RG: Spanish Q&A for May 30th

Photo by BERTRAND GUAY/ AFP/ Getty Images

Rafa’s new El Mundo Q&A is up here. The Google translation is slightly headache inducing, but from it I gather that:

  • Rafa and Toni are often checking out the competition to see what Rafa needs to improve on
  • He can’t convince Marc! to do MarRafoke
  • Headbands are good for hair and sweat containment
  • Spaniards play him as tough as anyone else
  • Tennis players remember their stats
  • Rain delays = card games
  • A roof at Roland Garros might be nice
  • Who cares about critics
  • Receiving is a better way to start because maybe you can break right away
  • He hopes to go to the Masters Cup and speed isn’t always the most important thing in serving

*whew* I need a nap now.

2 Responses

  1. Fay says:

    I agree with Rafa, it not all about speed, its more about placement! I hope he is preparing well for his match tommorow, Bellucci seems well up for it saying he has nothing to lose, he is young and fit and clay canny, I will be flying when he plays and the suspense of not knowing the outcome is going to kill me, I will be rushing to an internet cafe in Mallorca to find out!

  2. Atch2 says:

    Marc! is playing hard to get?!
    Maybe he’s getting too big for his boots, now that he’s a Master Serious doubles champ and in the doubles qtrs of RG. hehe

    I wonder how heavy his bandana is after a 5 set match? coz that’s the first item of clothing he takes off right after winning.