Baby Rafa winning Acapulco title

Posted by sztregozone – check out their channel for the rest of the match.

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  1. Fay says:

    Nice find Miri, I never saw any of his clay matches in 2005 prior to the French Open, his ground strokes here are awsome, I forget that even though his game was more counterpunching then he was so so strong for his age. I loved the commentators comments also.. baby Rafa was indeed cute!

  2. loverafa4ever says:

    wow… look at how fast he serves. 2 3 bounces and there u go.

  3. Phyzzie says:

    They both look like babies! And, yes, Rafa did play faster then. He must be getting old now so he has to slow down…..

  4. patzin says:

    I watched the 6 parts – he was being called the ‘phenom’ and the future of Spanish men’s tennis. He was impressive as a 18 year old. I think this was beginning of his fantastic clay court run. Interesting to compare this Rafa to the bag check Rafa. Sweet.

  5. Atch2 says:

    Is this the tournament where he lost the Pear trophy in the taxi?

    Baby Rafa looks invisible there. So many compliments from the commentators.

  6. sombina says:

    Is that the way americans pronounce Nadal? I understand why somebody can find it annoying. LOL! But other than that so much love for Rafa: “The sky is the limit for Rafa Nadal” “The future of spanish tennis” “Nerves of steel”

    My favourite part at 8:02

    Commie 1: Oh, to be 18 again. Ought to be 18, a professional athlete, wealthy and attractive. This kids got it all, doesn’t he?

    Commie 2: You bet

    • Karen says:

      I love his slightly, very slightly scruffy & not a care in the world look here. Hope he attacks like this for the next 7 matches!