RG: Getting ready for the quarterfinal

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And, since I know people are going to want to talk about it…the Fed/Soderling match (and it’s consequences) is hereby declared on-topic for this post. ;)

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  1. Atch2 says:

    … and everyone was expecting a Fedal final ….
    I was totally shocked.

    Guys, remember Rafa said one match at a time.

    And as for Rafa returning to no. 1, doesn’t Nole also have as much of a chance of gaining that position too?

    (notice I’m trying to be as neutral as possible, minimizing any jinxing)

  2. Annie says:

    Els at 2:28 – thank you for reminding me about what Federer said about playing on clay! He makes those arrogant comments and then ends up looking pretty stupid.

    So, as a former Sod loather I have to admit to warming up to him a bit. We all know he isn’t sociable in the lockerroom. But he seems so genuinely sweet when he smiles and does his interviews. granted he’s just had a major win so of course he’s at his best. But if you take him for what he is – and he did give a very nice speech after rafa beat him in that exo earlier in the year. Even rafa looked a bit surprised. Having said that of course I want rafa to rip him a new one if they meet in the final.

  3. glors27 says:

    I’ve had mixed feelings about the Fed/Sod upset all day.
    I soooo wanted to see Fed lose…but at the same time I also think that Rafa would have rather play Fed (feels more comfortable knowing his opponent so well) – I think I can take Rafa losing to Fed better than Rafa losing to Sod at RG again…!!! that would be horrible.
    But really, I believe that if he gets to the final (which I think he will) it means he has played two very good opponents and won and that will see him thru to recoup the RG title and his Numero Uno position!! tomorrow will be difficult, but I believe he can beat Almagro in 3 sets. We will ALL be in that prayer group!! and crossing fingers, toes and everything else crossable!! VAMOS Rafa – tu eres el campeón!!
    I’ll be wearing my “Vamos Rafa” tshirt I bought from your site, Miri!! Just got it this past week!!

  4. Nana says:

    I hope Soderling can repeat his feat from last year: stun everyone by beating a favourite and destroying a record big time, then lose lamely in the final.

    I’m joining that prayer group for Rafa, and my poor heart.

    But seriously, as we say in Chinese and even in English (I think), you’ve got to pick yourself up where you fell. So there must be extra motivation for Rafa and he’s up for the challenge.

    A million VAMOOOSSSS Rafa!!

  5. Susanna728 says:

    Haven’t had a chance to comment all day, so I know it’s all been said. Soderling played crazy good today and I can admire his play,but I will never like him as a person. I’m glad he and Rafa can be cordial now. But what Soderling did to Rafa at Wimbledon to me shows a fundamental lack of character and that’s something that doesn’t change. I too think Rafa would rather have played Roger- and would definitely rather lose to Roger than Soderling. It will be hard for anyone to beat Soderling if he played like he did today. But…looking on the brightest side, what could be better than Rafa beating Soderling and getting the #1 ranking back at the same time? Ultimate happiness if that happened. And it’s supposed to be hot on Sunday. Rafa weather! (I know – one match at a time.)

  6. Eliana says:

    So this comments are late but, here is what I think: Soderling was very good yesterday, IMHO Roger was defeated during the break of serve that gave the 3rd set to Soderling.I like Robin, he seems like a nice guy. The times that I’ve heard him talk about other players he’s only said great things about them and I think people can change and can have bad, pissy days.

    Didn’t had a preference for whom would I’ve liked to win, but when Rafa said in an interview that he thought that Soderling would not win against Roger, I thought, “there goes a giant jinx against Federer” :P

    I’m VERY nervous about today’s QF, will sleep in my Positive Acktitude shirt to inject some of it to Rafa and everybody else through my sleep. Buena suerte Rafa y VAMOS!

  7. aRafaelite says:

    I’m actually looking forward to the prospect of Rafa playing a Grand Slam final against someone who isn’t Fed! Okay, so I would rather it wasn’t likely to be one of the two players he’s had the least friendly relations with on tour, but still, it’s something different (and I confess to being rather pleased for Pete that he might get to hold on to one of his records). Personally I’d rather it was Berdych than Soderling, purely for aesthetic reasons ;-) but whatever… it’s something new and that’s exciting.

    I think Rafa will have a hard time against Nico, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I feel like he’s been playing in his comfort zone a bit, being a bit passive, and I think Nico might force him to play more aggressively. Nico has been playing amazing tennis lately and has been dangerous whenever he’s been allowed to move up into the court. Rafa will need to hit deep, exploit the angles and keep him on the move, but they only played two weeks ago, Rafa knows what he has to do. Show me that Nadalek mentality – VAMOS!

  8. Dicky says:


    Just two matches away from the champ. Keep going!!!

    And Happy Birthday x 100000