RG: Spanish Q&A day 2

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Thanks to tiemyshoe for alerting me to the fact that Rafa’s second elmundo.com Q&A is up. In today’s episode, we learn that Rafa’s a traditional guy, he likes both luxurious and non-luxurious tournaments, people will always ask him for freebies, and, most importantly of all: a Rafa/Marc! karaoke is still a possibility. *ahem* Sorry for all the yelling, but I have my priorities.

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  1. kefuoe says:

    Clearly Marc! is the one who needs the arm-twisting. Is it time for a Facebook campaign? Maybe someone could just show up at his next match with a “Cantar, por favor, Marc!” sign.

  2. sia says:

    Sounds like a scheduling problem. Miri you’re good with that sort of thing … RG could use some help in that department.

  3. alhm says:

    “Change for me does not seem right.”

    Google, he’s not that much of a traditionalist/stuck up.

    He says that changing things just for the sake of change/no real reason doesn’t seem right to him. (~~Blue clay courts~~)

    Trying to figure out what are these non-lux tournament that he says he likes.

    • tiemyshoe says:

      Beijing Olympics?

    • Inés says:

      Probably Queens, he loves to play in traditional tennis club, like MonteCarlo, Queens or Barcelona, they are tennis clubs that organize tournaments

      • fay says:

        Yes Rafa loves tennis clubs or at least has said so, well I hope to catch him at queens, we will see, I am thinking that it will be too much for him, the tennis I mean..

    • kefuoe says:

      What I saw of the players’ areas in Miami didn’t look all that glamorous. However, there are lots of nice places to stay and eat and play while there.

    • miri says:

      Thanks for the clarification. He’s said the change for the sake of change isn’t a good thing before (and I tend to agree!)

  4. Atch2 says:

    Don’t get your hopes up too much cos Marc!’s playing mixed and men’s double so he’ll be a busy bunny too. But if anyone can twist Marc!’s arm (literally and figuratively), it’s probably gonna be Rafa.

  5. Ilian says:

    Wonderful all the work that you do Miri, you’re awesome. You summed up the Q & A really well. In case some of you enjoy word per word translation, I managed to do it before my hands got sore.

    1. Have you noticed like other players in this tournament, that the balls weigh less than usual, that there’s less dirt, which make the courts faster?

    A. The truth is, I find the balls a little heavier, but the .courts are indeed a little faster, the latter is probably due to the warmer conditions, which in turn, make the balls travel or move faster. Nevertheless, Roland Garros courts are known to always be somewhat lighter.

    2. Rafa, keep working hard this year, you will get wins. Which opponent would you like to face in the final? And, could you also give me one of your discarded rackets?

    A. I would prefer to just make the final, that would be great news for me, and if I reach them, really doesn’t matter agaisnt who. I always give away rackets, but it would be hard to get one to you.

    3. You seem more positive this year, good idea not to see all of your draw, anyway because if there is one unlucky person that would be your opponent. Do you see this year that your are managing your time spent playing, seems like you’re plalying at best you can, and trying to shorten the points. Is this true?

    A. I have been doing this for a while, or at least trying.

    4. Hi Rafael. Congratulations. During these past years, do you think that playing against Federer has made you a better player and viceversa?
    A. Thank you. Playing against Federer has helped me improve for sure, I don’t know about him though, but one thing for sure is, he has improved over the years.

    5. In your press conference, you mentioned you had practiced at center court, but your first match on Tuesday was in a different court. Did you noticed the difference? Does it influence your game? Thanks and good luck against H. Zeballos!

    a. Of course I noticed the difference, but it didn’t influence much last Tuesday. Thanks for asking.

    6. Hi Rafa. First of all, I completely agree with skipping Conde de Godo. It’s very obvious that you’re great physically and you can achieve many things like that. From your point of view, which one is the most luxurious tournament, with the best facilities, the most comfort, etc.

    A. Those are a lot of questions, but affirmative to all. I’ve always love to play in Spain because is my country, my home is there and it’s very special. In terms of the things you point, I like Monte Carlo, but I like other tournaments regardles of best facilities, etc.

    7. Greetings from Venezuela. It’s always a pleasure seeing you play each tournament, Who is the angriest player on court?

    A. Thanks and greetings to you too. I truly couldn’t tell you of one player, as there are several of them.

    8. Congrats on your extraordinary season that you are treating us with, best of luck. Are we going to see you sing in the official Roland Garros kareokee like Murray, Soderling and Tsonga did? We still haven’t forgotten your version of La Bamba.

    A. Yes I think I’m gonna do it, but I’m trying to convince Marc Lopez to sing with me, if he won’t, it’s already decided I’d do it. It won’t be tomorrow since my match finishes late, but if I’m still playing by Friday then I’ll do it.

    9. Hi Rafa, Congratulations for being who you are. Your forehand was short yesterday, what happened in those moments? Though you have won some matches, your forehand is short sometimes, without much pace (meaning less potent) Is it a problem with your feet positioning? Big hug.

    A. Thanks, that’s right, I played badly, and I would like to know why as well.

    10. Congrats on your season, and thanks for the great moments that you treat us with. I notice that you’re a man fond of tennis traditions, why?

    A. Because tennis is also a tradition and with a lot of history. I don’t think is right to make changes for changes sake.

  6. Ilian says:

    Are you going to sing… sorry for the typo

    • an says:

      Thanks Ilian! Google translations always give me headache so i usualy try to read it in spanish… But a translation is wonderfull! Oh a duet with Marc! must be…. We must let Marc! know trough comments on Rafa’s blogs (remember he does read them..) or fb wall how we want that to happen, No? Iff Marc! realy is the friendly guy we think he is… No way he could deny us, No? *crosses fingers*

  7. tennisfun says:

    thank you Ilian.

  8. Rafangel says:

    THanks Ilian :)

    Heh, guess we know the answer to yesterday’s question about RG moving (in case we hadn’t guessed).

    Lol, I’m not sure Queen’s would be happy to hear it suggested they’re not that luxurious…they’re unbelievably snotty and pretentious *shudders* *shudders again* *really dislikes attitude at Queens*

    Boo, looks like they’ve changed the schedule and Rafa won’t play today :((( Was compelled to miss his first match for the sake of good manners (devilish!!) and am missing him something rotten :(

  9. fay says:

    Oh would just love to see Rafael and Marc sing Gypsy! how funny would that be? even with Nole lol..