RG: Rafa blog and Q&A – day 5


The theme for today’s blog entry is…early.

Quite a good day today. It started very early for what we normally do since I left for the tournament site at 8am. Had my warm up at 8.45am which is a very early time to hit normally. The problem for me was to go to sleep – to get to sleep rather. I normally go to sleep around 12.30 and 1 am and so yesterday I decided not to go out for dinner, had some room service and go to sleep soon…That was the intention.

So had an early match which is also good since we finished pretty early. With press conference and a promotional act I did for IBATUR (Balearic Islands Tourism Board) at the tournament I was practically done by 3.30 pm. That is also very early for my standards. Other players spend less time on-site but I normally spend a lot of hours.

I have to say it was good to be back early. I got some rest in the afternoon and went for dinner with my team also early. Tomorrow I am playing again, something not common either at Grand Slams, so wanted to take things in an easy way.

Goodnight and thanks,

And now the Q&A:

I heard Toni voted for Bjorn Borg as the best clay court player ever on a survey by L’Equipe. I think he’s wrong and you are the best. What do you think? – Vanessa, London

Rafa: I don’t know, really. I am sure he feels bad voting for me, it looks strange to vote for your nephew, I suppose. You should ask Toni actually.

Yeah, I think he was really in a bad position there. If he votes for Rafa people would be like, “Oh yeah, voting for your kin and pupil.” If he doesn’t, people are shocked he wouldn’t vote for his own family/pupil.

What did you think of Novak and Troicki impersonating you and Shakira? – Kim, London

Rafa: I haven’t seen it yet. I suppose it is funny…

“I suppose” – for some reason, that really cracks me up.

I am a very happy tennis and basketball fan, with you playing so well and the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA play-offs. Have you been in touch with Pau Gasol and are you hoping he wins another championship? – Aly

Rafa: I am many times in touch with him and I hope they win!

Good – because since he picked you to win Roland Garros, it would have been awkward if you didn’t return the favor. ;)

Sometimes you have to play against players you do not know, like Gianni Mina and Horacio Zeballos. Do you face these kind of matches in a different way then against players you have played for so many years now? – Ana, Madrid

Rafa: Not really. I always try to play my game on these occasions.

There goes that theory.

You always come across as such a modest person and enjoy your privacy. How do you manage to cope with all the attention you get? – Denzy

Rafa: It is part of the life I have and I try to be nice to everyone. Why change?

“Just doing my job, ma’am.”

What you are thinking as you prepare to serve each time? – Beth, USA

Rafa: On where to put it, how to do it, speed, angle…

“Don’t try and swop sweat with the watch…”

Why do you always bite the trophy? Why don’t you kiss it like the other players? – Rose Dakin

Rafa: I always did it since I won my first tournament.

I sense they are running out of the more original questions…

Do you have any plans to come and see any games at the World Cup? – Carmen Campbell, South Africa

Rafa: I am afraid I won’t be able to come but I’ll watch it on TV.

Sure, in the middle of slam season, he’s going to travel half-way around the world to watch some footie.

Apart from Spain who else will you support at the World Cup? – Lola Myme

Rafa: We’ll see.

Heh. Like he would admit to rooting for anyone other than Spain.

I really enjoyed watching you and Federer play doubles at the charity matches for Haiti earlier this year. Will we ever see you and Roger play a doubles event together in a tournament? I think you two would be unbeatable together. – Olivia, New Zealand

Rafa: I don’t know; I am sure at some point we will play.

I still would love to see who would end up being the boss on that team…and whether that would change during the course of the match.

3 Responses

  1. rahul says:

    Imagine roger and rafa together in doubles..
    Though doubles is a different game altogether.. but just imagine wat wud the guys on the other side feel.. ROGER AND RAFA..

    Wow would love to see them together.. actually rivalry aside.. they really seem to gel very good.. wish rafa was fluent in english, so I guess he would be really involved more with the off court things..

  2. sia says:

    Oh without a doubt Rafa would be the bossy one! Once he got comfortable.

  3. Fay says:

    Rafa had said in the past that he would love to play doubles with Roger unfortunately Roger didn’t recipricate saying “I prefer to play with someone from my own country, Switzerland”.
    I am really hoping that maybe one day they will though when they are both retired prehaps, maybe at the Hiati event they presumed it an unfair advantage!