RG: More “The Club” videos

Viva sends in two more videos from the Nike The Club promo that Rafa did pre-tournament. I think he’s trying to set the world record for saying “kids” in the first one.

Something I never really thought about until now – Rafa was hitting from the deep end of the pool. So the balls from the kids were coming down hill towards him and he had to hit up to get them back.

Both videos posted by silvioderossi.

9 Responses

  1. rafaManiac says:

    Rafa’s one-handed backhands look awesome!

  2. An says:

    The litte kid with the white shorts and the blue shirt is realy good!

    Rafa ia adorable…

  3. Nana says:

    Boys, a firm grab of hands. A girl, kiss kiss. A little boy with short cropped hair, a pat on the head. What a charmer, that Rafa ;P

  4. killian says:

    ok, is it just me, or was that first video absolutely amazing? it brought tears to my eyes at least twice. Here is our Rafa, so articulate (and NOT in his native tongue), so warm, generous, clear, straightforward, wise beyond his years. . . and, of course, Charming!! I am completely moved by how he conducts himself in he world–on the court, with The Kids, the press, his colleagues/peers, his family. . . wow. I would be speechless if I weren’t gushing! from now on, anyone asks me what’s the big deal with Rafa, I send them a link to this video. Very. Big. Deal. <3

    • Karen says:

      Nobody’s perfect but I think Rafa is about as close as you can get! I can imagine that he is the near perfect son,brother,pupil,friend,boyfriend,nephew,cousin,doubles partner etc. He’s just simply ‘One of a kind’

  5. Atch2 says:

    Rafa looking as sweet and ever. He has such a kind heart, always with good intentions. And on a shallow note, such cute curly hair.

    Of Rafa, such a shame there’s no chance of an all Spanish final like in Monte Carlo or Rome as most were in your half.

    Luv the bouncing sounds.

  6. Fay says:

    Well this is just adoreable, loving that green shirt its beautiful! on Rafa, and those single handed backhands! I know he slices with them but to think he could use it so well now that would be useful when necessary, a nother thing for him to work on prehaps? or maybe to late to tinker? love his attitude and the foondation! is sweet, what a man, what a champ, his smile is priceless too!

  7. JoshDragon says:

    I like the graffiti, in the background. It would be really awesome to hit with any of these pros, especially Nadal.

  8. Silhouette says:

    I would so love to be able to exchange a couple of balls with Rafa….