RG: Rafa blog and Q&A – day 11

Photo by REUTERS/ Bogdan Cristel

Rafa took some time out of his birthday to blog and answer questions. First up, the blog:

Short one today since I need to go to sleep in 10 mins max (it takes me more than that to write this blog…)

Had a great time today. It was my birthday and I have to say that I have received a lot of congrats from many people. Already this morning during breakfast, my family and my team were there and wished me all the best. Some jokes from Toni, and from my father on how old I am starting to become…

Then I got to the stadium and during practice lots of people were there wishing me the best and even singing the Happy Birthday song in English, French and Spanish. Also at the press center where I went to blow out candles. As I said yesterday, it’s much better this year than last year at home… Nice to do it at home but in a few years hopefully…

I am going to the tournament tomorrow at 10.30 am already and have the warm up hit at 11.30. Let’s see how it goes.

Many thanks to all for all the messages today.

Glad to hear he had a nice birthday. I hope tomorrow is even better.

And now for the Q&A:

During your tournament presentations have you ever accidently bitten too hard on the trophy and left a mark on it or hurt your tooth? Jilly S

RN: No, no hahahahah. Funny what you say. But I did once bite it kind of hard and jokingly I mentioned it.

Hey, he just *noms* on them…no all out crunches.

Are you looking forward to cooking for yourself at Wimbledon this year? Will you be trying out any new recipes? Kim McKenzie

RN: I am looking forward to tomorrow’s match, to finish well at Roland Garros, then looking forward to Queen’s since I couldn’t play there last year and I had committed to the club and the organization to come. And then, obviously looking forward to Wimbledon, but not sure I am looking forward to the cooking part… :-)

Rafa…this wasn’t a sneaky attempt to get you to predict results. No need to pull out the one match at a time thing. ;)

What do you think of the French crowd this year? They seem as silent as ever to me. In your match against Almagro they hardly made any noise at all. Tay Green

RN: Everything is well. No problem. Hopefully tomorrow they’ll cheer.

I’m so tired of the crowd thing. So many of the French announcers seem to be bending over backwards to praise Rafa and it all feels so overdone and…forced. They may genuinely like and admire Rafa, but it just feels like they are praising “by the book” and with a gun to their heads.

What did you have for dinner on your birthday? Yaritza, Puerto Rico

RN: Pizza margherita and pasta with seafood. No dessert.

Sounds tasty, but needs some chocolate cake. :)

Happy birthday Rafa. Would your best present would be to win here at Roland Garros? Sia, Canada

RN: Many thanks. And absolutely!!!

But of course!

Being a Las Vegas native, I’ve always wondered if you like to gamble? JoAnn Chu

RN: Not much but I do go to the Casino in Melbourne and play 100 or 200 dollars from time to time. Not a big gambler definitely.

I think Rafa’s too risk adverse for gambling.

I’ve just read that besides Spanish pop music and musicals (oh, yes, the Phantom…) you also like to listen to classical music. Which are your favorite composers? Ruth, Brazil

RN: I don’t really listen much to classical music.

But, but…didn’t he just mention classical music a little while ago? So confusing. He’s an enigma, wrapped up in a puzzle, wrapped up in a conundrum.

What kind of physical or mental adjustments are needed to go from hardcourt to clay? Kathy, Minnesota

RN: There are many changes in the game. The patience and how to play the point are the main things.

Okies. I’m assuming patience is for clay, but thanks for making that clear for me, Rafa.

3 Responses

  1. Nana says:

    “10 mins max”! He’s strict with himself, isn’t he? And no dessert for dinner is worth a mention ;p

    Classical music was mentioned in the Times article “Day in the life of”. I was wondering about it when I first read it. So I guess this is more believable coming from Rafa’s mouth.

    I really appreciate Rafa’s efforts, I mean, he sounds super busy on his birthday and yet he fulfills all his media obligations dutifully, always with a smile. I really hope he bites another RG trophy – he deserves it!

  2. Chantal says:

    I thought he did not like cheese? Pizza margherita has cheese, no? I guess he could have picked it off…

  3. sia says:

    Something about Rafa responding to my question using the phrase ” And absolutely!!!” makes me feel all tingly and warm.