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The TimesOnline has a kind of “day in the life” article up written by Mel Bradman from Rafa’s point of view. Must have been a pretty slow day, though – I see no mention of commercial filming, sponsor promos, etc. :) Check it out. Some of my favorite bits:

For breakfast I have hot chocolate, a croissant or toast with olive oil, and some fruit. Never coffee or tea — I don’t like them.

Hot chocolate for breakfast as an every day thing? *sigh* Maybe I should use that thought as a motivation to exercise more…

What I eat depends on the country I’m in, but often it will be pasta, fish and salad. I don’t cook much, maybe some pasta. When I’m away on tour I might make my grandmother’s cake — it’s a typical Majorcan cake, her own special recipe. I love chocolate, especially milk chocolate. I eat it every day. I love Nutella, too, and crisps and biscuits. There are some salty Majorcan biscuits called Quely, and I always take a supply with me.

Two paragraphs in, two bits about food. I’m sensing a trend. I also wonder if he’s going to weigh 300 pounds after he retires. (Just kidding, I can’t see him sitting still enough to ever let the pounds pack on.)

On a match day I start to prepare at least an hour before I play. I get my fingers and feet taped to protect them from blisters, then change into my kit and warm up, listening to my iPod — Spanish pop music or classical music. If I’m playing someone I know, we’ll chat maybe half an hour before we go on court. But not 10 minutes before — by then all I’m thinking about is the game.

Never thought of him having a chat with his opponents. He goes on to say that his personality is relaxed…tell that to the people who have to deal with him pogoing around the locker room non-stop!

I’ve won a lot of money, but I’m lucky, I live with my family in Majorca and I’m happy how I am. I don’t need anything else. I never like to be alone, so I like friends and family to visit me during tournaments and I never travel alone.

This? I can’t relate to at all. I need huge chunks of alone time and if I’m stuck around people all day I start to get mucho, mucho cranky.

If I’m watching a movie and it’s emotional, I’ll cry. It’s not difficult for me to cry. If I see a sports person win something important, I’ll cry. When I win a match I might cry too. But I don’t often cry when I lose.


People ask me what it’s like having lots of girls after me, but I didn’t realise there were so many.


I have lots of dreams — all very different — and I always sleep well.

Awww…seriously, could he be any sweeter?

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  1. ali says:

    this made me smile. he is just so precious.

  2. solaris says:

    Wow, could never imagined Rafa listening to classical music, but good for him :)

  3. Atch2 says:

    The Times really luv our guy!

    Such a simple, thoughtful and sweet article. Luv it.
    Your title sums it up miri and I can imagine Rafa sitting down and writing about himself for a class at school as an assignment or something.

    It’s amazing that Rafa is calm and relaxed when he’s competing but when he’s at home he’s all Mr Busy Bee wanting to do everything every minute.

    Luv him talking about his family. He’s very lucky in his life and it’s so humbling that he knows it.

    And Rafa, it’s both women AND men of ALL ages that are after you, for different reasons ;)

    (The article is in The Sunday Times today for you guys in the UK lucky enough to be able to buy it).

  4. nic says:

    Thanks alot for this Miri. Absolutely, could he be any sweeter? I love what he says about crying, emotional moments really move him. And he feels for others. What a sweetie. But he doesn’t necessarily cry to feel sorry for himself. Love this article. How interesting. What I can’t get over is him having a chat to his opponent just half hour before a match! Always thought he would be in the zone by then, and that it could get awkward talking to someone casually just before you’re going out in front of the world to compete against them. He just makes it so regular. No biggie. And here I was thinking it was all so dramatic. I say this time and time again, but here I am saying it once more, what a guy our Rafa is.

  5. aRafaelite says:

    I am truly devastated that Rafa doesn’t like tea. In fact the mere thought of it requires another comforting *gulp*. But as a mark of solidarity (or maybe guilt for choosing to stay with Fer’s match instead of Rafa’s last night) I had hot chocolate for breakfast this morning with a muffin (I was fresh out of croissants).

    • miri says:

      That’s the way I feel about his dislike of cheese. I cannot imagine a life without cheese.

      • Atch2 says:

        I can’t comprehend that he doesn’t like dogs. He looks like a dog person to me.

        • aRafaelite says:

          As a cat person who doesn’t drink coffee and is not a fan of cheese, I’m cool with those! But not liking tea?! Oh dear.

          • GB says:

            I hate cheese, tomatoes, tea & coffee – so I’d only have to convert Rafa to liking dogs:)

        • sombina says:

          What? He doesn’t like dogs? WTF?

          I love dogs! Dogs make the world a better place to be. Not liking dogs is like not liking love for me.

          Maybe it’s not a dog loving family he comes from, and he is so traditional. Maybe he is not used to dogs. Maybe he got bit by a dog when he was a kid (Clinging to any explanation here)

          • GB says:

            I think Rafa’s said he’s never had a pet? And he’s not exactly a brave guy:) So I’m clinging to the idea that if he became friends with a nice, gentle dog he’d get to like them.

          • robert says:

            Read somewhere he’s actually afraid of dogs. So, yeah, probably was scared and/or bitten by a dog as a kid.

      • Ch F says:

        Same here! And I feel the same way about coffee.
        Well, nobody’s perfect ;-)

    • Lee says:

      How could he not like tea? I’m shattered! Of all the memorable things he said in the article, the one thing that I cannot get out of my mind is that he doesn’t like tea. How absurd, Rafa!

    • An says:

      Huh. As long as we have one thing in common that we like together…. ( you know what, No?;) ) i’m totally ok with whatever likes or dislikes he has on eating and drinking as long as he lets me eat or drink it!

      Rafa, honey, i’d make you hot chocolate, bake fresh croissants and make you a nice fruit salad evry morning so we can have breakfast in bed, No?

  6. midsun says:

    “Some part of the body always needs attention.” Quit torturing us, Rafa.

  7. Wooffie says:

    Utterly delightful …

    • Karen says:

      Rafa has said before that he’s scared of dogs as he thinks they’re unpredictable & may bite also he’s frightened of spiders. I’m with him on the spiders though. Like his diet but need tea, cheese & lots of salad & veg.

  8. PrettyPaula says:

    I thought it was so sweet that he talks to his mom every night and she sends him a kiss. I haven’t seen her at a tournament in a long time.

  9. Fay says:

    Great insight to Rafa, its great that the public get to read what really is Rafa! well at least some of it. I loved the bit when he says he doesn’t cry when he loses, (except Wimby 07?) bless, I think what I love about Rafa most is how he wears his heart on his sleeve and how natural he is about everything, he is what he is and I really respect that, I love his sensitivity too, what more qualities does he need?

  10. me says:

    *giggle* at how most of your comments relate to food ;P. I approve of Rafa’s diet and it makes my chocoholic self feel better too (I am pretty sure I could eat infinite amounts of chocolate… and [all too often I suppose ehe] I almost do hehehe) but I suppose I move quite a bit so perhaps that’s why I am not 3 million stones?! I shall not question it in aany case! Rafa always comes across so adorably in such interviews – so normal and with such a great attitude to his game and life. I shall be obtaining of The Times come Sunday if I can do so, and if this is in there and any different I shall scan it into the interworld if anyone would so like?