RG: Rafa interview & trivia time with Toni

Here’s a Rafa interview that aired on The Tennis Channel in the US last night.

Update: They’ve added it to YouTube, so here you go:

Roland Garros trivia with Toni via the official Roland Garros site.

And another bonus video. They’ve been showing this on The Tennis Channel all week and I never get tired of Rafa’s “Hey man, what are you doing” awkwardness.

11 Responses

  1. tiemyshoe says:

    Did you see his tiny cameo on Thru Our Eyes? So cute. “Hey man, what you doin’?” xD

  2. ang says:

    Can I say that the interview is so cute. Why can’t his hair look like that always? It was perfect! The q & a with Uncle Toni was cute too I love how he had to think a minute except the one about the 08 final.

  3. Annie says:

    Miri, during the TTC interview I saw ella ling among the photogs in the tree house! you’re right, she’s always there.

  4. Silhouette says:

    Rafa didn’t seem to enjoy the interview very much eh? He was clenching his hands at the end of the interview….
    Uncle Toni is cute too =)
    love the ‘Hey man, what you doing? part too!

    • teejustice says:

      “Rafa didn’t seem to enjoy the interview very much eh? He was clenching his hands at the end of the interview….”

      I totally agree. I saw this on TTC last night and I didn’t enjoy it either except that Rafa was in it. I thought the line of questioning was an old storyline and Rafa didn’t seem to want to have to re-hash that again. He was like, yeah it was last summer. Heck, even the AO talk is old. It took too much of the interview retracing all that and not enough on the present imho. Ugh, could have been so much better….

  5. Nana says:

    Last night RG posted a very similar Toni video (with the first 2 questions only) on FB but with different angles! Guess it was the rehearsal!

  6. Marilyn Wasserman says:

    Rafa looks sooooo goooood in this vid!!! I think the hairdresser had his way with Rafa’s hair, great job!

  7. Silhouette says:

    oh, can someone tell me about the brush-in Rafa had with the videographer (?) after his 4th round exit? I asked that question before but I don’t know which post I put that question in and can’t find it anymore…..

    • An says:

      Iff i remember correctly he had a little mis-understanding with the interviewer walking off court. Normally they only asked the winner to say something so Rafa walked by without paying attention to the interviewer who apparently said something. Rafa being Rafa was still prepaired to awnser questions but then the interviewer changed his mind, so thats what it was…

      About the TC interview, i just can say i heard nothing off what they’re talking about… *SIGH* freshly shaven Rafa, gorgeous legs in the shorts, the white T-shirt so lovely against his skin, the left sleeve off the t-shirt so tight around his beautifull muscles….

      • Silhouette says:

        Thanks An for giving me the answer!! It’s been on my mind….
        Oh yes, the one good thing about the TC interview is the eye candy that Rafa presented – gorgeous!