Madrid: More vids

Pre-match prep and interview:

On court interview for rtve after the match:

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  1. glors27 says:

    What a great day!! Rafa’s happiness showed thru! Now on to Paris!
    Vamos niño lindo!

  2. Isabelle says:

    How can it be so riviting to watch someone (not just anyone) untie his shoes and loosen his laces?

    • JC says:

      Because we get to see his sexy gorgeous hands and his sexy gorgeous legs in the process…

      • Fay says:

        Yes what a great view of his perfectly formed legs! and those hands ahh those hands…

  3. Atch2 says:

    Great find for the behind the scenes vid. Always wanted to see Rafa’s mood before a match, esp a finals. He looks colm.

    For the rackets restringing, I wonder why he never has them returned to him in plastic bags like the other players. And as what Uncle Toni taught him, Rafa has to take care of the racket restringing himself.

    Looks like he shaved before the match? Didn’t see any fluff on his face during the match.
    And he certainly luvs those grey shorts.
    Nice ass shot 0.29

  4. CC says:

    First clip: Rafa’s legs = Spanish national treasure.

    Second clip: That is such a curious way to put a jacket on.

    • JC says:

      I’m sure that when he was in school, he was late every morning because his wardrobe was ganging up on him. Apparently he hasn’t outgrown that yet… and I have a feeling he never will. How can he be so coordinated on court and then be completely unable to stick his arm through a sleeve without almost strangling himself?
      Should we be worried?

  5. miri says:

    More pre-match footage – including Rafa scaring the crap out of some guy in a hallway with his big racket swings.

  6. Fay says:

    I just love his pre-match preperations, he is so precise so focused, they will also be noted in history!!! He always bounces up and down like a boxer ready to take the ring! great stuff.!!! Some people (cynical lot), insist that Rafa does this to intimidate his opponent! when really its just his nervous energy, his way of getting himself pump and psyhched up for the match….

  7. Silhouette says:

    wow, Rafa’s legs look so so so good in the first clip! I love the grey shorts!
    I was engrossed in him untying his shoelaces too :)