RG: Semifinal vids

A few videos related to today’s semifinal:

Post-match interview from Inés:

And her translation (don’t post elsewhere with her permission):

Rafa, first, congratulations

Rafa: Thank you very much

An ending with nerves, with suffering, in a match you’ve been comfortable almost all of the match

Rafa: Yes, I was playing, I think, my best match in RG, in these semi-finals. The day I was playing more calm, playing better with my drive, getting, really, attack when I could, and feel the ball takes me the effects, that with the conditions of today, with the sun, is a bit easier for my game. But if in the end, at 5-4, I hit the first point terrible and it spread the whole game because of the nerves to ending, normal, I’m in a semifinal, there is a lot at stake for me, and it is normal the nerves at the end, but well, it should not have happened because I had the match very well

You are one step of getting the fifth title, the number one and, incidentally, take revenge on Soderling, it can be a great day on Sunday, no?

Rafa: Well, it will be a very difficult match and pfffff, we shouldn’t think in so many things, we should think about playing good and try to do all my best and then if I win, then great and if I lose then at least with a clear conscience of having done the best that I could, no? I’m there, I am where I had signed bffffffffff long time ago, and it is an important day for me, an exciting day because I worked hard to be there this Sunday and I will do everything possible to try to play my best, that I’m going to need it

Thanks and congratulations

(And it’s here too.)

On court interview from iB3:

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