RG: Spanish Q&A for May 31st

Photo by BORIS HORVAT/ AFP/ Getty Images

Rafa’s been a busy been and so has El Mundo. We already have a Q&A for the 31st. (Google Translation; Babelfish Translation)

What I can gather from Google & Babelfish’s mangling:

  • Rafa’s new strings give him more depth, but less spin – which contradicts what I’d heard before on the spin…
  • He prefers not to talk about religion since it’s a personal issue
  • His right hand has shaken when trying to do the service toss, but you have to learn to control the nerves
  • He has no plans to move to get a tax break
  • His new Facebook photo has nothing to do with switching back to sleeveless, but regaining the happiness and his clothes are not too Federer
  • He doesn’t have weird off-court habits (or doesn’t think the questioner has hobbies – I’m confused)
  • He wishes all his shots bounced over the shoulders of his opponents. And something about evil. Or not.
  • He hasn’t really thought of having a shirt in the colors of the flag of Manacor or Mallorca
  • He sometimes, but not often, reviews old matches to learn things
  • The Davis Cup will be taking place during the World Cup final, so he hopes to watch it from there

20 Responses

  1. tiemyshoe says:

    Oh God, did someone ask the sleeveless question? *rolls eyes so hard the sockets ache*

    I thought him putting up that Facebook photo was kinda touching – like, look at the sheer, unencumbered joy in his face in that photo! To have that again! And someone needs to bring up the sleeves, like that was the freakin’ difference for Rafa between winning and losing? God, that is so annoying to me. /endrant

    Anyway, er, yeah – strings with less spin – doesn’t that contradict what he told Jim Courier at AO?

    • miri says:

      You know I had the same reaction to the question as well. He wrote:

      Esa foto que he puesto en mi perfil es de hace 4 años, pero hay que recuperar ese espiritu!
      This picture I have just put there is 4 years old, need that back!

      And, without Google, I see “recuperate” (recover) and spirit. With Google’s help (which is free and easy to use…unless you are too fixated on sleeves), I get “but we must regain that spirit!” So, I’m sure he was saying he was looking for a return of that sleeveless spirit! *sheesh*

      • tiemyshoe says:

        Yup, that’s how I read his quote, too, about recuperating that spirit. The spirit that’s him, with his arms wide open on RG center court, like, “This is my house!” When I saw it, I was like, Man, Rafa, me, too. That’s exactly what I’d like him to get back.

        But apparently, also, his armpits are free and breezy. That’s what matters. LOL.

  2. alhm says:

    He doesn’t have weird off-court habits (or doesn’t think the questioner has hobbies – I’m confused)

    He doesn’t think he has weird off-court habits, but says it’s something that should be asked to people around him. (To see if they notice anything. I guess.)

    He wishes all his shots bounced over the shoulders of his opponents. And something about evil. Or not.

    He’s talking about how he finishes his shots. The person asks him why he ends some of his shots with the racquet at the back of his head and some at the back of his shoulder (particularly when he’s more inside the court). He says that, ideally, he should finish all his shots behind the shoulder. Toni says as much.

    He says that the finishing depends on how you’re feeling the ball – good or bad. And it also depends on how much you want to lift the ball.

    … I THINK.

    • miri says:

      So tugging his pants all the time doesn’t count as weird? Hmmm.

      And thanks for the clarification on the other because I was thinking just the opposite.

      • alhm says:

        1. I feel like a hack/lying liar who lies if I don’t say this, but this is *v. important* – I don’t speak Spanish. :/ My native language is just similar. Everything I say should be taken with a pinch of salt. Or a whole hand.

        2. I think follow-troughs that go all the way to the back of the head put stress to the shoulder and shorten the ball. For depth, I think it’s better to have a follow-trough that doesn’t go much above the shoulder.


        Around 1:04 here he follows-trough behind his head. But it was an out, low ball and he was trying to lift it up.

        /tennis n00b

        • miri says:

          Oh, I trust your interpretation far more than I do mine. I was thinking more about the ball placement not where his arm finishes when hitting the ball. Once you said it was the other, it made sense to me.

          • aRafaelite says:

            It also makes more sense when you realise he’s not talking about all his shots, but specifically answering a question about when he’s trying to hit a drive.

  3. Loli says:

    Hey, guys! I’m really worried about the weather tommorow…It seems like it’s gonna be a cloudy day, so tough conditions for Rafa… I’m from Brazil, but I really want Rafa to win!!

  4. Fay says:

    Yes more tough conditions for Rafa and a tough young free and confident opponent, Oh god the nerves are killing me! Vamos Rafa always.!!! Stay strong!

  5. Inés says:

    I rescue the words of Rafa in his blog of 2007, when he took that FB’s pic


    On my way back from the locker room from doing the interview with NBC I saw the open door to center court, which looked a completely different, empty center court. I thought it was just beautiful. So I asked to go there to see it and it’s just amazing to see that court empty. So here is the picture and I hope when it’s full next time we meet with Roger it will be a great atmosphere.

    • miri says:

      Thanks so much for finding that. I had thought maybe it was at the end of the tournament, but it was at the beginning: 2006 blog

      • Inés says:

        well, it was Friday, June 9, 2006 after his semifinal match

        • Inés says:

          and sorry, in my first post I don’t know why I wrote 2007 when I wanted to mean 2006, me and my typos ;)))

        • miri says:

          Oh! His entries were so much longer. I thought I’d scrolled past more than that to get to the quote. I really need to get back on a regular sleep schedule…

          • Nana says:

            Thanks for the link! I think i’ve never read them before so they’re fresh materials for me.

            I think the demands on Rafa’s time is so overwhelming these days, hence the shorter blogs. I’m sure the karaoke will be a nice distraction ;)

            • miri says:

              That plus there’s only so many ways to say what he does all day when, let’s face it, days on the tour are pretty repetitive. I think that’s why they started the question things so he wouldn’t have to keep thinking up of stuff to say.

      • Nana says:

        I really have to comment again. I wasn’t following Rafa back in 2006 and I just can’t articulate how I feel after reading these old posts. He was such a sweet, carefree kid and within a few years has grown into a fine young man and a superstar, but kept his humility and kindness.

        There’s so much gold in these posts: hugging Papa after the win, panicking over the wrong strings, Feli’s nickname Fidgiano, being star-struck at the World Sports Award, chats about his friends, hoping to crack into top 5 by yearend, naked locker rooms photos, breakfast details, talks on the last World Cup, etc etc.

        And 4 years feels like a century in tennis time!

    • Inés says:

      By the way, here you have the 2007 blog from Roland Garros, these two blogs, for me, are the best, funnies, very fresh….


  6. Atch2 says:

    Wouldn’t it be extra fun if Spain plays France in the World Cup finals? Bet Rafa wouldn’t be as confident is Spain vs Switzerland.