RG: Round 3 post-match interview

Inés sends in this video and translation:

Yes, the day was not to boast, nor for the show, everything was really complicated. Much wind, the wind swirls at many moments, but it has been an important victory for me because he was a rival of consideration, I’ve can solve it in three sets. I think I started the day with a bad first game but then, until 4-1 in the first set I played quite well, then, the second set got a little messy, but in the third set, from 2-2 to 6-3, I think I’ve played at the highest level I’ve played this year in Paris, with conditions that were not easy and well, it’s always nice to finish with good feeling

The next rival, Belucci, and you have already faced him here in the clay of RG, but he is another Belucci who will face you

Yes, well, he is a player ….. there he already played very good, a player who has been improved, he Is up in the ranking, and in fact he is a rival that is going to mark a bit how I am, he is going to show me how I am, at what point I am, because he is a rival who is a specialist of clay, a great player and if I’m not playing my best, it’s going to be very difficult to emerge victorious

At what point do you think you are?

I’ve gone from less to more, I need I think I can give that bit more that I need to achieve it all, but I have to give it, for the moment, the logic, the day of tomorrow practicing, let see if the weather is good that it can be trained well, not windy, to confirm, a little, that positive feeling with which I finished that I’m done, I think it would be important to confirm the morning of training, to feel that I hit the ball deep, a deep game which is what is missing to me, I’m playing a little short and then, as I said, I think I need to give that little bit more than what I have given in all tournaments, and I hope here can give it when I need it

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4 Responses

  1. GB says:

    Crap that the windy will have prevented Rafa from having the type of practice he felt he needed:(((

  2. loverafa4ever says:

    Looks like today’s conditions are very similar to that of yesterday. I don’t know if it would be an advantage for Rafa if tomorrow’s conditions are similar to yesterdays and todays because he has already played in such conditions. Fed seems to be struggling with the wind as well. The center court seems to be double windy.

    • GB says:

      Yeah, my commies were discussing how the bowl shape of PC court amplifies and distorts the wind: unlike the other courts, where it’s just in one direction, here it swirls.

  3. Fay says:

    Yes tricky conditions, I watched the Fed match today and it definately effected both players. Bellucci is a toughy and hits a big forehand coupled with a big serve, he is great on clay I remember him at RG 08, the first set was 7-5 to Rafa including a rain break, he is a better player now, so Rafa has to be on his A game, I won’t be here to see the results and shall be worried all the way to Majorca for the week! but being in Spain I am sure there will be news about Rafa alround no? *fingers crossed its good news and don’t ruin my holiday*…