RG: Vamos!

Thanks to kefuoe for pointing out this Rafa video on the official site.

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  1. Manahil says:

    Cant see it, can only hear the audio.

  2. Isabelle says:

    Would like to know what Mina said.

    • Violts says:

      “He’s powerful, but he breaks you down with consecutive forehands. He puts intensity on every point and physically, he’s a monster!” smiles afterwards…

    • cath says:

      Isabelle, there were subtitles for Mina… he said about Nadal:
      ‘He’s powerful, but(?) he breaks you down with consecutive forehands. He put intensity on every point – and physically, he’s a monster!’ Then he kinda snort-laughs

      • Isabelle says:

        Thank you cath and Violts! I didn’t get any subtitles! I love the “he’s a monster”, such an adorable monster!!!

  3. An says:

    Well i had to download and install all kind off programs to be able to see it… Not sure if Bf is going to be happy with me doing so, but heck, its for Rafa!! He’ll have to understand :P

    • miri says:

      Argh, sorry you had to do it. Hopefully, they will eventually put it up on YouTube and I’ll redo the link. If they’d only let you either embed their videos or let you link directly to a video in their flash player, all would be well.

      • an says:

        Do’nt appolagize Miri! Its not youre fault they bring out the vids this way… Nor is it that i’m a total disaster (according to bf anyway ) in downloading and storing things on a computer…. He’ll fix it… And i just can say thank you for all Nadal News, No? :)

  4. tiemyshoe says:

    LOL @ the overexcited DJ. “This sound is powerful like Nadal!”

    I’m going to use this analogy whenever possible. “This mouthwash is powerful like Nadal!”

    • kefuoe says:

      I like that idea. I may even shorten it further, just using Nadal to mean powerful: “I tried this new mouthwash, and it was so Nadal,” or, “Since I switched to a higher octane gas, my car is a lot more Nadal.”

  5. Viva says:

    Here it is ! The parody of Gypsy by Djokovic and Troicki :

    • Eliana says:

      OMG LOLLLLL! This is really weird but awesomely funny for me! Troicki seems to be enjoying too much being Rafa here and oogling Nole being all kinds of “sexy”, I guess :P Thanks for the link Viva!

    • sharon says:

      I love that video! I’m sure Rafa will laugh his butt off over it. Nole is quite the comedian and from what Rafa said in his Q&A I’m sure Nole does it quite often in the locker room to tease him. Too funny!

    • Stf says:

      I knew that Nole would do it. I just knew it. Didn’t Rafa say he’d get Nole to do it? What are the chances he actually did get Nole to do it? Hmmm. ;)

  6. Susanna728 says:

    I LOVE the Vamos video! Love hearing other folks talking about the wonders of Rafa. On the Djokovic-Troicki video – ummm – not really sure how to react. I do like Nole and don’t mind his teasing Rafa, but it’s kind of more bizarre than funny don’t you think?

  7. Adriana says:

    Miri, how can I send you tips? Here’s Nole and Troicki in a Gipsy parody (Nole as Shakira, priceless…) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtroAInG-1A I’m waiting for Rafa’s answer to this. He said we might do some karaoke today Friday :)

  8. fay says:

    Well this is so so funny, Djokovic at his best and Troicki? what is he doing lol! I am sitting in the library trying not to crack up too much, he hee… my routa for my wireless internet at home has busted so I am waiting for a new one, so no sound and no real player in the library, I cycled here to catch up with Rafa news! its worth every minute, thanks for sending this in! I hope to watch the locker room clip when I am up and running again.! *sobs*

  9. Atch2 says:

    Great selection of Rafa’s shots. Great pumping music.

    LOL at the deep-voiced French umpire’s ‘Oh YEAHH’!

  10. EJL says:

    yeah, it’s the best reaction to the given Qw. Exclamations say mOre when it comes to Nadal