RG: Rafa blog and Q&A – day 8

Photo by REUTERS/Thierry Roge

Woo! New blog and Q&A up on the TimesOnline site. First, the blog:

Hope things are well with you reading this blog. I can’t complain from my side since I am in Paris in the second week of Roland Garros, something I really wanted to feel again.

*sniff* We wanted you to feel it again too, Rafa.

I practiced at 11 am with Marc Lopez, sometimes my doubles partner and a very talented player. He should believe more in his game since he is really good. I have to say that during the warm up I felt really well.

Marc! love! Is he sucking up to him to increase the chances of MarRafaoke? ’cause I approve. Or maybe he’s just trying to help boost his confidence and calm his nerves before Marc!’s big debut on Court Philippe Chatrier tomorrow. I approve of that too.

Today my mother arrived since they have a meeting with some people regarding the foundation. I am saying this since we went out for dinner and had a great time looking at the Tour Eiffel getting illuminated.

Wait, were Rafa and his mom getting illuminated or the tower? ;)

Sometimes, or actually many times I think how fortunate and lucky we are for been able to see these things around the world. This is why I am so thankful to people. I mean it.

And I believe you.

Now the Q&A:

Hey Rafa, my father was an English cricketer and his insurance didn’t allow him to do certain things, such as skiing. Is there anything that your insurance doesn’t let you do that you wish you could? Good luck at RG. – Laurence.

Rafa: Some of the contracts don’t allow me to put my self into risk. But I have to say that I don’t even need those… I am staying away from risks in any case…

He doesn’t need those or he’s scared half to death of them? Either way…

Hi Rafa. Is there anywhere or anything in the world that you would like to see or visit if you had the time? Thanx Rafa. – Val, UK

Rafa: Yes, many times. But hope I will do these once I stop with tennis.

Another non-answer. :)

Hey Rafa! I am a big fan and I was overjoyed when you signed my autograph at the U.S. Open in 08! (you used my pen to sign everyone’s belongings) :) I homeschool for tennis so I can travel to tournaments. I was wondering what you did for school as a kid with all the travelling for tennis? – Aimee Dervishian

Rafa: I suppose you ask if I was a good student? Not bad, but definitely not the best student…

Not how you did, Rafa…what you did or how you did it.

Hello! Now that your birthday is coming up. What is the best birthday present you ever got? Do you have any birthday wishes this year? – Katri, Norway

Rafa: All presents are nice to be honest. It depends who is giving it to you and the meaning of it.

Keeping it close to the chest, that’s our Rafa.

Hi Rafa, love watching you play tennis, you are my favourite player and I really missed you at Wimbledon last year, can’t wait to see you back there. I wanted to ask you what you think of the roof we have at Wimbledon now? Good luck with the rest of the tournament at RG, you are playing great and many thanks for doing the blogs :-) – Arlene UK

Rafa: I think it is good although we won’t see again someone receiving the trophy in the dark… :-)

Dark or blazing daylight, just as long as the right someone is receiving the trophy.

Hola Rafa, my question to you is if you had to chose between fishing alone at dawn in the Majorcan sea, playing golf with your uncles or playing beach football with your friends what would you chose? Congratulations on having such an amazing clay season; you’ve made me a very happy and proud fan! Muchas gracias and good luck for RG Campeon!! – Manahil, Pakistan

Rafa: I would choose doing all that in one day. It is actually possible and what I enjoy the most.

In face, wasn’t all of that part of his “perfect day” description from a few years ago?

If you could ask a question of the tennis journalists attending your presser, what would it be? Best wishes as always. – Natalie

Rafa: I ask them sometimes, believe me…

I would ask them, “Do you ever really pay attention to tennis or press coverage of it?”

Hola Rafa! I’ve read in your blog that you watched the Formula One race last weekend. I was wondering who is your favorite F1 driver? – Ness, Philippines

Rafa: I did, and clearly I support the Spaniards!!! :-)


11 Responses

  1. teejustice says:

    Aw…Glad Rafa got to have dinner with his mom. There’s not much better than seeing the Eiffel Tower illuminating (except perhaps if oneself is illuminated as well)

    A few more non-answers this time. C’mon Rafa you had been on a roll, even answering two-part questions in full.

  2. loverafa4ever says:

    I luv to hear him say “believe me”… Now I think I know from whom he got it. :-)and Now “Mama” is in the house… he will be fully charged coz he will be getting kisses directly and not thru the phone.. awww…cutie.. :D

  3. tiemyshoe says:

    Buttering Marc! up – I love it. Strategery, Rafa. That’s the way to go.

    No, but really, it’s lovely to see him encourage a friend. Think Marc! could be getting a bit nervous about dubs QF? Or maybe Rafa is saying that he should believe in his game more as a singles player?

  4. Atch2 says:

    Cool, Mama Nadal is in town for the foundation & Rafa.
    Yes you are lucky, and we’re lucky to see you around this sport.

    Always knew Rafa a scaredy cat. Is being around dogs a risk Rafa?

    Rafa receiving that trophy in the dark with all the flashes around him made the occasion all the more special and memorable. The photos from that night were incredible. And true we will never see it again.

    • loverafa4ever says:

      That was probably the only Wimbledon final that finished the way it did. Something that will always be remembered, because like Rafa said it is not going to happen again. wow!!

  5. ang says:

    His Mom and Marc were sitting next to each other during the match. The photos from the Wimbledon are awesome they really capture the moment!

  6. Nana says:

    I asked the journalists question and got a “believe me”. Yes I believe you, Rafa =)

  7. an says:

    We gotta find a way to let Rafa know that a large part off his Rafanatics are Marc!anatics too…. And that there even is a fanpage for him here!! Maybe it would be good for his confidence iff he found out that almost as much girls and women who are after Rafa are in love with Marc! too… ;) Benito, iff youre still hang around here sometimes…. I know we’re sometimes talking like complete lunatics :), some off us at least.., but we’re serious about loving Marc!

  8. rafaManiac says:

    Now that his mom is here, hope that Rafa will step it up even more! ^_^

  9. sombina says:

    Looks like Times has picked questions from people outside the UK today. Maybe they like to show off Rafas fandom around the world?

    I’ve sent in my first ever question and it was answered today. so I’m very happy :-) And I put a country after my name, hoping that it increase the chances of it being answered. I don’t know if my strategy worked or if the question just was so brilliant that it got into anyway.

    Well, I got a typical Rafa “general not affending” answer anyway. But hey, doesn’t matter to me :-)

  10. Laurence says:

    Woohoo Rafa answered my question (the first one). First time I tried and got an answer, maybe people aren’t asking. I feel slightly honoured that he ‘almost’ answered my Q and they made a mini-headline out of it. In Rafa terms that’s a full answer!

    BTW I love reading the site, thank you for all your work operating it!