Madrid: R16 post match interviews

TennisTV English interview: here. This interviewer seems to amuse Rafa. I approve.

ATP Spanish interview:

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On court interview for tve:

They really need to de-fluff those towels before giving them to the players.

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On court interview for iB3:
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  1. CC says:

    Rafa obviously likes a dry, British sense of humour.

    Now, that Marta girl…I can’t believe she didn’t take the opportunity to de-fluff Rafa. I mean, any woman with a bit of…whatever…would have, no? With the added bonus of getting to feel Rafa’s sandpaper cheek. And not wash your hand for at least 24 hours. ;)

  2. Susanna728 says:

    So – absent Ines and our other friends who do the great translations, here’s what I gather from the first two interviews: – it was a complicated match – Isner is a dangerous opponent; Rafa thinks he played better than yesterday, he’s happy to be in the quarterfinals, and when they asked what he thought about the roof being closed, he said – maybe it’s better, there’s no wind. The stadium is spectacular (cheer from the crowd). Who would you rather play in the QF, Garcia Lopez or Monfils? Rafa said he’d rather see Garcia Lopez win bec he’s a friend – but we’ll see what happens. Ie not much new or interesting but he sure looks happy…so I’m happy.

  3. sia says:

    Rafa, in these last few interviews, has looked so dreamy and sweet. A bit like he has a quiet secret that he is not sharing.
    He is probably just happy to be winning .. and close to home.

  4. Fay says:

    Oh our love Rafa in fits of laughter? wish I know what the joke was about? he looks really soft and dreamy here too, *melts* lets hope he is alert today, Monfils is on fire so they say!