Random Rafa update for the day


According to Rafa’s site he should have started his training for Roland Garros today. He’ll head there on Thursday and take part in a promo for a new sponsor – I’m assuming it’s the mondo expensive watch. Be sure to check out the post on his site for a picture of him and his plate from Madrid.

As tweeted by loltennis, it looks like Rafa took part in some sort of Taekwondo promo while in Madrid. This resulted in adorkable photos. Or as loltennis tweeted:

omg rafa, such a dork ;__; mental image of rafa the taekwondo fighter comes as easy as rafa the harley d enthusiast


And, lastly, not really any new footage here, but according to the Google translation of the text on the originating page, it’s about how Rafa’s year has turned around and how can regain the #1 during Roland Garros – yes, the presser fest has begun.

11 Responses

  1. tiemyshoe says:

    It’s going to be impossible to avoid the press hype, isn’t it?

    • miri says:

      *hands tiemyshoe a paper bag to breath into*

      Yep – odds makers are having a ball declaring Rafa the über favorite to win.

      • an says:

        *sigh* A month ago they where sure he would never be able to beat another top 10 player again… And now they would practicly hand him the RG and Wimbly trophy + the #1 ranking without a ball being hit…. Journo’s….

  2. CC says:

    *ticks box*

    Yup, Rafa looks hot in taekwondo outfit too.

    “…a new sponsorship deal which promises to be a worldwide hit.”

    Hm. Is that really the obscenely expensive watch they are saying is going to be a worlwide hit? I find that hard to believe.

  3. Fay says:

    Sorry but these are the most dorkiest pictures, Rafa in taekwondo outfit, nah it hides his beautiful physique, wrong fit!

  4. Atch2 says:

    You can’t get more adorable and dorkable than Rafa being The Karate (Tawkwondo) Kid. Does Rafa get a free ride to the black belt bec he won the Madrid Masters Serious?

    Rafa did you hear us compliment you in that black shirt? :) And I think Rafa really likes the trophy bec it gives him an undistorted reflection of himself.

    Rafa’s snort laughing on stage is so so damn adorable. He cracks himself up so often, and even made the Queen laugh hard too.

  5. mariajessica says:

    The pic of Rafael in a Taekwondo uniform cracked me up. What a goofball :)

  6. Emma R says:

    That taekwondo kit is the wost outfit I’ve seen Rafa in since he paraded about in that sort of ceremonial robe/kimono type thing in…China?? The saving grace is that I think I can see in his smile a slight awareness of how ridiculous it is. Or maybe it’s just me.

    I was hoping for a view strategically photographed high kicks, but guess will just have to hold that particular image in my imagination.

  7. Silhouette says:

    Rafa looks so cute in the taekwondo outfit, a bit awkard too… Hehe, he’s so cute!
    I love how he was laughing so giddly during his speech at Madrid…

    Btw, what happened at 0:27? I’m guessing that’s RG 2009?

  8. JC says:

    I’m a little disappointed… when I read miri’s introduction to the taekwondo photosession, I was already imagining Rafa in a black belt – and nothing but a black belt. Needless to say, I found him a little overdressed, but of course adorable as always… he never really lets you down.

  9. Fay says:

    Yes the insufferable press around Rafa, boy I bet he is glad to be in Majorca, is tommorow that he goes to Paris? so here we go, the ultimate test and the parisian crowds, good luck Rafa, we are all behind you sweetie, he is such! a sweetie!