RG: Sponsor, exho and practice [Updated]

Busy day for Rafa today! He did a presser about his contract with the fancy-schmancy watch company, played an exhibition with Tsonga, and had a practice session. The tournament has posted a video of the practice session on their Facebook page (you don’t have to be a member to see it). Photos below.

Photos by AP Photo/Laurent Ciprianil, JACQUES DEMARTHON/AFP/Getty Images, and the FFT via the Roland Garros site.

Updated: Added more practice photos.

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  1. loverafa4ever says:

    Typical Rafa pics… :D… and luvd the bro bonding… ;)

  2. robert says:

    That exo with Tsonga was a Babolat kids clinic.

    Notice how Jo also wears a watch (not a Tourbillon, but still!).

    Here’s Rafa with the watch designer, Richard Mille:

    When you wear a Rolex, you flaunt your wealth. A Tourbillon is not about that, it’s in a different league. This watch is a technical marvel, a work of art, and not a utilitarian timepiece. It’s like Victoria’s Secret diamond encrusted underwear or a John Galliano ginormous and unwearable end-of-show crinoline. It’s a symbol of excellence.

    Yesterday, still in Mallorca, was a golfing day for Rafa, Xisca and friends:
    [edited – sorry, I took the links to this out. Since this appears to be a private round of golf (not playing an exhibition or pro-am tournament), I’d rather not link to the photos. Thanks – miri.]

  3. Sapphireswell says:

    Squee! Those lilacRafa pics pulled me out of a bad, bad mood! And I always love a good hair tuck. :D

    He’s so handsome all primped up for the fancy watch people. *sigh*

  4. bardant says:

    soooo sexy and chamring on the 1st and 2nd pics

  5. bardant says:


  6. miri says:

    Added more practice photos

  7. allys says:

    he looks good in any colour!

  8. CC says:

    OK, so the like most expensive watch eva’ is what Rafa’s official site is promising will be a world wide hit?! And there will only be 50 of them? And they cost something like 500.000 euros?

    *scratches head*

    Yep. That sounds like a world wide hit to me.

    Or not.

    • JK says:

      I am amazed.. I read about this new watch he is going to wear over a month ago and since then I am left scratching my head.

      How can a watch be sooo expensive. Its 20 gms. Even if it is pure gold or platinum it should not be that expensive!

      What is so special?

      • CC says:

        Oh, I think it’s made from things from outer space!

        Hang on…

        *scratches head again*

        It was something to do with space ships, I think. ;)

        • JK says:

          I am left baffled.

          I guess some things are just priced high with no real reason.
          Its like expensive wine – no real reason for one bottle to be $3000 and another $10. Someone is ready to pay $3000 and therefore the price :)

      • robert says:

        There’s a simple reason – technology.

        A mechanical watch has to be reasonably heavy to work and be perfectly precise. Gold, diamonds, rubies – these are the materials used, and they are heavy. On the other hand, light watches are cheap, non-mechanical, microchip & battery things.

        Now, Tourbillon is LIGHT, while super precise mechanical watch. Space technology, light composite materials, yet still perfect. A trade secret, one of a kind. Thus expensive.

  9. JK says:

    I read this somewhere –

    Nadal is known on tour as a creature of habit, someone who strictly follows all sorts of rituals before and during matches, right down to the way his drink bottles are arranged near his changeover chair. So it’s a bit curious that the left-hander is breaking a pattern by donning his fancy new watch; never before has he played a match with one.

    On Thursday, he was still getting used to the idea, saying that while he knows he will wear the accessory on his right wrist on the court and on his left wrist off it, he still hasn’t figured out whether he will also wear his customary sweatbands on both arms while competing.

    As for whether he worries about the possibility of not quite getting his racket on an opponent’s blistering shot, allowing a ball to hit the expensive watch and damage it, Nadal said with a smile: “I am very fast. It’s not going to happen.”

  10. tiemyshoe says:

    Maybe I’m over-identifying with Maymo, but can’t Rafa bring his hand up a bit so that Maymo doesn’t have to crouch in what looks like a totally uncomfy position? Oh Rafa.

    • Atch2 says:

      I think Rafa’s spolit. Most of the time he doesn’t pay any attention to what Maymo’s doing. One day I’d luv Maymo to bind Rafa’s fingers together as a practical joke, so Rafa will learn to be more helpful with the iodining and bandaging :)

      I like Maymo’s haircut too. Very military short.

      And that young lady sure is lucky to be sandwiched between the Babolat babes.

  11. kyukee says:

    wearing a watch during a match is pretty much the in thing right now.

    and watches especially with men is like women and shoes, heck if i am as rich as he is then i would probably buy one too.

    • JK says:

      Kyukee – the best part is he did not buy it. He is endorsing it – so he actually got the watch to wear AND got paid for it!

      The joys of being a celeb :)

  12. robert says:

    Few blurbs from Rafa and Richard Mille:

    “It is an honour for me than someone like Richard has chosen me as one of his ambassadors. Since the moment we met there was a special feeling. I know that he has worked very hard to be able to create this very special watch. I am honoured and I am sure it will be a special and successful partnership.”, Rafa Nadal said.
    “I love Rafael’s personality, his humility, his love and respect for people, his gentleman mentality contrasting his warrior behaviour when on a tennis court. I think that the French audience has not fully comprehended yet the endearing character Rafael Nadal is”.
    “In terms of developing the watch, he demanded the best, and it encouraged us to go beyond the technical limits. This watch can be described as a typical product of Rafael Nadal, far away from all the marketing products currently in vogue”, Richard Mille said.

    • Atch2 says:

      “I love Rafael’s personality, his humility, his love and respect for people, his gentleman mentality contrasting his warrior behaviour when on a tennis court. I think that the French audience has not fully comprehended yet the endearing character Rafael Nadal is”.

      So true.

  13. Nana says:

    I still can’t imagine how how he can wear wristband with watch, or watch in place of wristband cos’ he does use his right wristband for sweat… Maybe they should add sweat absorption to the technology!

    BTW, shouldn’t the exo match have paired rafa and kid vs Jo and kid, instead of Rafa and Jo vs Kids?