Rafa’s Record


The ATP site has a special tribute up celebrating Rafa’s record setting ways – Check it out.

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  1. meretricula says:

    this is so cute! I wonder how far in advance the people at the ATP (or at least their website) started planning it? it looks too involved to have just been thrown together after match point today!

  2. Amanda says:

    Now THAT is what I call a tribute! :)

  3. loverafa4ever says:

    awww… i am getting all emotional now… have tears of joy :)… Fed had something similar when he won “i dont knw how many” grand slams… the two greatest players indeed…

  4. annabelle says:

    What a great tribute to a wonderful young man! Not only is he a tremendous athlete but also a truly caring and sweet person. I am so happy for his success in 2010.

  5. miri says:

    Looking at the tournaments won, he’s won at least one hard court Masters every year since 2005 except for 2006 and this year (not finished yet). I’d really love for him to take one this year…maybe Cinci because it’s the only one he hasn’t made it to the finals of yet.

    • tiemyshoe says:

      Hrmmm, any chance you’re going to Cincy this year? ;)

    • Fay says:

      I’ll second that Miri! It would be great if he could win Cincy, the only masters he hasn’t reached the final yet? and probably the most difficult, as its faster than Canada, still either would be great prior to the US open, hell he was outstanding in Indian wells and should have taken that trophy, I guess mentally he wasn’t confident yet, even Miami he was taking the ball early and looked really sharp! we will see its such a long way off but yes its important that he gets a win on another surface to shut up the critics!

      • Stf says:

        If he has a good run at RG and Wimby, I wouldn’t put anything past Rafa. He could very well win Cincy. Even more likely to win Canada. The US Open? I’m not sure but if he’s careful not to tire those knees, anything can happen.

    • sharon says:

      I hope he skips Cinci miri. If he could play and win in Toronto and then give his knees a rest from the hard courts, he’s be in great shape for the Open. Two tourneys in a row on hard courts give him trouble as he was even having a problem this spring in Miami. I’d love to see him in tip-top shape for New York this year.

      • miri says:

        The worry that he would skip it last year is what had me pick Montreal instead of Cinci. I agree, skipping it might be wise, but he’s have to come up with a medical excuse (not difficult for him logically, but perhaps pride-wise?) or lose points from another 1000.

      • Fay says:

        Yes I thought that Sharon playing back to back masters prior to the US open would no doubt cause him problems. Del Potro did excatly that last year after Montreal and look what happened?

  6. Fay says:

    Forgot to say, lovely tribute and well deserved, and in such a small space of time, what a turn around, keep strong Rafa and healthy, we wanna see more!!!