RG: Round 1 reports

Photo by REUTERS/Regis Duvignau


(And 80 billion other articles that said the same thing. I really only put the article section up so I could link to Tignor’s piece. Heh.)


  • ESPN report
  • iB3 report
  • iB3 post-match interview
  • rtve.es report (Here too) – Translation by Inés (do not reproduce without her permission):
    Rafa: (the important) Always is to win , and also, starting like this in RG, I think it is also important to win, not playing your best. I think I has been a bit more nervous than it should ….

    Rafa: I think I’ve made things easy so he could show off, indeed, but well, he is young and it’s always good to have young players on the tour ….

  • Why he’s the king
  • Rafa is amused

5 Responses

  1. loverafa4ever says:

    i luvd the video… ” why he’s the king”.. and yes the will conquer and get his throne back..

  2. Nana says:

    Wow, for the first time I like what Gimmelslob (spelling?) did! But can he please say Rafa’s name right? “Rafeee-al” puts a needle in my eardrums every time.

    And Tignor is insightful as ever. There’s certainly a ritualistic aura in Rafa’s on court movements. I feel safe and contented seeing him walk the line, toss the ball, align the bottles, towel himself down, and yes pull his undies, and etc etc.

  3. Josh says:

    I love ESPN’s outrage that he might be abusing the medical timeouts system.

    Its interesting though because the commentary in the UK didn’t see it like that; they thought Rafa and Bernardes were talking about football and that Spain and Brazil might play each other in the upcoming World Cup.

    I dunno what happened though really.

  4. rubik says:

    Dear Tignor! It’s really amusing that he picked, for the purpose of highlighting Nadal’s “rituals”, the very match where Nadal was playing an ATP tennis match, and a GS match at RG at that, for the very first time wearing a large watch on his right wrist, which required that Nadal moved his wrist band up his right arm. Two changes that have a significant impact on any tennis player, including Nadal, while playing any ATP Tour match, including a GS match at RG.