Back to Mallorca

Rafa and his mounds of luggage are back in Mallorca:

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  1. girl_from_mi says:

    Have they stopped presenting the Master’s Sheild at the tournaments?

  2. sunset says:

    Love the sunshine in his hair with wind caressing and messing up with his hair–a soothing and comforting scene. Never get tired of the “Odysseus returning Ithaca” sense of relief–reminder of what a long and extraordinary journey he took to finally get back home.

    • killian says:

      Love this, sunset. Very fitting for our boy/hero. And especially a relief-reminder after this very long tough year. Thanks for the poetry of your description. Rafa is Epic!

  3. sia says:

    Are those seahorses in the BG making out?

    • Atch2 says:

      I think it’s a baby sucking on it’s mother’s tit.

      • aRafaelite says:

        After the father (yes, you heard me right!) gives birth to the baby seahorses, their parents play no role whatsoever in their upbringing. Seahorses do form pair bonds, spending the night on their own and re-establishing contact with their mate in the morning, by curling their tails aroudn each other and “cuddling up”. So yes, they could be making out! Or they could just be two seahorses living in the same area saying hello, and discussing how lucky they are to live close to the natural wonder that is Rafa Nadal!

        • Fay says:

          Oh lol lol.. love your theory, “discussing how lucky they are to live close to the natural wonder that is Rafa Nadal! “

  4. Atch2 says:

    Yah Rafa is saefly back on his island. Nice to see sunshine, and be away from the cold and rain of Madrid, no

    Maymo looked like he wanted to steer well away from the press.
    And I’m guessing that that’s not all of Rafa’s luggage. Bet his family had to carry some of his back too.

    • CC says:

      Yes, Rafa in sunny Mallorca is always a good new. Hope he gets some good beach rest before RG.

      Hope you are safe, Atch2!

      • Atch2 says:

        Safe, thanks CC. Haven’t been back to work since Thurs bec my office is in the rally zone. Red shirts are the scum of the earth.

        • CC says:

          I’m glad you are safe.

        • An says:

          Glad to hear that too Atch2! Hope things settle down quick so that you can feel free to go where you want to go again…

          Good to know that Rafa is back safe in Mallorca too, he won’t have too much time to enjoy his sunny island tough i guess, he will be hadding for Paris soon, No? Keeping my fingers crossed for him that the vulcano ashes make it possible to go there by plain!

          In the meantime, Rafa honey, how is the tempreature in the poole? I’d like to come over for a swim or so…;)

          • CC says:

            Well, I’m meant to go over to Rafaisland in a couple of weeks, so I’ll let you know An! Sadly, Rafa won’t be there, because he will be playing the second week of RG. ;)

            • An says:

              Thats very sweet CC, but you do understand i’d prefer to hear it from Rafa, No? ;)

              Cool youre going there, are you going alone or with bf?? Anyway, yes, better iff Rafa’s not there but in Paris…

              I tryed to convince bf a vacation on Mallorca would be a lot off fun but somehow he’s not to enthousiastic about it, i wonder why?;)

              • CC says:

                With BF. We normally go. Mallorca is the most common holiday destination for Swedes. It’s just where you go. Not because of Rafa.

                • An says:

                  Yeah, off course, i know that! :D

                  Believe me, i would never go there to go looking for Rafa too…. not my thing! But i guess i blew my chance to go there for a holiday by once saying in a serious conversation that iff Rafa ever gave me the oppurtunity himself….
                  Bf finds my adoring Rafa verry amusing but that was a little to much asked, he has enough spanish blood to make sure i stay out off his neigbourhood, just to be sure;)

                  • CC says:

                    Heh. It’s sooo nice and beautiful An, he should take you! The sea, the food, the wine…everything. I’ve never seen any seahorses, though. ;)

                    • an says:

                      I have’nt give up on trying to convince him CC… Maybe he’ll think its ok in August when its sure that Rafa is far away from his island in the states;)

        • sunset says:

          I wanted to say the same, Atch2–stay safe and hope the chaos will be over soon!

        • dutchgirl says:

          I hope the situation in Thailand will be better soon! Good to hear your in a safe zone.

          • Karen says:

            Lovely, shiny, sunny, happy, smiley Rafa. That’s all I need to see to get me through the week. Hope he’s working on his tan and getting lots of rest.

        • Rebel Naughty says:

          Sad to see Thailand in this turmoil. Stay safe…

  5. Fay says:

    Yes nice for him to be back in his sunny haven that is Mallorca.
    I am going for a holiday there 31st May with friends, oh to be in Rafa land( volcanic ash permitting), but I will be missing the 2nd week of RG which is rather stressing, hope I don’t come back to bad news! I will have 3 days after before I go to Queens, I do hope he plays.
    More on topic, I am not surprised he is avoiding the press, the RG mania around him about being the favourite must be insufferable and pressure he probably doesn’t need, going to back to Paris where he suffered prehaps one of his most painful losses barring Wimby 07, is going to be really tough for him, he will be feeling vulnerable for sure, the parisian crowds to do battle against too, this is prehaps this years ultimate test for him.. I think a few e-mails and messages of encouragement are in order now more than ever!

    • Karen says:

      I was on holiday on Mallorca in 1986 & came home on 31st May just 3 days before Rafa was born. I’m sure we drove through Manacor on our way to Palma. Must go back some time as I’d appreciate it more now as back then it was just a beach holiday island to me. With it being Rafa’s home it’s a really special place now. I love how he can relax there and just be a normal person without too much bother from the public.

    • Wooffie says:

      Hi Fay!!

      Which day are you going to Queens? :-)

    • Stf says:

      I didn’t manage to find tickets to Queens. :( I’m sure it will be fun!

      • Ch F says:

        I’m still trying to get RG tickets for the final. Not easy. Have been trying since October 2009 :-( But I’ll be there for the ladies final so maybe I’ll see Rafa somewhere. One can always hope ;-)

  6. Fay says:

    Hi Woofie,
    I am going to Queens 9th June, have tickets for Centre court!
    I am really worried about this volcanic ash thing! I am supposed to arrive back from Majorca on the 6th June so I hope there are no disasters!!! I am so looking forward to it.!

    • Wooffie says:

      Please please please no issues with the ash!! Rafandready (Sam) and I are there on the 10th June. Jusst thought I’d ask on the off chance.

      Hope we have a great time seeing Rafa again!!

      • Fay says:

        Oh I’ll just miss you then, and I am hoping for no ash hiccups!!! I will just die if I miss it, and praying for an extra dose of Rafa of course. If he doesn’t play I will still enjoy the tennis but I would be lying if I said that I would be gutted with him not being there! Hope you and Rafandready(Sam),”hi Sam” have a great time!!! and no rain please!!! tennis gods.