Madrid: R32 post-match interview

Rafa’s interview is up on Something’s amusing him at the start of the English one.


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  1. Viva says:

    And the ATP also made a vid featuring Rafa with the football players in the locker room :

  2. johanne says:

    Does he keep saying “the opponent” because he can’t remember the dude’s name? LOL! I can’t either!

    Also, his eyebrows are out of control in this. *swoons*


  3. CC says:

    Urm…Rafa looks drunk. Or high. Or like he’s just had some fantastic but exhausting sex.

    Oh, and does he say “my idols”?! Wow. I didn’t thin he had any. ;)

  4. Fay says:

    “Or like he’s just had some fantastic but exhausting sex”

    Hee hee CC what are you like? mmm but hey just the thought of it! maybe winning for Rafa is as good as! love to see him interacting with his footy idols, yes I think he idolizes footy players and the sport itself he is very drawn to it… its great how they all support each other even if it did make Rafa nervous ‘me thinks’

  5. Imp says:

    Argh! why do tennisTV vids never play for me? Does one have to register? Does it depend on location? Frustrating!

  6. Mary Beth says:

    Same problemo!!! Video won’t play for me! But Rafa is back and that’s all that matters!!!!
    Vamos Rafa! So good to see him back doing what he loves to do and what we love watching him do!!! Thanks for the great tennis Rafa!!!