RG: Round 3 French TV interview

Found this posted in Rafa’s official forum by GIGINAD68. The simultaneous French/Spanish makes my head hurt, but I know I heard “Marc! Lopez” in there. ;) I want that MarRafaoke!

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  1. Inés says:

    he was asking about the karaoke and if he has seen the imitation of djokovic and if he is planning to do it. Rafa answer was…

    “It’s that I get very embarrassed. I did it two years ago and I get really embarrassed… but I said that if my doubles partner Marc Lopez wants to do come with me, I will do it.”

    • JC says:

      Thanks, Inés!
      Rafa totally cracks himself up around 5:00… I think they are talking about the French crowds and whether or not the tournament should move, but why is he laughing so hard?

      Btw his smiles are to die for in this video!

      • Inés says:

        Part I can hear it very well because the french voice over Rafa make me a bit difficult to understand what he said but, more or less…

        The truth is that the public has treated me very well and people have their own opinion and support whoever they want………..and…….. I don’t remember the second question (laughing)

        The second question was about the change of localization of RG, and that he prefers to RG stay where it is

        • Inés says:

          I want to say ” I can’t hear…”

        • Ch F says:

          Yes Ines the french voice over says the same. He laughs because he doesn’t remember the second part of the question, typical Rafa ;-).
          He also said (at least that’s the french translation) he never said anything bad about the French public and that RG should stay in Paris because that’s where the history of tennis is and one can feel it.

  2. kefuoe says:

    What I was able to get seemed like the same old stuff: scheduling to arrive at RG in good form, last year was hard, Parisian fans, should RG move, the the karaoke stuff. I think he was asked about forgetting last year’s defeat and he says that he can’t forget it because defeats are important for learning.

    Could not get any of the part with all the laughter. Too much going on.

    • kefuoe says:

      Oh, I think I figured it out. He had a two part question and forgot the second part. So he answered the first part, then says he forgot the second part.

      • JC says:

        Sounds like Rafa :-) Well, at least he didn’t just ignore it like he does in the Q&A!

      • Viva says:

        Yes, this is exactly what happened ! Rafa got asked two questions at the same time, and at the moment he was about to answer the second one, he totally forgot what it was about ! :) Such a funny moment…

  3. sia says:

    Well Marc has won his doubles match, it is raining in Paris … can’t go sight seeing … maybe a little closet karaoke?

  4. goldyarmani says:

    Hello everyone, I’m French so will try to help you to understand this interview.
    Sorry if my English is not good ;)

    Q1 (30’): Today was a very difficult match, with a very difficult weather due to the wind.
    Rafa: Yes, this match was a little bit difficult. It was a real challenge and very complicated du to the wind. Very difficult to control the ball.

    Q2 (50’): Hewitt and you have a similar style in your game. You fight until the end (“à la vie à la mort” means until the death).
    Rafa: Yes, it’s true. We are 2 players who love fighting and we always play against each other.

    Q3(1:06’): Do you think that you are in your optimal physical form (in great shape) of the year, because you are playing very well right now. You made only few mistakes during the match!
    Rafa: Indeed, I have worked very hard to be ready. The previous year was really difficult for me. Their were the divorce of my parents, my injury to my knees, the my injury at the abdominal tear at the US Open. In consequences, I work very hard to regain my great shape. Then, I won the Monte Carlos tournament. I played very well in Madrid and I’m always happy to be here in Paris.

    Q4(1:48’): Is it important for you to play in less tournaments to be the in great shape for more important tournaments such as Roland Garros?
    Rafa: In fact, I decide of my calendar as I can. I always try to preserve my physical form. And each time I play I try to be at 100%. For me, there is less important tournament, each time play in a tournament I try to play my best tennis. But sometimes I cannot play my best tennis, sometimes yes. I always try to be in great shape for RG.

    Q5: (2:24’): I will speak with Lionel (the person who has commented the match) and Arnaud (former French tennis player). But before I want to ask you something. Is the defeat against Soderling last year is still in your memory? Have you forgot it?
    Rafa: No, I have not forgot it. I don’t need to forget it. This is experience that belongs to the life. The defeat belongs to the life. It is not important to lose in a such tournament. Indeed, RG is a very difficult tournament. I have not lost the 4 previous times but I’m still working to keep on winning this tournament. We will see.

    Q6(3:03’): Lionel and Arnaud==> Congrats Rafa , it was a very good match and very interesting to watch with a very good quality of game. Do you fell Hewitt better than the other years or really good this year especially?
    Rafa: I think Hewitt is an opponent who gives me a lot of difficulties. He is very difficult. He can change is game, he is fighting, his balls have a weak bounce and difficult to attack and his defense in really good. It is always a challenge to play against Hewitt and moreover, today the weather was bad due to the wind.

    Q7 (3:58’): we are very happy for you Rafael. We have also notice the ovation when you enter in the court. The public was with you and hopes that you will celebrate your birthday next week with us, because it will mean that you still in list at RG, and maybe a fabulous final with you. Just on question, to get your point of view. Indeed, we speak a lot about the relocation of the tournament. Do you prefer that the tournament moves out or is it now your home in Paris?
    Rafa: Well, first at all I ant to thank the public. I have not said anything against him. I am always very happy by their support. I think each person has his own opinion about it. But for me is always a huge emotion to be here at RG. Then for the rest, …… Sorry but I don’t remember what you said after.
    Interviewer: the relocation of RG…
    Rafa: Oh yes, (laugh)… Yes, I prefer that RG stay in Paris. I have already said that in another interview. For me, RG should stay here because here we breathe tennis, here there is the history of the tennis and it is a really important tournament.

    Q8 (5:25’): Sorry but we are late! Rafa has some imperative. Last question. Will you participate at the Jukebox? In fact, Rafa everyone expect you to do the karaoke. Because Novak Djokovic made an imitation of you and shakira. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCZPFmmOSwQ)
    Rafa: (laugh)
    Interviewer: Have you seen it?
    Rafa: No, I am so ashamed to do it! Maybe if Marc Lopez my friend in double comes with me, I will do it!

    Interviewer: Thanks you so munch, Congrats….