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  1. EJL says:

    lots of thanks to Tignor: Champion Nadal
    champion Henin
    this predictions sound great for us no?.. Oh Lord just let it happen,plz.. Bundle of thanks to Miri as well

  2. EJL says:


  3. robert says:

    In that second embedded video, check out the right sleeve of Rafa’s lilac Nike polo: there’s a big number 18, celebrating his record number of Masters titles.

    Luckily, Nike had the good sense not to put number 18 on some new jacket, handed over to him on court right after he defeated Federer in Madrid (as they did with that notorious “16 jacket” for Federer at Wimbledon).

    Rubbing it in to Roddick is one thing; doing that to Federer is unthinkable to Nike.

    Come to think of that, Nike had ALWAYS kept such celebratory garb for postmatch photo-ops (remember when Rafa reached 4 RGs in a row in 2008, his polo with four years emblazoned on it was donned on that Parisian bridge for a photoshoot with the trophy the next day, and NOT immediately on court where he defeated Federer).

    So it seems that good manners are broken only when Federer reaches a milestone.

    • miri says:

      I think it has something to do with the brand of the shirt, not Rafa’s record. I know Hilfiger has shirts with a crest on the front and rough looking numbers on the sleeves.

      • robert says:

        You’re right, the lilac Rafa shirt is Hilfiger, not Nike. But it’s obviously chosen by Rafa & his team to symbolise his record, can’t be a coincidence.

        That it’s a Hilfiger supports my point even more – Rafa and Federer do things differently. So it was up to Rafa to find something like that days after the match, and Nike did not prepare a thing, neither after the fact nor in advance (as they did for Federer).

        • CC says:

          Robert, the shirt is Cerruti 1881, hence the 18 on the sleeve. I believe Rafa wears their clothes sometimes, think he went to a Cerruti promotional party somewhere at a tourney (can’t remember where…). :)

          • miri says:

            Thanks! I couldn’t remember the name of the brand. I think it’s the same brand as a rather nice fitting black shirt he’s worn a few times.

  4. Susanna728 says:

    We’ve gotta teach Rafa some new descriptors besides ‘special’ ‘important’ and ‘a dream.’ I have a feeling there would be lots of volunteers among us to do the tutoring. I personally am available to fly to Paris immediately.

  5. Fay says:

    Well you have been busy Miri, loads of Rafa news to go through, talk about RG and RN mania! its relentless, and I am sure Rafa must be getting uncomfortably with it all, great pics btw..

  6. miri says:

    More from iB3 on the draw – with bonus practice footage: here.

    • Fay says:

      Nice to see him practicing well, I love that footage when he won MC and he falls on his back on the clay in relief, what a sight it was and what a moment…

  7. CC says:

    Reloj, reloj, reloj, reloj, reloj… Yes, I remember that word from the Spanish textbook at school!

    Urm…Rafa’s wearing WHITE trousers…? That’s just…wrong. For f-cks sake, my dearest, pull yerself together and sort your wardrobe out. Like NOW.

    • An says:

      Yep CC, as soon as i noticed it i tought, how the hell did he hide this one from us…..
      Yes Rafa, this one has to GO too!! Be a good boy! :D

  8. Fay says:

    I agree, white trousers? I never like even on Rafa.

  9. chinkyv says:

    OMG!! I give my computer a break for just one weekend and I come back to so much Rafa news!! I haven’t even gotten to the general tennis news yet! Damn, so much to read up on… and I’m supposed to be working. Oh well, guess the real work can start after work. For now, back to catching up :-) *hurries off* Oh and did I forget to say “Vamos Rafa!!” Good luck at RG this year. I want him to win so bad but I thought about it more this weekend and I just hope he plays his best and doesn’t get injured again. I’m kinda crossing my fingers and toes that he repeats at Wimbledon this year (might even take that over regaining the RG crown, not sure yet). coz him missing it last year HURT A LOT!!!

  10. chinkyv says:

    Oops! I meant *the real work can start after lunch*