RG: Quarterfinal presser

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Long presser with cheeky Rafa is up on the official site. (Here’s the video.) Some of my favorite bits:

I gonna tell you that right now. When I go on court, I don’t think if I lost last time is gonna be revenge. I never go by this way. I think that’s if you think of that, you think this way, your mind is not 100% calm to think what you have to do.

I *heart* it everytime Rafa says this because I’m so tired of the fake revenge drama announcers like to drum up.

Q. It seemed to me in the first point of the second tiebreak you served and volleyed.

RAFAEL NADAL: You like it today, no?

Every day, Rafa, every day. Oh. Tennis. Okay, serve and volley? Sure, why not.

Q. Yeah. Is that fun for you? All the thinking, is this the right time? Should I try now? Is that enjoyable to think of all the tactics?

RAFAEL NADAL: I gonna repeat the same like last time: I am not thinking I gonna do serve and volley before the serve. But if I see the serve is good and the opponent was like this, I have the chance to go inside?

This is where I just throw my arms up and surrender. I’m a perve who will find double entendres everywhere.

Q. When you do that, is there a satisfaction because maybe it’s very clever, very smart that you surprise your opponent?

RAFAEL NADAL: I am satisfaction because I won a point (Smiling.)


Q. You’re facing the Austrian Jurgen Melzer in the semifinals. What do you know about him, and what do you expect?

RAFAEL NADAL: He’s playing unbelievable. He played against David Ferrer, I saw him in the match. Last round against who? Gabashvili really was difficult match, too, because Tiemuraz was playing really well, too.

And today is a big comeback against Djokovic playing high level. I saw him in the end of the match playing very aggressive, serving well.

So will be very difficult opponent. If he’s in semifinals, is because he’s the best of his draw.

Hmm. Rafa’s friends with Ferrer, shares a part-time coach with Gabashvili, and shares a PR rep with Novak. This is your “revenge” match people. ;)

Q. Does playing a left hander pose you any different problems?

RAFAEL NADAL: Always is a change a little bit the tactics and a little bit the game. But he’s the third one for me in this tournament. I don’t hate to play against left handers. I like.

And your record shows it.

Q. Someone was telling me that you changed your strings in December, January maybe. Are you playing with different strings now this year?

RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, the black. I had before yellow.

Q. Is it just the color or is it…

RAFAEL NADAL: No, it’s totally different string, yeah.

Yep, just the color. That’s what all the hooplah is about.

Q. Are you going to celebrate your birthday tomorrow? Because, well, at least this year you’re here. Last year you went home and relaxed. But this year you have time.

RAFAEL NADAL: I gonna celebrate during the day, not during the night, I think. I gonna have time at Mallorca to celebrate the birthday during the night (laughter.)

I’m sure you have lots of volunteers to help with that.

So I managed to win, because there were some tiny differences on the tiebreak. So I played better. He had a beautiful game, but I managed to serve well today. And if I won this match, it’s thanks to his mistakes.


Q. It’s been a long time you’ve not had a warning from the umpire for the time you take, and at 5 4, did you talk about it with Carlos? Was it about time?

RAFAEL NADAL: Well, I talked to Carlos because well, on the first one to accept this, because if I deserve it, I deserve it. And I think this put a bit of pressure on me, and then I had to play with pressure.

But these are the rules, and I understand the rules. So if I need a warning, and if I deserve it, I deserve it. They told me already I was a bit slow and taking a bit too much time.

I said I would improve, and at 5 4 in the second set I had this warning because I was taking a bit too much time. I was a bit too slow.

I thought I was being very fast. I didn’t even take the time to wipe my face. I need a bit of time to think, and I had the feeling that I was, you know, too much aware of the time. I didn’t want to be fined or to get a penalty point. I was making big efforts to be as quick as possible.

But I couldn’t be any quicker, honestly. I think the second warning was not a warning I deserved. But, well, okay. I have a watch. I could have watched it. I didn’t. (laughter.)

Honestly! Now, if the watch maker could make a watch that senses when a point end and then lets out a nice ding when time is up to serve, that might be worth $520,000.

