RG: Spanish Q&A for May 29th

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Rafa’s new Q&A is up on elmundo.es. Bee and Inés have done a tag-team translation for us. (Do not repost the translation without their permission)

Hola Rafa! Sure you’re much more satisfied the way you have played against Zeballos, always improving yourself! Congratulations! My question is about your calendar. As you didn’t go to the Barcelona Open, what other 500 tournaments are you going to play, in addition to the mandatory Beijing one? Thanks for this opportunity! Mar Casal

I don’t know yet, and I prefer not to say anything about my calendar. We will make decisions in a couple of weeks or three. Thank you.

Hola Rafa. I went from London to see you at the Madrid Open in May, and I think that the facilities and the Spanish’s organization were fantastic. How would you feel if one day Madrid had a Grand Slam on clay and the Centre Court was to be called Rafael Nadal? Susanna Hofmann

Man, I would feel very good if a Grand Slam were to be played in Spain, although I don’t think that will happen. The Grand Slams have many years of tradition and it would be difficult (to change).

Hola Rafa. Is tennis a sport as macho as football? How you would see a gay tennis player? Know that you have many gay followers … Good luck. Juan Pablo Carreño

I don’t think that tennis is a macho sport

Hola Rafa. Thank you for the unforgettable moments that you make us enjoy, it’s a real pleasure to see you play tennis, you are certainly an example of humility and exceeding yourself … chapeau! My question is this … Do you think your injuries have helped you to be even stronger mentally? Good luck! Ana Docampo

Thank you very much. I think that injuries don’t help anything. Only to realize how much you want to play again.

Hi Rafa, I would like to know what your favorite song is at this moment. Good luck in RG, I hope you win:) Greetings. Akil Nati

I don’t have one in particular. I often hear Spanish music and I love the latest album of Alejandro Sanz.

Hola Rafa. For me, honestly, you’re the best Spanish athlete in history for many reasons. What player in tennis history would you resemble most? And Federer? Thanks and good luck. Marcos Barrajón

I do not know, really. Also it’s not up to me to say because I do not know the other players of those days.

Hola Rafa. You’re a crack on and off the court. Keep it up. A little question, Can the public be so annoying that players have to wait before they serve for things like a guy standing up? Shouldn’t the tennis players be able to shut out the public completely? Rodolfo Lopez

Yes, because when you toss the ball you can lose sight of it. The truth is that it can become annoying. We try to be focused on the serve and you can lose it. It seems like nonsense but that’s how it is.

Hola Rafa. In principle, my most sincere congratulations and good luck in this Roland Garros. My question is not about your tennis in particular, but on a legal detail. Have the players any kind of insurance to cover injury, accident (you lose a hand for example), or a deranged person to go to the court and hurt you (the same as what happened to Monica Seles)? Thanks and a hug. Manuel Ruiz

In my case, I have Mapfre … :-).

Hola Rafa. First of all I congratulate you for being back with such a high level again, we really needed you. I would like to know what do you think of the many players who have had to say no to several tournaments this year because of injuries. Is the calendar still a bit frustrating for the athlete’s health? I wish you the best. A hug from Colombia. Marena Solorzano Martinez

It is a very good question with a very long answer, believe me. It is clear that tennis has to go to surfaces that would be better for the body. All sports tend to be played (basketball is a clear example) on surfaces trying to avoid injury. In our case, there are more concrete courts nowadays than before, so something is wrong in that sense.

What do you think about the prices to attend the tournaments? I’m a Telecommunications Engineer with a permanent job and good salary for the way the things are. However, seeing the prices of the Madrid Masters to watch you play, for example, got me dizzy. I wonder who can afford it beyond the politicians and millionaires who crowded the stands. Robert Martinez

It’s a good question, but believe me I do not know the answer. You would have to ask that question to the promoters of the tournaments.

7 Responses

  1. solaris says:

    Can’t believe they made Rafa answer that stupid question about gay tennis players…Nonsense.

    • sharon says:

      Why is it nonsense? I think Rafa gave a very good answer. He said a lot without really saying too much and I give him kudos. I love that young man more than ever!

      • solaris says:

        Nonsense was the question not the answer – I can’t see possible difference between straight and gay tennis player…

  2. aRafaelite says:

    Hmmn, I wonder how long it will be before Rafa brings up ticket pricing with tournament organisers…?! Not that it will change anything. Apparently ticket prices for the Australian Open are cheaper than most 500 series (even some 250) tourneys in Europe… how can fans afford it? It’s a good question.

  3. Fay says:

    Yes it is expensive but to be fair, if it was cheap to go and watch tennis then we would lose the prestige of the sport. I know it sounds snobby but I recently had to pay alot for Queens tickets just so I could get Centre court (good matches weather permitting), it was alot for me but I love the sport so much I have had to make sacrificies being a mum of two… Can you imagine what kind of crowd would come if the tickets were too cheap?

    • miri says:

      Maybe a crowd that might actually show up to watch the tennis? Instead tickets go to fat-cats and company execs who never show up and leave all the expensive seats empty. Since those are the seats that show up on TV, it makes the sport look pitifully attended.

    • kefuoe says:

      I think it’s important for any sport to have a wide fan base, both for its continued success as a commercial venture and to inspire young people to take up the sport.

      For me personally, I wouldn’t be very interested in a sport that seemed to be only for a select few.