Rankings: May 17th

The new rankings are up. Only one change in the top ten, but it’s a nice one.

Pos Name Points Pos Moved Tourns Played
1 Federer, Roger 10,030 0 19
2 Nadal, Rafael 6,880 +1 17
3 Djokovic, Novak 6,405 -1 21
4 Murray, Andy 5,565 0 17
5 Del Potro, Juan Martin 5,185 0 18
6 Davydenko, Nikolay 5,145 0 24
7 Soderling, Robin 4,770 0 25
8 Roddick, Andy 4,600 0 20
9 Verdasco, Fernando 3,645 0 26
10 Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried 3,185 0 25


20 Responses

  1. patzin says:

    Yeah Rafa. Ascending again – in the hunt for #1.

  2. Atch2 says:

    Our Man is back at Number 2!!! YAH!!!!

  3. sia says:

    Nice to see Ferrer move up into 11th place as well as Rafa taking back his normal position.

  4. alhm says:

    I sort of wish RG would consider the race just so Ferrer would get a top 8 seeding (he’s #3 right behind Rafa and Federer, and Verdasco is #5). But draws work in bizarre ways anyway.

    In on-topic news: 180 pts! That’s *all* Rafa has to defend in the next 3 scheduled tournaments \o/ Yes! Glorious relief! \o/

  5. An says:

    I actually could have this as a spreadsheet and study it all day :D

  6. Stf says:

    Now that’s what I like to see. Who knows, maybe after RG, he’ll be even higher. ;)

  7. tiemyshoe says:

    YES. It totally just hit me that a couple of months ago, Rafa was #4, and had a bazillion points to defend, and some people were even saying he’d go on a slide below top 5. How things can change!

    • alhm says:

      “and some people were even saying he’d go on a slide below top 5. How things can change!”

      Indeed. Though part of the change here were two players who stood to gain a lot in Feb – May being sidelined by injury. Not the best kind of change, but Rafa did his part in defending most of his pts. :D

      And unless you mean the prescient portion of tennis followers, I think most people were saying he *might* have gone on a slide below top 5. It was very possible. JMDP was within 700 pts to overtake him, defending much less.

      • sia says:

        True alhm … always sad when good players are injured. Like Rafa … this time last year which is how he got to the scary slide of his own.

        • alhm says:

          I know this too well. :((( And he had a ridiculous lead over #2 as well. Over 3000 pts or some such, kind of like the current #1 has now.

          I wasn’t implying Rafa is lucky to be #2 now (imo, if it wasn’t for the injury, he’d stay #1 from Aug ’08 to this day, even with a sucky indoor season). I was saying that the gloom at the beginning of this year re: ranking wasn’t unfounded.

      • tiemyshoe says:

        Yup, I was definitely mentally prepared for him to go into RG ranked #5 or something. And tried to ninja-brainwave myself into ignoring rankings forever and ever. In fact, it’s been a huge surprise to see Rafa back at #2.

        It’s true the others’ injuries and various mini-slumps have helped. But then again – Rafa and his knees did them all a solid last year, too.

  8. killian says:

    All is right with the world. !Vamos!

  9. dutchgirl says:

    Back at a familiar spot in the ranking!

  10. dk says:

    So, is it the case that Roger will go into Wimbledon as the top-ranked player even if Rafa beats Roger in the RG final?

    • Stf says:

      Yes, because he won’t have lost enough points and Rafa won’t have gained enough points for the top spot. Even if Rafa goes to Aegon, which is 250 points, he still won’t have enough points.

      Then again, if my calculations are correct, if Fed loses in the semifinal and Rafa wins and then Rafa wins in Aegon as well, then he will be number 1. Provided Fed doesn’t go to Halle like he usually does.

      God, too much thinking. I’m not even sure it made sense. :p

      • tiemyshoe says:

        If Rafa wins at RG and Roger gets knocked out in the QF, Rafa will be top of the ATP rankings even before Wimbledon.

        But I don’t think that will affect Wimbledon seedings, because they do those in consideration of grass results and Fed is defending champ.

        • rahul says:

          ya it may not affect seedings but at least it will be soo good to see Rafa as No. 1 even before Wimbledon. Though I want fed to break sampras record of highest weeks at No. 1 and a Fed-Rafa french open final, with rafa winning.

  11. slt says:

    Fed has so many points to defend this summer, I really don’t see him being #1 at the end of the year. Especially if Rafa continues to play well.

  12. kyukee says:

    it was a long battle but truly well deserved.
    vamos rafa, now go get the french :)

    ORDER HAS BEEN RESTORED…rafa is back at 2, just as it should be(for now)

  13. Fay says:

    Yes its gr8 to see Rafa back at no.2 and yes sure others have been injured but hey so was he last year and lost his no.1 ranking as a result so all is fare and square now… I am not going to predict what will happen now, I just want to see Rafa well, fit and healthy playing good tennis, the ranking will follow..