RG: Early morning grab bag

I’m up this darn early to post the draw, let’s see what else I can find to post… (Rafa will be doing press today, so I’m sure there will be plenty to post later.)

Argentinean TV Roland Garros preview:

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  1. Inés says:

    Just one thing, the video of the RG preview is from the Argentinean TV or from a south-american TV, not from the Spanish TV

  2. dk says:

    I sorry if this is not the right thread to post this but I wonder what people thought of the article at
    http://www.usatoday.com/sports/tennis/2010-05-20-rafael-nadal-knee-injuries_N.htm ?

  3. Viva says:

    Had you ever seen Rafa in white jeans ?


    Now it’s done… :) It was at Tsonga Charity Cocktail yesterday night (same event as the photo taken with Robert Pires, a French football player, in the last link).

  4. Nana says:

    I watched, or rather “endured” the WTF highlights on the plane and it’s only because Rafa’s doing so well now that I can stand it. I can’t believe it was only 6 months ago. He looked so vulnerable then that it was painful to see. I wonder what exactly Toni meant by “there were reasons” for his bad performance in London?

  5. JC says:

    In the Argentinian video… is Federer talking about a “Roger slam”? Seriously???

    • Marilyn Wasserman says:

      Why shouldn’t he? This year is probably the best shot Roger’s going to get at it. With Del Potro out of every slam this year, Djoko ailing and Murray not really a credible slam threat to him as yet, there’s nothing but Rafa and his knees between Fed and a slam sweep that would really nail down his GOAThood. Until someone betters his record, anyway. Vamos Rafa!!

      • JC says:

        Maybe, but he could call it the grand slam or the calendar slam like everybody else… next he will begin to refer to himself in third person!
        Anyway, I’m not sure his remarks are made this year, because he says, he thinks it’s his time to win the title now, so maybe it’s from last year.

      • JC says:

        I mean, he is talking about finally winning the French Open.

  6. Fay says:

    This preview for RG looks great and I only wish I could understand it, Rogers interviews are an insight of his disappointment at losing to Rafa 4 times at RG including the 1st in the semi’s of course. It doesn’t surprise me that Roger is talking about the Roger slam, he wants the G.o.a.t. tag to be credible so he is going for more records now..

  7. Fay says:

    I loved that pose of Rafa winning his RG on debut, it was the start of even better things to come, he looks so boyishly handsome there, this is where my admiration for Rafa began!

  8. loverafa4ever says:

    The one where Roger says that he will prefer to play Novak, he makes a Rafa expression… Luv 2 see all the moments Rafa went thru from 2005-2008.

  9. Nana says:

    The VID is a bit melodramatic, isn’t it? The editor seems to love the look of the loser so much =P