RG: Spanish Q&A day 3

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Rafa’s next Spanish Q&A (dated the 28th) is up on elmundo.es.

We are lucky to have received this translation from Bee (do not reproduce this elsewhere without her permission):

Hello ‘Boss’, my question isn’t about Roland Garros. Have you thought about now or in the future participating in the Hopman Cup and the World Cup to complete the three titles of Spanish tennis? The Valencia Open 500 doesn’t come into your plans being one of the most important Spanish tournaments on a spectacular court? Thanks and Greetings.

The problem is that the ATP calendar is very tight and with the obligatory tournaments it makes it very difficult to play in other places. That is a lot of weeks. I love to play for my country and I love to play in my country. It really hurt me not to play in Barcelona, imagine a tournament in Spain, at home and in my club that I had to miss. It isn’t easy, believe me.

Greetings from Costa Rica. What do you do when there are rain delays during matches? How do you prepare, when you don’t know for how long the delay will be? Many thanks, you are my favourite player in history together with Sampras. (Franco Jiménez)

Unfortunately, you can’t do anything. Just wait. Today I will wait all day to play, and even after that to train. That is tennis.

Hi Rafa. After Wimbledon, are you going to modify your calendar or change anything in your preparation for the US Open, being that one the only Grand Slam that you have not won? I suppose that you would have a special wish to win that tournament, even though numbers don’t make you lose sleep. Many thanks and best of luck (Xabier Rezola)

No, in principle, no. For me each tournament is important and the way that I have planned it seems to be the most correct. We will see afterwards, depending on the results.

Thank you for giving us unforgettable moments. I would like to know if what you are wearing on your wrist is a watch or a pulsometer and why you are using it now after all this time. (Joaquín Hidalgo)

Many thanks. It is a watch that Richard Mille has made so that I can play with it. It is a goal of his and more or less mine, because I thought that I would not be able to play with a watch, something that many people in clubs do.

Hi Rafa, Do you usually stay to watch the players’ matches in Roland Garros? If you do, how do you select who you are going to see? Lots of luck campeón. (Santiago Izquierdo)

It’s difficult to watch courtside, but if I do watch it is in the locker room and the restaurant, as well as in the hotel.

When you beat Federer in Wimbledon, he said it was because there was poor light and he couldn’t see, in Australia it was because you are left-handed and you have an advantage, now, after Madrid that it is because playing on clay is easier, and you don’t need to have more than legs and a good forehand… don’t you think it a bit off that the great Roger has to put a “but” each time he loses against you? (Rafa Sañudo)

I think that this is more a press theme. Roger is always very correct with me and we have a very good relationship, in that we have a lot of respect for each other.

Thanks Rafael, not only for your great tennis, but also for your greatness off the court where you represent Spain in an exemplary manner. My question is why do you change your racquet after exactly eight games? (José Tague)

I change every time there are new balls, just before or just after depending if there is a change or not. It is to play the new ball with the best tension.

Hi Rafa. The tennis public is becoming more rowdy and disrespectful every year, and that is in every country. What do the players think about this? Does the possibility exist for the players to make a joint communication requesting more respect? One this is to cheer your player and another is to boo the opponent. (Mario Hernández)

I don’t know if it is like that. I think that the public varies depending on the tournament and the country. No problem.

Hi Rafa, I am convinced that this year Roland Garros won’t escape you. My question has nothing to do with tennis, but a world phenomenon that is “Lost”, a series that you have also become hooked on and has kept you company during yours of competition. Have you seen the end? Did you like it, or like so many others did you feel cheated that not everything was revealed? Congratulations for the great season that you are having. Lots of luck campeón. M. Paqui Sánchez (Melilla)

No, I haven’t seen the end and don’t know how it ends. I will see it in DVD which is how I follow the series these years. :-)

I worry (after RG) that you will have been two years without stepping on grass. Do you think it will be hard getting to your 2008 level? (Vicente Peris)

I don’t know if I will have the level, but sure I am glad to return.

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  1. ang says:

    I love that Rafa watches LOST. My new wish is to watch that show with Rafa. I think I might send him a question to see what his favorite season and episode is.

    • Amanda says:

      I don’t understand how anyone can understand Lost in English.. let alone Lost translated.. :)I’ve watched for years, saw how it ended, and still am saying “WTF!” to myself! :)

  2. aRafaelite says:

    Rafa Sañudo… *splutters tea all over self*… how many times have I thought it but not said it?!

    • killian says:

      Me, too. And I love that Rafa remains above reproach by not answering back. Truly a wise old soul in a young god’s body!

  3. tennisfun says:

    thank you Bee and Miri.