33 Responses

  1. nidserz says:

    Haha I loved the comment about the watch.
    Generally loved this presser, so cute and funny. Can’t wait to watch the video.
    *smiles all around*

  2. rahul says:

    Q. When you’re watching Roger last night, are you hoping maybe he will win because he’s No. 1, you’re No. 2, you’re very close, you’re the best players so you like the best players to win? Or are you hoping maybe he doesn’t win because maybe it makes it easier for you?

    RAFAEL NADAL: No, the true is I always love to see the best players win, because I know that the loses for the best players are harder than for the rest.
    For example, I sure if I lost today against Nicolas was much harder for me than for him if he lose today. Sure, for everybody is hard to lose, no?

    Found this answer so admiring and humble..signature Rafa.
    Love you Rafa… VAMOS..

  3. tennisfun says:

    i love to read all the comments yuo write miri , most of the times its what i would have thought.

  4. ang says:

    Lets not forget about how Melzer beat Nando in Madrid and I just don’t like him. But this whole thing is just precious.

  5. Rafan4life says:

    Happy Birthday Rafa
    and a nice birthday present he got from Soderling, Federer, Djokovic and Melzer :)

  6. alhm says:

    You like it today, no?

    Still amazing. Hearts in my eyes.

    It is upsetting there’s no vid. I want to hear/see I am satisfaction because I won a point and Teimuraz.

  7. TeamNadal says:

    the watch comment was HILARIOUS!

  8. loverafa4ever says:

    The video is up. I don’t know how many of those cute stuff have been captured in the video. Hopefully the video has the ” I am satisfaction” and “You like it like that no?” part… :D

  9. Erin says:

    Awww a very short video is up but with no mention of the S & V comment, but MY LORD I can’t take my eyes off of Rafas left arm in that white t shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. miri says:

    Added a link to the video

  11. aRafaelite says:

    Didn’t Rafa get a time violation only a match or so ago? Or was that in Madrid? In any case, this is NOT the first time in ages he’s had one. There was one quite recently. Much as I love the boy, it’s amazing he gets away with it so often, and it really isn’t fair to other players that he gets to bend the rules as often as he does. Naughty boy needs a bit of discipline. Plenty of takers, I’m sure! ;-)

    • Nana says:

      Like he said himself, he deserves the warning sometimes, but I would also cut him some slack in other times. I mean, after long rallies in which the players blasted missiles at each other? Both needed a breather and I’m sure the opponent wouldn’t mind!

      Wonder if he ever got a point deduction for this?

      • Silhouette says:

        I thought Rafa has not been taking as long as he usually does after the first warning in a previous match. In fact, I was surprised to see him being able to speed up the time taken to towel up.

        • sharon says:

          A couple of people on another forum have been timing him lately and he’s getting his serve in on time usually. He’s NOT bending rules and he’s NOT getting away with anything. ‘Time in’ starts when the umpire calls the score from the previous point, not when the previous point ends. Rafa’s average time to serve has been 23-24 seconds.

  12. emir says:

    well at times,i really beleive the other players used this time thing just to put pressure on him in a silly way.i mean he is always ready when he is receving.i dont understand why server can serve with out being in a hurry.. i mean it isnt like you make your oppenent,whrn they serving.seriously djoko sometimes even slower at times,why he isn getting same amaunt of warnnings..OHH HE IS LOSING ANYWAY,no need to put on him more pressure..you know it is just the ugly games opposition plays in rafas case.yeah at times he can be faster,but this isnt a major problmes as some people trying to show..i mean he is always ready when he is receving.just to have extra seconds when serving isnt the problem,as i said before mind games and try to cancel his rythm..it isnt like players losing to him because of this,everybody knows it..

  13. tennisfun says:

    happy birthday rafael . i have to say rafael today rafa . have fun today . take care.

  14. Inés says:

    Rafa was so funny when in the Spanish question the journalist was saying

    “Q. It’s been a long time you’ve not had a warning from the umpire for the time you take,… and Rafa in the middle of the sentence, “no… two days or three……..” (It’s in the video of Patxi at 2.10), lol a bit sarcastic, LOL

    Rafa was quarreling with Carlos Ramos at 5-4 in the second because he was saying that he was still slow (the warning was in the first set) and Rafa said

    “I’m going at 1000 per hour, I cant go faster, I have the eggs here (pointing his throat)”