RG: Damn fly

Serving for the match, down 0-40 and second serve when…

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  1. Savine says:

    now it is clear for me! :)
    I was wondering why he laughed… now I know!

  2. EJL says:

    Hah! was very strict with Rafa,but why didn’t he pause serving to re concentrate at 0-40 :) and was there another Austrian bug at tie-breaker..don’t get angry Rafa sometimes i should scold you no? :))

  3. loverafa4ever says:

    He served even before he could react to the fly. He was showing actions with his hand. And McEnroe was thought it was sweat or something and then they showed the slow motion thing with the fly. Poor Rafa! Austrian fly (like nbc commentators said) made him hit a double..

  4. CoraF says:

    Whoaaa so that was a bug! I was searching/waiting for a You Tube video as to why Rafa laughed, much so as it was 0-40 breakpoint! Thanks for this posting!

  5. gottakeeprunning says:

    Well… Rafa certainly creates a lot of passion… never heard of Spanish Fly???

  6. ang says:

    The strange thing is that I caught this part of the match on tennis channel and they made no mention of the bug.

  7. Madi says:

    I watched live too, they didn’t show why he laughed. What a nervous set! Hope he wont be nervous tomorrow! I’m nervous!

  8. Atch2 says:

    OMG that’s just bad timing.
    Let it be the last of his bad luck at RG.

  9. sombina says:

    I love Rafas reaction. Just laugh, it’s so ridiculous. DF on that point, just not supposed to happen.

    It’s also the reaction of a man who could afford to loose that game. He was winning the match and it was not the end of the world.

  10. aRafaelite says:

    That’s hilarious! I’m laughing my head off watching his reaction to losing a service game to love! Please bring THAT Rafa to the final on Sunday (minus the loss of game though preferably)! Too funny. Bees, flies, women (men!), who or what can resist his charm?!

  11. vamsi says:

    that explains everything
    my my espnstarsports missed that i guess