, so they had to move him to Wednesday afternoon. Big-name dubs will never be a sure thing on this tour. The Lavers and Rosewalls of the world played it because they needed the money. Now the top singles players run the show, and they obviously don’t need the extra cash. Conflicting agendas can make these partnerships as much trouble as fun. Still, a Federer-Nadal combination would be more than worth whatever it takes to make it happen.

    The entire article is good, actually http://tennisworld.typepad.com/thewrap/2010/08/failures-no-success-at-all-1.html

    Bad news about A-Rod :(

  7. Fay says:

    Rafas smile during those vids is priceless, thats why its so so unfair we don’t get to watch the doubles matches especially since its 1 and 2? a rare sight no?..

  8. Rafangel says:

    …and loved the blatherings, sia :) I’m impressed you got anything written, I was all over the place when I watched Rafa play and couldn’t take my eyes off the match or any other rafa-related part.

    Please don’t call Rafa Jr ‘Rafa Jr’. If there’s anything less junior…

  9. kyukee says:

    roger was wearing pink today, any idea what rafa might wear in tomorrow’s match?

    i don’t think he will be wearing white though, it’s too boring for the american hard court season

    and did anybody notice that rafa wasn’t wearing a sweat band (or arm band, not sure what it’s called) under his million dollar watch? for a creature of habit, it’s so unlike the rafa that usually sticks to what he’s used to

    • Denizen says:

      Rafa will wear kind of a dark pink shirt with gray shorts. And when he plays doubles he frequently skips the wristbands, so nothing new there. He even skips some other rituals like the dual water bottles. Again, nothing new.