RG: Rafa blog and Q&A – day 7

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Another TimesOnline entry from Rafa! First up, the blog:

One more day goes by and as I mentioned yesterday, already in the second week. The competition started last Sunday but now the competition gets really difficult. I am playing on Monday for a spot in the quarter-finals and that is something important. I have been saying I have not been playing really well, but again, I practiced really well today so I am happy.

After practice I had to go to see some clients of Richard Mille, yes the watch I wear now and that is really great. My manager Carlos Costa asked me to go and since we finished in a good time and they were there I came to their lounge. I was going to stay there only for 10 mins after saying hello to the people there.

But they had a pretty big screen with the Formula One race on it and they also had some good fish for lunch so we decided to stay there and have lunch while watching the end of the race. Pretty good atmosphere.

I am sorry though for all those fans that were waiting outside to get an autograph. It is really difficult. I would love to sign all of them, specially to those little kids that wait and wait to get one. Hopefully their parents will explain to them how difficult is to sign all of them.

Then I came back to the hotel and played some Play Station with Marc Lopez sometimes my doubles partner in tennis and hopefully my partner doing the karaoke tomorrow, Rafa Maymo and my PR Manager Benito Perez-Barbadillo. Me and Benito are playing better and we managed to defeat them… The competition still goes on!

Thanks, Rafa

Having a solid practice should help his nerves tomorrow – seems he couldn’t really get in a practice session the last few days because of the weather. Love that he enjoyed the F1 coverage and fish enough that he hung around at the Richard Mille event. Hey, Rafa? We are getting the first F1 track in the US ever in my home town. Feel free to drop by anytime. I’ll let you wear my Swatch and will drive fresh fish in from the coast…well, if it’s not still covered in oil then.

And “hopefully my partner doing the karaoke tomorrow” – so karaoke will happen but Marc! isn’t guaranteed? I can live with that if I have too. *pouts* But it would be sooooooo much better if it was MarRafaoke!

And now, the Q&A:

Do you get to watch the junior Spanish players in action? Do you think Spanish tennis will still be strong in the continuing future? – Atchariya

Rafa: Not really since they play on the outside courts and it is quite difficult for me to get there. Spanish tennis has been strong in the past 25 years so I am sure that it will continue like this.

The Spanish kids have quite a few players to look up to and emulate – different styles of tennis and people. And with that, Atch2 gets the blog/Q&A hat-trick.

Bon día Rafa from El Toro, Mallorca. I have a very ridiculous question for you! I am totally fascinated by your speed…not just during a point, but I cannot believe how quickly you are able to pick yourself up when taking a tumble on the clay. Is that a natural reaction, or is it something that you have to practise? We hope you bring the Coupe de Mousquetaires back to Mallorca this year. Best of luck! – Belinda Shaw

Rafa: Moltes gracies. The physical condition has a lot to do with that so you need to work on that.

Did you here that Bee? Get to work!

Hello! I just read that you watch Lost and since I love that show I wonder: Did you get to watch the final episode or still haven’t? Plus, who is your favourite character? Thanks from Puerto Rico and I love the colors you’re wearing on Roland Garros. Vamos y éxito! – Yaritza from Puerto Rico

Rafa: I haven’t seeing it yet. I watch it on DVD so I suppose that I have to wait a bit. You are going to have to guess my favorite character… yeap, that’s the one!

If it’s Jack, I’ll have to slap him. I’m hoping he likes a Bruthah.

Hi Rafa, I’m a big fan and I think you’re an amazing player and also a great human being! My question is: Do you have any plans of going to college/university after you retire from tennis? Do you take any classes now? What are your future plans? Good luck! – Rukmani (from Munich)

Rafa: Right now I am focusing on my tennis career and I am not really thinking on what comes after tennis. I will decide these thing further on my career.

People really need to stop retiring Rafa early.

Hola Rafa, you mentioned in your on court interview that you used to watch Lleyton Hewitt when you were younger. Have you ever found it more difficult to play someone like that, someone you grew up watching. Others players that come to mind are Agassi (before retiring) and Ferrero. – Clare

Rafa: It is funny since I got asked that question today having lunch with some friends here in Roland Garros. I used to watch Moya, Ferrero, Agassi, Hewitt and except for Sampras I played against all of them.

Total non-answer!

Hola Rafa, I wanted to ask you if you were the president of Real Madrid, what would be your first decision? Congratulations on having such an amazing clay season; you’ve made me a very happy and proud fan! Muchas gracias and good luck for RG Campeon!! – Manahil, Pakistan

Rafa: Thankfully I don’t have that title or position so I prefer to leave it to Mr. Perez to do his own things…

He totally hates hypothetical questions. Especially ones that could land him in a shit-load of trouble with footie fans if he answers them “wrong”.

Hi Rafa, you are my favourite tennis player and I want to wish you the best of luck at RG – you are playing great. When you are playing at the Slams do you prefer to stay in the hotels or in a house like you do at Wimbledon? Many thanks! – Arlene McLean, UK

Rafa: Many thanks. This is a very good question. I like staying at a house in Wimbledon since there are not many hotels nearby. But have to say that at the other slams the hotels are very good and I enjoy staying there. Kind of less work also and I can focus more on my tennis, not on my bed, room and kitchen :-)

So, he only focuses on his bed during Wimbledon? Hmmmm

11 Responses

  1. Silhouette says:

    Ohhh, I’m so looking forward to the karaoke =)

  2. ang says:

    First off Miri I <3 Jack (which is was hard to accept at first because he is a Red Sox fan and I am a Yankee fan and I told myself I would never fall for a RSox fan but that really besides the point), but I agree Rafa is totally Desmond if I could only be his Penny :) or Charile. Then again maybe its Kate or Claire and that he has a crush on…lol. I know the perfect time for him to watch the finale on the train to London someone should get him a copy. Maybe Rafa is one of those people whose day feels off if they don't make their bed which is not me.

  3. An says:

    He should have made Marc! doing the MaRafaoke on return for losing with PS! …..
    Lets hope he tought off this himself;)

  4. An says:

    Oh and Atch, congrats!!!

  5. Yaritza says:

    Yes!! He answered my question. Sort of. He didn’t want to tell me his favorite character from Lost. I’m also ok if it’s anyone but Jack. I don’t even know which is mine and I expected this answer.

    • ang says:

      Yeah I really don’t know my favorite character either depends on what season and sometimes changes from episode to episode. I really want to ask him something but I have to many ideas. I think that I could make a case for everyone but a very few to be my favorite.

  6. GB says:

    I find it hard to imagine Benito playing PS:)

  7. Nana says:

    It dawned on me that for half a million euros, the Richard mille clients are not only getting a hi tech watch, but a lunch with rafa as well! A very good bonus! Wonder of they mentioned it in the catalog?

    Rafa is so thoughtful. He’s worried about disappointing the kids and hopes that the parents will explain to them. He’s unbelievable.

    I am beginning to suspect that he’s trying to pressure Marc! into doing the karaoke by mentioning it incessantly in the blog!

  8. Maggie says:

    I think the last answer is the most complete and engaged answer I’ve ever seen Rafa give on one of these!

  9. Atch2 says:

    YAH! I got a hat-trick!
    Not only did Rafa answer 3 questions from me, this last one was a 2-part question and he answered BOTH parts. Miracle.
    Quick, someone give me a trophy to bite ;)

    Can’t imagine Benito playing PS either, but then again Rafa may have forced him to.