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  1. Nana says:


    I don’t know how to do a smiling wink… but here u go, Rafa =)

    He looks a bit emotional in the on court interview, or a little out of breath, no?

    • ang says:

      From what I could tell from the mention of names and Rafa facial expressions he looked kinda perplexed that Nole was in a fifth set.

  2. Inés says:

    Here is the translation of the first video

    Congratulations Rafa

    Rafa: Thank you very much

    Nico has played a high level of tennis, even so, he has failed to grub out you, even one set

    Rafa: Well, I think at first I started playing very bad, playing very short, I’ve made many mistakes, I think as the game has gone by I’ve been playing better, but it is difficult to play against a player like Nico, who serves so well, all the shots from the baseline are practically bombs, deep and flat. I’ve tried to keep myself and, in the tiebreak, the positive thing, is that I’ve played more aggressive and it has worked out well.

    It gives the feeling that the Rafa Nadal that is playing, fighting for this 5th RG is different from the previous four. Do you feel like that?

    Rafa: Well, probably 4 or 5 years older, for sure (giggling) , but well …… of course, having lost last year it’s always a difficult feeling to come back here, but at the same time, with a lot of enthusiasm and sometimes this extra enthusiasm and desire that one has to win and play well, can play against you, I think at times it is happening to me, that I have a bit more nervous than usual, but luckily I’m in the semis without losing even one set and also this is very good news

    Finally. In semis, Meltzer and Djokovic are still fighting

    Rafa: Ah! Are they still playing yet?


    Rafa: What game? How is it going ?

    They are tied at two sets, they are in the fifth

    Rafa: Look, whoever they are, will be a difficult rival, obviously anyone who is there it will be because he deserves it, that will be the one is playing better, so, to fight and play a bit better than today

    Good luck!

    Rafa: Thanks