Madrid: Finals preview

As Rafangel pointed out, the ATP is going bonkers creating promos for the Raferer final they’ve been dying for.


Jason and Robbie talk about it:

How can they leave out the record-breaking 18 Masters wins in the “what’s at stake” bit?


All videos posted by ATPWorldTour.

But it’s not just the tour going nuts, the press is as well:

How many hours left? *taps foot impatiently*

25 Responses

  1. tiemyshoe says:

    Whoa, that’s what Robbie and Jason look like? Weird. I’ve always thought of them as two brains in jars with mics in front of them. ;)

  2. patzin says:

    And the media goes crazy! No surprise there – a year since they could write and postulate about the ‘rivalry’. So tomorrow we can again. Let the games begin. Rafa to win #18.

  3. jba says:

    the ATP website has a pretty detailed writeup about all of the times Rafa and Roger have met. can’t blame them for being so psyched. as so many people have said, tennis needs a rivalry and it hardly gets any better than Rafa and Rog.

  4. Atch2 says:

    I’m not going to read the hype and predictions about the Fedal rematch coz I think I might jinx Rafa, but I did read the La Liga climax article. Rafa’s you’re hilarious.
    If they do post the scores during changeovers, I hope Real Madrid are winning.
    And keep your focus on the game. Your opponent is Federer, not Malaga or Barca ;)

    • Eliana says:

      Yeah Atch2, I’m not reading anything also, but not because of fear of Rafa jinxing, but because I can’t deal with the “pression”. But that La Liga bit was really funny! Rafa can’t stop thinking about his RM. I wouldn’t be surprise if he start signaling Sebastien to tell him the score if Manolo doesn’t post them in the changeovers.

  5. sharon says:

    I love Rafa’s ‘HAH’ at :37 of the third video. I’ve never seen that reaction at a win from him before. :)

  6. loverafa4ever says:

    I am already tensed and worried. Rafa will win… Its a different ball game this year..

  7. mary says:

    There’s so much hype on the net it is stifling. This is big news & well it should be. You have the numero uno playing the numero dos. And they haven’t met in 12 months. Rafa stands to make history with an 18th Masters while Federer could equal the record if he beats him.
    I’m hoping the former, cause pay backs are a bitch & Rafa ain’t suffering like he was last year. Federer will have his work cut out for him, cause this ain’t gonna be an easy ride.
    I’m day dreaming now cause I’d love a bagel or two. hehehehehehe!!!!!

  8. Fay says:

    No it isn’t gonna be an easy ride, what scares me is Feds brilliant serving, altitude and his drop shots! I hope Rafa is feeling fit and ready for this, after yesterdays 1st set I worry I really do, Rafa has to serve well and defend well, Fed will be on fire for this one, *geez I don’t know whether to watch or not* it seems when I watch him he loses or plays badly..!

  9. CC says:

    Well, I know who I want to win. And it’s not that Swiss fella I’ve heard so much about.

    • mary says:

      Yeah I agree CC. I’m for a little Mallorcan muffin myself. Just to see those buns, torso & lickable face, biting a trophy, well that’ll about do me in. :D VAMOOOOOOOOS EL MATADOR!!!

  10. Fay says:

    Of course we want dear Rafa to win! its going to be tough he hasn’t played Roger since the injury and it all really depends on Rafa this one, even if Roger plays well,which he will, Rafa needs to be able to defend well, Serve alot better than yesterday and play the big points better thus holding his serve!!! its going to be really nail biting for sure!

  11. An says:

    Lets just try to stay with “colm” and support our Rafa the best way we know and can…. Off course i’m a little nervous too :D but,

    Remember he did awesome this clay season so far, winning MC, Rome, reaching finals in Madrid and gaining back the #2 in the world….. today he’s playing the world #1 and he has done it before! So there is nothing lost iff he doesn’t win today,one can’t win all the time and tomorrow it always will be monday and RG starts in a week…, but i do believe he can do it!


  12. Fay says:

    Yes I need to stay with colm’ everyone, oh I cannot wait till its all over tonight and pray it will be the right outcome, but you are right, Rafa knows it is tough on this court and shouldn’t be dispondent if he doesn’t get the win staying positive and on to RG he has to stay healthy and that above all is the main thing no?….

    • Karen says:

      I was feeling fine until I read all these comments as I know this is a big deal but now I’m feeling quite ‘without colm’. Might start by watching live scores & if all going well fire up TennisTV. Come on Baby Bull you can do this.

      • Karen says:

        Jason & Robbie look like a couple of lads just out of college, with their casual attire. Quite sweet really.

  13. vamsi mohana says:

    i m feeling the pressure just reading the articles and watching the videos
    i hope rafa is feeling really gr8 and ready to come out and play
    our 1 year wait gotta have a sweet end

  14. killian says:

    OMG-video 3, interviewing the crowd—is EVERYBODY in Spain that gorgeous? Or did those camera people just pick Very. Very. Well???? It is so wonderful to see the home crowd this excited! VAMOS!!!!

  15. Nic says:

    Whoa finally seeing robbie and jason’s faces just threw mr for a loop haha. Couldn’t concentrate in what they were saying cos I just couldn’t get used to actually seeing them. They look much younger than I imagined, and yes, just like a couple of lads. Hilarious.

    Gosh so much hype, I’m all nervous and fired up! Gonna be 2.30am my time and I have to wake early for work next day but I just can’t miss this fedal rematch!! Vamos rafa, you can do it!!!

    • mary says:

      I will be setting my alarm as well Nic. It sucks living in Oz sometimes when you have to be virtually sleep deprived every tourney Rafa attends. :(

      • mary says:

        We need the ATP to give the tourney an off season as well. Otherwise we are just walking wrecks!!

  16. Fay says:

    Hee Mary I am like that from Australia through to Monte-carlo, its exhausting isn’t it? saying that though its much nicer to watch Rafa at night when my anti-tennis/Rafa family are sleeping! well at least my eldest boy loves Rafa! he is born a day after!!! not the same year of course… today everyone is around and it will be insufferable if Rafa during the match let alone if he doesn’t win! thank god I have this wonderful site to turn too! *sobs*